Holy smokes is this guy great! I was suffering from Chronic Urticaria (really bad hives) for 1 1/2 years and went from one specialist to another until my primary physician said he'd asked around and I should go to Dr. Cohen. Dr. Cohen was very thorough, stopped all my other treatment plans and meds and then started me on his own plan. Bingo! It worked. And guess what? This guy calls me personally on a regular schedule and engages me in real conversation. Dr. Cohen is the best MD ever!
I had an extremely itchy and painful rash for months that was completely destroying my life. Sounds silly to have a rash be so bad, but it truly was. I saw several other doctors. Most just did not know what caused it and some just dismissed me and would not listen at all. Dr. Cohen listened carefully, tested me and then treated me. Inhaled dust mites - go figure. In any case, he was very patient, kind, and respectful. I liked him even before he cured me, and then he did. One of the best
I had crippling allergy issues, Dr Cohen managed my allergies to the point where I can lead a normal life again, without frequent sinus and ear infections or the need for tubes in my ears, I can finally swim in the ocean again! Great staff as well, and Dr. Cohen always explains how to use medication. Best ENT I ever had!
Dr. Cohen knows his specialty. If you are late to his office he will get rid of you. He treats you like it is the principals office and if you are tardy it is Off with your head. Unfortunately, this is the second time he has done this. There can be extenuating circumstances like distance to travel to get there. Office managers have left. and the newest one does the dirty work. I have seen many employees leave. I do not even wonder why. No one smiles and would not recommend.
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