Dr. Schwarzkopf saved my life and significantly improved my mobility after I was diagnosed with an infected knee implant. He conducted my knee revision surgeries and because of his skill and attention to detail my surgeries were flawless and recovery was with little pain. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Scwarzkopf, his skills and professionalism. If you need a knee revision, this is the doctor you need to see. My experience with Dr Schwarzkopf was in 2014-2015 at UCI in California.
I had the WORST experience with Dr Ross. He did not explain the surgery despite my questions. He does not listen and does not answer questions. He only cares about doing surgery and not the recovery. When I mentioned pain in my foot after surgery, he claimed that it was not related to the surgery and said: "I did not touch that part". 6 Months after foot surgery, my foot is still swollen, I am in tremendous pain and I cannot walk normal. I now believe the surgery was unnecessary.
I would recommend Dr. Rafijah to anyone who has hand/elbow issues. He's very professional but also very personable and listens to what you say.
Dr Ross is a doctor in which I would not recommend to anyone. Communication skills leave much be desired. After surgery and years following he said I had no reason for pain. Contrary, a year or so later I consulted an excellent surgeon. During surgery the doctor found multiple pieces of bone in joint. One the size of a quarter. He just dismissed my pain Not willing to persue reason for pain. No bedside manner and I went through pain for a long period of time because he neglected to listen.
He used visual aids to show me where my knee problems were & what he could do fix it.
Beware of this doctor! One major sign is that he just returned from Administrative Leave for 3 months. He will push all the "new" and "experimantal" drugs on you. He will seem as if he cares...but you will just be another rat in his experimental lab. I've seen this first-hand. Even though he has kept my father 'alive' for some extra time, the quality of life went downhill fast, and now, as my father is on his death-bed...this doctor will not return calls, or be bothered to come by for a visit.
The BEST of the BEST
Dr. Gupta repaired my rotator cuff tear. I am now ten weeks past surgery without any complications. Every appointment he took the time to educate me and answer all my questions. I felt that he included me in making decisions about my care. I would definitely recommend dr. gupta to other people. Whether I would recommend UCI is another question with not such a positive answer.
An Angel is what he is!!! I'm a complicated case and have had two surgeries performed by Bhatia and he still wants me to check in with him. I am now seeing his partner Gupta regarding Scapula Winging and they both talk all the time and Doctor Bhatia is concerned about me and how I am doing. Both surgeries were a success and sadly I think I may need more in the future. But I know I have an Angel by my side... and his PA! Florica is the best. Stop looking, promise you he is worth the wait!
Oh how I love my two surgeons Gupta and Bhatia! Both Angels!!!! I have a complicated case and he has never once ignored me, never once said he can't take on my case, he has gone above and beyond to try and get to the root of my problem. I have extreme Winging of the scapula, a torn rotator cuff and a bad back and I'm super thin! Most doctors would run, but no he has called all of his colleagues and got me in to see one of the best neurologist. I think he is wonderful and such a kind man.
I have been a patient of Dr. Albers for over 15 years and I feel that he is a very educated doctor and has trained many docs but he is kind, down to earth, aproachable, and he realy cares about his patients.
What a wonderful professional! He is careful and provides confidence. What a good experience! His team is remarkable.
This man is my hero. I've had lumbar fusion surgery in 2009 And 2014. Without these two successful surgeries I would be living in constant pain. I would recommend him to anyone. A major plus is a wonderful personality and bedside matter.
I probably would have posted a better review but unfortunately I was never able to meet him. I received a phone call on a Saturday while driving about my appointment and asked that his address and suite number be emailed to me. The email never came. Aftet six phone calls and waiting on hold for a total of an hour I was never able to talk to a body who could give an address. I didn't show up for the appointment and no one called to see why I no showed. Apparently they are too busy to care.
Dr. Fruehauf is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and kind. He works hard to make sure that his patients get the care they deserve and goes above and beyond to communicate with their family members. He was able to get an immune therapy treatment not approved for my cancer simply by calling the drug company, and I've had miraculous results.
As I write this review, I am 3.5 weeks out from surgery. I had a lumbar fusion of L4&5 with instrumentation and I'm doing very well. Starting with my first visit, for the purpose getting a second surgical opinion, I was very comfortable with Dr Bhatia and his staff. He took his time, made sure all my questions were answered and that I felt comfortable with the information provided. His surgical staff at UCI was and is amazing. There is no doubt as to why he has such an amazing reputation.
Doesn't take the time of day with his patients.
I am getting ready to have a torn bicep tendon repaired by Dr. Gupta through the Department of Veterans Affairs. If you know anything about the VA you know they are not renowned for their efficiency or quality to say the least. Dr. Gupta was very patient and informative. The most impressive thing was he was booked on his normal surgery day and my surgery is 'time sensitive' so he actually made time for me on an off-day to operate on me! Great bedside manner & a big heart!
Took a capsule endoscopy and never got the results. The doctor office does not return my call.
I was ten minutes late and Kathleen Gallagher refused to see me and charged a late fee. Ten minutes!!!

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Dupuytren'S Contracture Injection
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Posterior Lumbar Fusion With Robotic Assistance
Repair Of Eye Laceration
Repair Of Retinal Detachment Or Retinal Tear
Reverse Total Shoulder And Total Shoulder Replacement
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