If you cancel or aren't there on time, they charge you $25 no matter what the reason. However, it's seems to be ok to have to sit in the lobby for an hour or more. Your time doesn't matter. And if you have to cancel appts you will end up being dropped without notification as a patient!
Dr Sullivan is an amazingly caring woman. No doubt the reason she became so popular a provider. She always makes sure everything has a plan and she listens to all my concerns and questions with an open kind and heart. You cannot beat having a compassionate bedside like hers. Not to mention she gets care and treatment going fast, she is not a symptom coverer like other doctors in the area, she really wants to help the problem.
Undoubtedly the worst provider/patient initial encounter I've ever experienced! Follow-up and communication after appointment was virtually non-existent, phone calls ignored, scolded by the assistant because my concerns were taking up valuable time, doctor told me she'd get back to me the next day in regards to finding another supplier of Boniva. Three working days later (and 2 weeks after my appointment) I made an unscheduled trip to the office to see if I could resolve my questions.
He has gotten worse and worse over the years.
Been going to him for almost 10 years. The care I received has gone down hill for the last 3 years to a point that I will not go back.
If I had to choose between dying a slow and painful death and trying to get a life saving medicine from Dr. Harden and his rude office staff, I would choose the slow and painful death every time. No compassion for their patients, no respect, and no professional attitudes to be found in this hive of incompetence.
Another doctor recommended Dr. Maples to our family and I could not be more pleased with his knowledge, concern for our well being and his demeanor to patient care. Highly recommend this individual for health care.
Horrible doctor. He has no compassion. He also has no respect for other people's time. If you make an appointment, even for something simple such as prescription refills, be prepared to be there an hour minimum.
He has been my doctor, and our families doctor for 13 years. He is super consistent, doesn't over prescribe, and is smart. He is kind and generous. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a doctor that is experienced and doesn't pump you full of pharmaceuticals robotically.
Very poor bedside manner. Can be down right rude at times. Also seems stuck in a rut as to listening to health concerns, not at all open minded. As for the office they are hard to get thru to, and seem very frazzled, and in a hurry. Dropping the ball more often than not when it comes to rx refills and accuracy in billing and charting, which causes insurance problems. Not recommended. They've improved on wait times, now only runs abt 30 min past appt time. That's just to be called back
First appt.: Her eyes were glued to her laptop while asking questions; aloof and unengaged. Next appts.: Still a clinical aloofness and an obvious lack of attention to what I was saying. Final appt.: Had classic symptoms of heart attack, and with family history in my chart, she tells me at appt. & minor tests that everything looks OK & does not arrange for immediate stress test; I had a pre-heart attack 3 days later. I have zero confidence in her decisions.
I have been seeing Dr. Kimple for over 20 years. He clearly cares about his patients. Although I know he is very busy, he always spends as much time with me a necessary to explain every aspect of my visit. He always made me feel like I was his only patient. He clearly understands his practice is about the patient. I highly recommend Dr. Kimple.
He is always helpful. Knows a lot about really helping with health issues, He is good also for referrals. We are confidence whenever we go to see him of getting good care - over the seven years of consulting with him.
Dr. Maples takes the time to fully answer all your questions, and asks you if you have any other questions before you leave.. This man really cares about your well being. Best doctor I've ever been to, and I've been to plenty.
Just tried to make a new patient appointment and I carry dual insurance. The woman answering the phone told me I had to fill out an initial new patient application to see if the doctor would want to see me. Are you kidding? A tryout to see if you make it into see the doctor. I only called this office because I have a family member that sees Dr. Harden. Maybe the doctor needs to give his front office people a phone script to read as to not completely offend them. I guess Dr.'s don't need patients
I had to see a another dr. As Dr. Sullivan was not available, due to what I thought was heart burn. Dr. Sullivan apparently looked at my charts, called me at work the next day and Insisted I see a cardiologist. I told her I was fine,was only heartburn, but she insisted. I went to cardiologist next morning, and had severe heart attack while in his office. I owe my life to Dr. Rachel Sullivan.
Hard to talk to. Hard to get information from. Very cut and dry. In a hurry to get to the next patient. Assistant the same way. Not friendly.

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