Dr is never there. We see the PA. The other physician only works Tues and Thursday.
WORST office staff that I have ever dealt with. They are rude, cold, and unfriendly. They make it seem like anything you are requesting is a bother. I will never go back.
To Jamie R in Orange County... Dr. Ruben Rocovich is a board-certified internal medicine as well as dermatology so don't come on here stating that she is not an internist. She is good at what she does and if people don't want to wait that's on them but you go to other physician offices and you have to wait an hour or two it's everywhere not just her
She has no consideration for her INTERNAL MEDICINE practice, her only goal is her cosmetology/dermatology practice. I went to the office for test results since her practice does NOT use the doctor patient portal for someone to get their results. Her PA was way behind and left so I was told I would see the doctor. She was told how sick I felt and continued to see her cosmetology patients and let me sit for 2 hours. I never would have waited that long if I could go online to get my results.
Appt. was for 10 & After waiting a half hour, I started talking to the receptionist who promised it was my turn in 5 minutes. When this didn't happen, I insisted and was finally told that the doctor was running late and when I said I had to be at Eisenhower Medical Ctr. at 11:20, she told me I has to reschedule for when I returned in November! I told her I would be dead of skin cancer by then. Absolutely no comment and offered no help. I think I lucked out by not seeing this doctor!
Dermatologist? Yes. Internal Medicine and Family Practice? NOT. EVEN. CLOSE. This is the place you go if you need Botox, Latisse, or to get that weird mole checked out. Do NOT go to Dr. Rubakovic if you actually need something medically related. Her expertise is only skin deep. If she doesn't want to deal with your true medical need, She'll punt you over to her incompetent PA. Good thing she can still bill your insurance/Medicare. Marketing herself as internal/family is lucrative! Hmmm
My visit with Dr Bahreini was short and my concerns about specific issues were left in the dark. Her exam was all but 5 minutes and she talked for 4 of them. I have a condition that Dr Bahreini failed to notice during examination. I kept telling her about an issue I was having and she passed my feelings off like I was a child. Worst yet, her communication with her staff is horrible. Everyone in the waiting room found out about a separate test I was getting due to their miscommunicatio(n in room.
Dr. Rubakovic has been treating me for the last ten or eleven years for Psoriasis and Autoimmune Disease. Dr. Rubakovic saved my life when she had me tested for Sinus infections which caused me to have Chronic Bronchistis, I was very ill. Dr. Rubakovic continues to be my forever Doctor.

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