I describe Dr. Saal as my daughter's guardian angel. After seeing several doctors to no avail, Dr. Saal diagnosed and then referred us to an excellent neurosurgeon. Don't know where we would be at without Dr. Saal
Dr. Thabit is a very friendly and easy going person and yet he is very professional, caring, and a clear communicator . He has none of the arrogance of so many doctors that I have met. My shoulder is not perfect but it is 90% functional with almost zero pain. THANK YOU DR. THABIT!!!!
Had arthroscopy my Thabit to clean out scar tissue in shoulder. Post surgery had continued shoulder pain and what looked like my collar bone popping out of my skin. Went to Dr. Thabit and he gave me a shot to numb the pain. Months later when he took x-rays later because I kept complaining he said he could repair it but it would be strictly cosmetic. I went to another doctor and he couldn't believe it, I had to have major reconstructive surgery to fix the damage that was done by Thabit.
He is great. Upbeat and confident!
Dr. Stidham was rude, dismissive, and condescending. He did not take me, my injury, or my career as a professional athlete seriously. He made it clear that I was wasting his time and that he did not have the slightest interest in making sure my injury heals properly or prolonging the longevity of my performing career. I would not recommend him to anyone, especially if you are an athlete concerned with your future.
Do NOT see this smug loser for any reason. Does not listen to patient questions and does not care about actually helping you. Good luck getting a word in with this clown, let alone any actual help.
Several members of my family have had the need to see Dr Donahue. From teenagers to grandparent, All of us have had an excellent experience with his care from initial visit through surgery and recovery!
By age 16, and after 8 yrs of playing middle position at Absolute, Marin Juniors and Evolve, my right shoulder was in constant pain. In Reno, it finally dislocated. Dr. Dillingham took one look at it, asked me a few questions and immediately knew iwhat was wrong and what needed to be done. After final exams, he operated. My recovery has been almost too easy to believe. No swelling, no real discomfort after the first day and a half, tiny scars, fabulous office staff to help me... I am so grateful
Dr. Lehnert is not only professional, knowledge and friendly, but also will put you at ease. His bed side manner is second to none.
He has a positive attitude. He is current in his knowledge and he has been very helpful. I am a physician and I know what a good Doctor is.
Dr. Dillingham is great! He is the best mix of forward thinking calculated risk taker and cautious. I wouldn't be as far down the road to recovery without him.
Dr. Donohue is an excellent orthopedic surgeon. He has done rotator cuff surgery and meniscus surgery for me. I highly recommend him.
experienced veteran surgeon and genuinely interested in understanding my reasons for shoulder pain and also determined to resolve them, first with non-surgical
I chose Dr. Dillingham despite his being out of my insurance network. He has been my resource for returning my knees (and shoulder) to full-functionality for over three decades.
I've had two surgeries with Dr. Donahue - 1st a right should rotator cuff repair - 2nd a right arm bicep tendon tear. Both surgeries went extremely well, with no difficulties following either one. I like the follow-up procedure SOAR uses - and if I did have questions or concerns Dr. Donahue was extremely prompt in getting back to me. If I needed to see him at the office they were very accommodating. He is very polite, professional, and definitely knows his area of expertise!
Dr. Dillingham was referred to me by a friend that was treated by him. He knew exactly what was wrong with my shoulder. It is now 2 weeks after my surgery and my shoulder is feeling pretty good.
Dr. Dillingham' s care and medical expertise have been outstanding.
I have rarely met a surgeon as accomplished as Dr. Lehnert. I broke my ankle badly and needed surgery. Dr. Lehnert performed my surgery and my recovery was remarkable. He has incredible bedside manners and is a phenomenal surgeon. I had my surgery in Jan, 2106 and I climbed mission peak in May, 2016. I am 50 years old and for someone who broke my ankle as badly as I did, I don't think anyone else would have been able to do what Dr. Lehnert did.
My knee surgery by Dr Dillingham was a overwhelmingly positive experience. The entire staff at both Dr. Dillingham's office and the Surgery Center was efficient and professional. The care felt personal and the environment was happy and positive. If I had realized how easy it would be, I'd have done it much sooner!
He was curtious & efficient. At first, he seemed abrupt. I realized he was a pragmatic. Yet he was also gracious. He was clear & consise on my plan of care & the actions needed to return me to as "normal" a life style as soon as possible. My questions were answered to my satisfaction in unhurried ways. Thank You, Dr Donahue, to you & your team!!!
Dr. Dillingham has taken care of my right knee for 15 years after I wore out my meniscus. He successfully performed arthroscopic surgery, good for about 5 years and then an osteotomy to straighten my, good for 10 more good years. Now need a full knee replacement. Without Dillingham I would have probably had knee replacement much earlier and would now be ready for a second replacement on the same leg which is much more problematic. Excellent doctor, excellent advise, wonderful to work with.
He is very thorough and an excellent surgeon. My recovery time was exactly as he described after the arthroscopic surgery. I had a very large calcified parameniscal syst removed. Dr. D. also cleaned up the tear in my lateral meniscus. I have been walking since the day of surgery and have had minimal to no pain throughout my recovery. I began riding my horse a week and a half after surgery. He is also a nice guy.
Outstanding orthopedic specialist, caring and extremely thorough. Two days after surgery on my left shoulder, the pain I had suffered through for over two years was gone. I have full use of my left shoulder and arm. Dr. Dillingham has treated me also for a knee injury which responded quickly and completely to his care and instructions.
Outstanding Surgen, listens to concerns and explains the what and why.
Dr. Dillingham exudes confidence and knowledge in his abilities. I know he's passionate about getting his patients fixed up and back out doing activities they love. His approach is to take the least invasive path to fixing the body and offers very creative solutions. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to use Dr. Dillingham and and thrilled with the results!
If you've managed to injure something, you can expect Dr. Dillingham to be thorough in his evaluation of the problem and to help you decide on the solution best suited to your needs and goals in a straightforward, realistic manner.
Great bedside manner. Willing to take time to explain all options and do so in a thorough manner. Attempted the least invasive, conservative approach before resorting to surgery.
Excellent bedside manner, very dedicated and determined to find the best possible outcome. Methodical with his diagnosis and not quick to cut. Considers the entire body, listens to your concerns and treats you as if you were family. I have had multiple orthopedic surgeons and Doc Dillingham is by far the best doctor I've had. I recommend him to everyone and anyone. I have a very unique and degenerative case and he has been nothing less than amazing!
He really listens and remembers what you said. He doesn't just want to jump in and do surgery and everyone else in the past years but maybe there is something better. I would recommend Dr. Huang to everyone having any joint or bone problems and he doesn't rush your office visit. He gives you time to ask any question or concern.
Not good for elderly people. Very dismissive. Does not care. After being a patient for 15 years, having several surgeries, my feet are in terrible shape and his office simply will not respond. I feel as though I am being written off.
Dr. Lehnert is exceptional...competent, excellent patient interface skills, great follow up. ...great listener, patience and very thorough. I highly recommend him to all my friends.
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