Attention to detail and lots of communication. Instills confidence, and in turn, comfort, in your decision to go through with the procedure at hand. I was referred to Dr. Getelman, and choose to pay it forward... an excellent choice !!
Dr. Dierckman is very straight forward and explains the process completely. I was so happy with his work that I requested him again when I needed additional surgery. I am happy with his work, he did an excellent job.
Efficient and listens. Takes the extra minute if you need it. Very confident.
Dr. Dierckman is awesome. He fixed me when I was broken and found things that others had overlooked. The staff at SCOI are top notch and make the whole process of healing much easier to keep organized.
From my first visit, Dr. Dierckman and his staff have been extraordinary. He thoroughly answered all my questions and concerns about my surgery. Every day there is an email from his office with a set of questions to answer to see how I am progressing. Now that I am in therapy, the SCOI therapy staff has called to check up on me. For my age and activity level, I believe I am progressing rapidly. Thank you for every thing.
I found Dr. Brian Dierckman to be an excellent surgeon. He really knows what he's doing and took the time to explain everything to me. He performed Arthroscopic knee surgery on me at Northridge Hospital Medial Center. The facility was very nice and clean, and the nurses were all very nice and professional. Dr. Dierckman followed-up with me everyday for 2-weeks, and a follow-up visit. The after-care was excellent. My entire experience was pleasant and I highly recommend Dr. Dierckman.
Dr. Ferkel is the best doctor. He performed an Acl reconstruction surgery on me and I couldn't ask for a better doctor. He is sweet and cares about his patients. I highly recommend him and wish him lots of success!!
After suffering for more than a month and a half, I was fortunate enough to be referred to this exceptional medical doctor. It was through his careful assessment and diagnosis I received referrals to physical therapy that address back/hip and neck/shoulder pain and MRI's. I finally received proper care. Now, I am getting better. Now, my pain is lessened. Now, I have hope of returning soon to the job I love: Nursing. Begin with Dr. Barcohana, you will be thankful.
Dr. Getelman was professional and efficient. His staff was knowledgeable and informative, they answered all my questions and would return calls in a timely manner. I felt well taken care of and would highly recommend Dr. Getelman and his staff to everyone.
This Doctor is a genius. He did a total rotator cuff rebuild and I couldn't be happier with the results.
Dr. Getelman and his team are excellent, attentive and go the extra mile-I would highly recommend Dr. G to my family and friends.
Dr. Ferkel and his staff over at SCOI are the best ever ever worked with hands down.
Everything went very smoothly and with the health app there was always open communication. Plus the video that I was given was fascinating.
He is honest about what your condition is upon review of you x-rays and films. He also lays out all your options for treatment. He narrates your surgery so you can see exactly what was done and he follows up with questions as needed. He also has a kind and knowledgeable staff that assists him.
Very thorough follow up post op.
Empathetic. Great bedside manner. Staff is terrific. Calls returned in a timely manner. Just had surgery, looking good.
Dr. D is AMAZING! I am so glad I finally got a hip replacement. I will recommend Dr. D to all my family and friends! If you are looking for the best doctor to help you, look no further because you've found him!
Dr. Dierckman, after a long time of different Dr's found what was wrong and I'm feeling better. Definitely a great Dr.
Dr Getelman and his staff are veryconscientious and do their best to set your mind at ease. They set realistic expectations for recovery. Katie is amazing and a great addition to his staff! Dr. Getelman has done and ACL surgery on me as well as to meniscal surgeries. I would trust him to handle any surgery I would need.
Dr Getelman and his staff have been outstanding I was given options and never pressured for surgery. Once I decided to do surgery they were there for every step to help me. I was called personally before pre-op to answer any questions and then the office called me or emailed me every day to check on my progress for two weeks. I had very little pain and I know I will be back to normal very soon.
Dr. Getelman and Katie Williams exceeded my expectations at all levels, and so did his entire team - assistants Sara and Marco, anesthesiologist Dr. Lau, and nurse Jessica. This was my first surgery and I was extremely nervous. Dr. Getelman and his staff quickly put me at ease. They were very patient. After surgery the team took time to talk to me and make sure I was okay. What really impressed me about the team is how much time they spent listening/assessing me, and their great bedside manner.
I saw Dr Getelman in 2007 for my right knee and now in 2017 for my left. In both cases, he has been thorough and fantastic. Would highly recommend!!!
Dr Dierckman was great to work with. He was attentive to my injury and treatment and helped me understand the process to recovery.
The "Pre" surgery appointments were ok and De. Getelman allowed me to give my input, as to what we should to recover from my injury. Once we tried everything to avoid surgery, Dr. Getelman performed the surgery and it was at this point that I realized how amazing Dr. Getelman is at his "craft", I was given a DVD after my procedure and this answered any questions, as to what he did, and "why", I could not have asked for more. Now it's time for recovery and this is on "ME" and my Therapist. Thx
Honest and caring are my best words to describe the care I have received from Dr Ferkel. My surgery was not easy, yet he was there every step of the way and there are not enough words to thank him. LaTonya is great in her own way. She has her pulse on everything that is happening. Thank you both for everything.
Dr. Ferkel has been very professional, compassionate, and helpful throughout the entire process. After having seen a series of four different doctors (a GP, Radiologist, Podiatrist, and an a different Orthopedic Surgeon), Dr. Ferkel was the only one who correctly diagnosed my situation and came up with a treatment plan that made sense. The surgery went very well and now I am in the process of healing and looking forward to being able to walk, run, etc. without pain. I recommend him 100%.
Dr. Dierckman is a top notch doctor. After being missed niagnost by another doctor, I came to Dr.Dierckman. After just an x-ray and going over pervious MRI, it was pretty clear I had a bad issue with my hip. I'm now 2weeks post surgery and feeling pretty good. Ready to start some PT!
Excellent Doctor and surgeon. Knows what he is doing.
I was experiencing pain in my leg for years and other doctors did MRI's of my leg and found nothing wrong with them. Finally Dr. Dierkman realized that the pain originated in my hip. He began conservatively with Physical Therapy and when that didn't fix the problem, MRI and ultimately arthroscopic surgery. He was so informative as to what to expect and the recovery time. Recommended an excellent PT and I am on the way to full recovery.
I am under Dr. Dierckman' care and he is a very gentle person, caring, patient and explains the procedures in a way that I can understand and replies to any question. I am blessed to have him with my care.
My wife had 2 meniscus surgeries both performed by Dr Getelman and she's doing fine. So when I had an issue with my knee, I knew exactly who I was reaching out to. Dr G examined me and very quickly knew what was wrong. He gave me a few options and performed surgery for my meniscus issue. I actually was walking the next day after surgery but decided to take it easy as they suggested. The bottom line, if you have an issue with your knee, make an appointment with Dr G.
Dr. Getelman carried an air of confidence and expertise into the exam room on our first meeting that instantly relaxed and impressed me. His explanation of the problems with my left knee and the arthroscopic procedure that would be necessary to correct to them were comprehensive and easily understandable. The surgery went well and the narrated video of the operation provided by Dr. Getelman allowed me to fully understand what had been done and to appreciate his skill at doing it.
It is so comforting to have a true sports medicine doctor who was also a high level athlete himself. A big guy who knows how to put other big guys back together.
I cant say enough great things about Dr Ferkel. The level of care and follow up has been nothing less then stellar.
Dr Getelman is a true professional! He is extremely knowledgable and competent in his area of expertise and it shows every time I have contact with him. I have the utmost confidence in his ability and would recommend him for any shoulder injury, 110%. When you have a medical issue, you want to go to the best, most experienced and competent doctor for the exact issue you have. That is Dr Gentleman. Also, the entire team and staff are beyond excellent!!
Very good doctor. Knows his stuff. Very fast, but answers all questions. Has a sense of humor.
Has a great "bedside" manner. Always felt in good hands with Dr Ferkel. Latonya was also a great help with all my other questions.
Dr. Ferkel is the best Orthopedic Surgeon I could have asked for. I drive 3 hours to see him and it's worth every trip. Dr. Ferkel and his staff are very professional and very compassionate.
Great Doctor cares about the outcome of the case, focused on what is best for me and listens. Great bedside manner. Only Doctor who understood my case out of 7 Doctors over 12 years trying to get proper diagnosis and treatment plan. A real blessing!!
I would highly recommend Dr Dierckman for hip replacement surgery. He is well versed, and extremely up front. He handles criticism well and listens to his patients.
I had seen 3 doctors before finding Dr. Bahk, all of which had said that the surgery was too “risky” and did not recommend it. I was blessed and grateful to find Dr. Bahk at the Southern California Orthopedic Institute. After reviewing my medical reports, he confidently told us that he could perform the surgery and didn’t expect any complications. The surgery went smoothly and I came out with a straight shoulder. Unfortunately, four days after my surgery, I fell off a defective recliner and se
Dr. Getelman is an extremely talented surgeon. No complaints other than horrible parking for an office with lots of disabled needs parking and need quicker response by office in answering the phone. Love the email quick response by the health team. Overall a very good experience.
Doctor Ferkel performed arthroscopic knee surgery on me for a torn meniscus. He was very congenial, professional, and extremely available to answer questions. I like his manner, and his team provided excellent support. I can't imagine going through this uncharted territory without such seamless support. Highly recommend.
Excellent! - He will fix you!
Exactly what I expected and more. Hope to see Dr on follow up visit after surgery
On December 15, 2016, I underwent left labrum tear (hip tear) surgery at Southern California Orthopedic Institute (SCOI). Dr. Brian Dierckman was my surgeon and he took the time to thoroughly explain the surgery to me prior to my operation. Dr. Dierckman's surgical techniques are minimally invasive and he uses the most current technology. I would highly recommend Dr. Dierckman to anyone.
I had a labral tear in my right hip repaired by Dr. Dierckman in Jan 2017. I had the same procedure done in June 2014 on my left hip, so I had an idea what to expect. I discovered that the pain level following the procedure done by Dr. Dierckman was quite a bit less. I was only on prescrip pain meds for 3 days following the procedure. Additionally, my recovery is progressing at an amazing level, I have to force myself to use the crutches because I am not feel any pain as I walk 6 days post op
I would recommend Dr. Ferkel, he has such a great bed side manner and seems to really care about his patients. His goal is to help you get back to where you were prior to your injury, which means a lot to me being a very active person. He stays in touch and follows up on my questions. Very Pleased.
Awesome Doctor!
I saw Dr. Dierckman after years of pain and multiple doctors telling me there was nothing wrong with my hip. He instantly diagnosed the problem and we scheduled the surgery. He went above and beyond expectation to make sure I was doing okay after surgery. I've seen a lot of doctors and I can't say I trusted any of them as much as I trust Dr. Dierckman. I'm so grateful to have him as my doctor.
You won't find a better surgeon
I have found Dr Getelman to be Honest, sincere, Professional and extremely Kind. In medicine today, it's rare to find the good Character, as well as integrity all while having a great bedside manner. Dr. Getelman is extremely good at his craft. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Getelman to anyone needing Orthopedic Surgery. The Dr. Made the Surgery a lot less Scary. All while being very upfront and honest.
Dr. D has been the first doctor that I not only trust but I believe when he tells me that he's going to help me. He treats me like a person rather than just a number he is incredibly friendly and professional and I cannot tell you how lucky I am that I found such a good doctor. For the past 15 years of my life and five surgeries later I've dealt with a lot of crap from doctors and various other things relating to my injury but Dr. D is the best thing that could've ever happened to me. Thank you
DR dierckman is a very kind and compationate Do
My visit to Dr. Getelman was one of the worst experiences that I have ever had at a doctor's office. He is rude and spent about 5 minutes with me. It was a waste of my $40 co-pay. I do not recommend him.
Dr. Dierckman answered all my questions before I had surgery. Immediately after surgery, he spoke to my family waiting in the lobby, provided photos of before & after my shoulder, explained and answered all their questions. My surgery went well. No infection, no drainage. Both facilities were clean & nice. Angie Martinez was also very helpful with scheduling my surgery around my work schedule. Would highly recommend Dr. Dierckman & his team!
Dr. Getelman explained the severity of my knee injury so I completely understood what was happening and how to avoid further issues while I waited for my insurance to approve my surgery. Dr. Getelman's team saw me on a Tuesday and expedited by case to perform surgery Friday morning. After fighting so hard for my MRI that proved my injury was significant it was really comforting to have Dr. Getelman and his team support me. I would definitely recommend Dr. Getelman.
I underwent biceps tendon repair by this amazing orthopedic physician, Dr. Dierckman. He takes time to explain the procedure and was very reassuring that recovery is on the way. The daily online follow-up is superb. Even though it is digital, it was personal and I was able to ask questions and get answers immediately. i highly recommend Dr. Dierckman for his knowledge, professionalism, and caring attitude.
Straightforward and easy to deal with
I absolutely recommend Dr. Getelman. He and his team took excellent care of me and were able to tell me exactly what to expect. Appointments were prompt with little or no wait time and the staff (with one unfortunate exception) were friendly and helpful.
Dr. Dierckman has a great bed side manner and awesome knowledge as he understands hip injuries personally. I'm 2 weeks post-op from his hip replacement and couldn't be happier! I was concerned about his "youth", as I've never had a younger dr., but am SOOOO happy with his knowledge and expertise!!! He does have a new way of doing things, but it WORKS!!! Looking forward to having my other hip done soon by him and then back to my active lifestyle!!
Dr Dierckman is amazing . He communicates well and answered all my questions .Excellent bedside manor , provided me with options He was very calming and reassuring that he could help me . The surgery process went smoothly and effortlessly and felt like I was in the BEST care . I didn't have any brusing and the smallest incisions . He knows his stuff and would highly recommend him . His staff Angie and Marc were amazing as well .
Definitely recommend dr getelman to friends and family and to anyone looking for an ortho surgeon. He and his staff were very professional . The attention to any detail or concern that I had was dealt with speed and patience. Follow ups daily on the app was just a helpful tool to keep in contact. I never felt alone after my surgery. I have and will continue to sing praises to his work,his staff and the facility.
Dr. Ferkel is by far the best doctor I've ever had! He genuinely cares about the patient and he's someone in whom you can have confidence. His team is superb, especially LaTonya! She's fantastic!
Knowledgeable! I was blessed to have had Dr. Dierckman treat me. Dr. Dierckman is not only anazing as a physician, but he also has a compassionate side that many doctors lack.
Dr. Getelman, is in my opinion one of the best surgeons I've ever come in contact with. Yeah at first his bedside manner didn't seem all that great but, after a couple of visits i experienced otherwise, he is very very professional, he listened very well to all of my questions and concerns. In turn he gave me very honest and upfront answers, and come to find out, he is pretty darn cool. He did a great job with my shoulder, he is an excellent mechanic. YOU CAN TRUST HIM!!!, and his staff.
My left hip replacement surgery was successful with only oozing from the incision site. My pain is almost all gone. Now, 2 weeks after surgery, I will see him again to discuss the plan for the seroma (wound draining) so I can resume a normal life.
Not only is this Dr. HOT,,, lol but he is bright, and on the nose. I vote for him over Karzel anytime. Karzel screwed up my knee and Dierckman fixed me . He is great His staff is great, but I hate talking on Healthloop I like person to person communication
Dr. Dierckman, took the time to explain what needed to be done and gave me options to consider what was best for my situation. He answered all my questions and listened to my concerns about having surgery. I knew what to expect going into surgery and was confident he would do all he could to fix my hip. My recovery has been fairly easy, better than expected.
Dr. Getelman is a great surgeon, performed arthroscopic shoulder surgery on me. My pain is getting better it's only been day 4. 5/5 in skill. As far as socially dr. Getelman just isn't a nice Doctor / person, he makes you feel like he just wants the money. Ignores comments you make , poor bedside manner. However , Dr. Getelman compensates his poor attitude for his excellent skills and I rather have a doctor with a poor bedside manner and excellent skills than the opposite, I recommend him!
Clearly explained my injury as well as what his recommendation was for repairing it. Friendly, easy to talk to.
Dr Dierckman did an outstanding job performing ortohscopic surgery on my left hip, I was up and walking around in four days with very little surgery pain. He diagnosed a issue that many other doctors have over looked for many years. He takes the time to go over in detail your condition and the best course of action. If you have any hip issues I highly recommend you see Brian before you have anyone else work on you. He is on Christmas list Ken
Very satisfied.
Dr. Getelman is very professional. After a few more appointments I became more comfortable with talking to him and asking him questions. His team is incredible - before, during and after the surgery. His explanation of exactly how he was going to perform the surgery. HealthLoop was a wonderful way to help me keep organized daily on what I needed to do before the surgery date. I was able to have all my questions asked as well as give them all the information they needed.
Compassionate and very personable. Explains your situation in detail.
Dr Ferkel is very skilled with my AChillies Repair! Surgery went well utilizing PARS procedure along with PRP for faster healing. Very nice person and takes time to explain. Not rushed nor feeling of being overwhelmed. Genuine and sincere.
Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Immediately identified (later confirmed via MRI) my problem that had been misidentified by another doc. Clearly spelled out my options and educated me throughout the surgical and post-surgical process.
Very competent, good patient interaction, provides clear explanation of condition and the procedure to be performed. I experienced an excellent outcome.
Personable and easy to talk to. Explains everything. He's also an excellent surgeon.
Great doctor. Very competent and great bedside manners. Extremely happy with Dr G and the whole experience
Dr. Bahk was very thorough and kind. He didn't waste my time and moved quickly to surgical repair of my ACL. His nurses speak very highly of him, which is huge! He is kind to them and respectful of their time and talents, unlike many doctors. I can't recommend him highly enough!
DR. Eric Ferkel is one of the rare young DRs who takes time with his patients and is caring and concerned. He is very knowledgeable and skilled in his field and works with with you to find the right course of treatment for you. His assistant, Latonya, takes the same care with you and answers all of your questions. They are a great team. I highly recommend them.
Dr. Ferkel is very nice and has a good sense of humor. He answered all questions, surgery went well and he has been very responsive to any inquiries or concerns following surgery.
His bedside manner is terrible. In fact, most of the time he's staring into the computer with his back toward you. How can he examine me when his looking the other direction the entire visit? He's also dismissed my questions and seems to be either moody or passive aggressive. I can't decide which one in the handful of visits of been to him, but I'm unimpressed as a whole.
Dr. Stuart is a great doctor. I like how he explain things to me. How things will work out before sugery. He went out his was to even draw a picture for me to explain the process on what will happen during sugery. I seen him the day of surgery and he again explain the sugery process. Dr. Stuart and his staff made sure I was at ease. Answered all my zillion billion questions. Not really that may He is an excellent doctor. I would recommend him 100%.
Performed a rotator cuff surgery following a motorcycle accident and in my estimation he is a very capable surgeon. His extensive training and experience speaks for itself. Additionally, he and other SCOI surgeons are frequently asked to present on cutting edge techniques, making him effectively the expert's expert. His reputation among physical therapists (post-op treatment) is outstanding also. He makes excellent diagnoses and does the job correctly the 1st time. Highly recommended.
Dr. Bahk was kind, compassionate and straight to the point with the options of care. I had been in chronic pain for a year and 1/2. Regular orthopedic surgeons did not want to work on my injury. Dr. Bahk was and is a blessing. I am truly grateful for finding him. My surgery was August 6, 2016 and I am now pain free.
Dr. Ferkel has a gentle and caring manner. He is patient and encouraging. While he sees many patients that are in need of his services, he always attentive and made me feel he was interested in every process of my healing. Thank you Dr. Ferkel!

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