Dr. Khaleghi was the most condescending and un-empathetic doctor I have ever encountered. He never let me talk, and invalidated everything that is going on with me. He doesn't believe in blood work, only in physical symptoms. He only tested my flexibility, and based on that, nothing was wrong with me--even though my blood work said different. He was also rude to my mom about her RA diagnosis and didn't believe she had RA either though she has her own rheumatologist for 20 years
The best doctor highly recommended
Initital exam was very quick and involved almost no physical assessment. He seemed uninterested in my joint pain and swelling.
Once he made the diagnosis that it was indeed RA he put me on a very aggressive RA program of Methotrexate, & Folic Acid, which is pretty much the gold standard. Within about a year 1/2 I am now in remission with minor flare up here & there. He's very approachable & I never have a problem with getting an appointment ever! His website lists all the procedures, lab results, medications you are on or have taken so all the info he has, you have as well at your fingertips. I love that!
It takes 4 months of waiting period to get an appointment. After 4 months when you finally reache for appointment, on time, you are made to wait for another 30 minutes before you get to meet the doctor. Not happy with wait time.
He was polite, but glossed over me because of my age (22) and history of anxiety. I told him about my chronic joint pain, but claimed I don't want to diagnose you because then you'll worry (probably referring to my history of anxiety) instead of doing tests on me to make sure. I got my blood taken by my regular doctor and I tested positive for lupus recently, meaning I probably have another kind of autoimmune disorder, which Dr. Khaleghi could have diagnosed had he done tests.

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