Dr. Bayla comes off as extremely pretentious and harsh. I came to her because I had some things I needed to address and change. I came in a vulnerable state, and scared about several things that had happened in my life recently. She made me feel judged and as if I was a danger to the people around me. She made flat out judgments on several things I opened up to her about, telling me what I should have done, instead of walking me through what some better options might have been. She has no tact a
Wow, just horrific customer service. Very bad staff and practice management. I guess I should have read the all the bad reviews prior to scheduling an appointment.
She is terrible. I went to her because I have trouble in some situations due to a rocky childhood. Her style is very abrasive, which is fine, but the last straw was went she intturupted me mid-story to literally yelling at me that I was wrong in my approach and that " she knew she would have a hard time working with me" the story was about something I struggle with and really needed advice. I decided I would be better off with no psychologist at all rather than one that screams and judges you.
Doctor Nangia is the best!
I believe Dr Nangia to be a good Dr. I didn't really need a lot from him. But if I ever did want reach him, I could not. Apparently, he will only speak to by appointment only!
Dr. Nashua was my doctor while inpatient for a few days. Hevwas not very thoughtful or insightful. Relatively predictable. He also stated he would be my MD for a few months while I found a longterm doctor. I followed up with him twice. He never responded.
Dr. Nangia me for an initial history/intake session. First session was fine, just took my history. Sometime before my 2nd appointment, I realized there was 1 medication I forgot to mention, which I was currently taking without a prescription (bought overseas) due to difficulty obtaining it here. When I came to session 2 and told him this He freaked and became very suspicious of me. He treated me as if I was very dishonest, and probably a drug addict of some sort. Never went back.
Only put two stars because her confrontational style might work for some people. I found her to be judgmental, impulsive and downright mean on occasion.
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