Dr Wang is a great surgeon. I was scared and he made me feel at ease. I was having emergency abdominal surgery with no prior symptoms. He knows what he is doing that's for sure.
Fantastic & speedy results from 2 operations: perforated colon in 2014 & blockage in 2017. He is the epitome of precision, professionalism and expertise. His bedside manner is calming and confident. He's the best doctor ever!!!
Dr. Wang is the best! He literally saved my life. The highest recommendation!!
First encountered Dr. Wang @ Hoag Hospital, when I brought my 84 year old mother in with severe abdominal pain. After a diagnosis of chronic cholecystitis, he removed her gall bladder robotically and she's a new person. Dr. Wang is direct and caring and I would highly recommend him.
If you are going to get hernia surgery, this is the place and more important doctors to select . He has excellent experience . The surgery went out without any complications. Great surgeon and wonderful beside manner.
Dr. Wang has performed two surgeries on me. an emergency surgery to repair a ruptured small intestine and just recently a Nissan Fundiplaction performed robotically for acid reflux. his expertise as a surgeon and bedside manner is epic.
Dr. Wang has been more than amazing in his diagnosis, surgery, and after care for me. I have struggled for years with intestinal problems and, quite frankly, thought I'd have to suffer for the rest of my life with painful symptoms. Dr. Wang gave me hope and gave me relief. I would recommend him to ANYONE! He is an amazing surgeon and a caring physician.
Doctor Wang has set a new standard for surgical care. Besides his very skilled hands he has a very caring manor. The follow up to my surgery was very complete. He and all of the nurses went above and behond to give me the best care.
Dr. Peter Wang is an amazing doctor, and even better person. Caring and compassionate are just a few words to describe the man that has helped keep my wife alive long past when other doctors had given up on her. Sure he has longer wait times, that's OK. When you want the best, sometimes you have to budget a little extra time in your day. When he gets to you, he gives you the time and attention you need and answers all of your questions. Then you realize.....it was worth the wait to have piece o
In October 2016 Dr. Wang performed a robotic-assisted right hemicolectomy to remove a 5.8 cm tubulovillous adenoma in the ascending colon. He also removed 17 lymph nodes for possible evidence of carcinoma. I was released from Hoag Hospital on the 4th day and am recovering very well. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Wang who took all the time to answer any question I had. I would highly recommend him and his staff for these complicated operations. May God continue to bless him.
Dr. Wang is a thoughtful surgeon who thoroughly explains what a pending procedure entails. He is energetic, enthusiastic, and of good humor. When I make reference to him at other physicians' offices, he is always spoken of in glowing terms - "You have an excellent surgeon!" - is the general theme, and it is not only about his skills, but his persona as well - congenial, positive, and upbeat. I had two separate procedures by him in five months, and couldn't be happier with the process or results.
Dr. Wang performed Nissen Fundeplacation with hiatal hernia repair at Hoag Hospital... surgery and recovery totally awesome... no more GERD and I feel great... along with absolutely no side effects...
Dr Wang is an excellent surgeon. I went into the E.R with a triple bowel obstruction. Dr Wang gave me options of what I could do regarding surgery. He could operate right away leaving a large incision on my stomach or going on a liquid diet and doing laparoscopic surgery in two weeks. I chose the latter. He did an amazing job. With the chance of this happening again, I am so happy that I have a talented and knowledgeable surgeon I can call on.
Dr. Wang is simply the finest surgeon I have met. I am a retired surgeon and have a high expectation of the physicians who care for me. Dr. Wang came in on my case and clearly explained my options. He was courteous, efficient, and professional. He performed a delicate surgery on me with another surgery to follow in a few months' time. I am confident and comfortable in his abilities as I go forward. He is a very much in demand surgeon with an endless amount of energy and focus. A++ ckm
Wonderful Dr. Wang with excellent skill in Robotics surgery, very caring Dr. Wang Always available &respond back to me, Recovery went smooth Caring personnel to make it easier
Thank you. Dr. wang for the excellent skill with which you removed my gallstones.The procedure and healing went so smoothly.Thanks again.
Dr. Wang Thank you for saving my leg. You are one of the most caring doctors I know. I received excellent care from you. Thank you again.
I had a Hiatal Hernia repair and fundoplication due to constant Gerds which was affecting my breathing. I was sent to Dr. Wang by my pulmonologist and my breathing is better and my chest pain from the hernia is gone. I wish I hadn't waited so many years to get this done.
Dear Dr. Wang, Thanks to you and your team! I am a survivor from Gastric Cancer stage 3. Not only have you helped me survive.... thanks to your love and care.... I am feeling completely healthy and strong and I am living a full life! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! God bless you! Young S. Kim 4/30/2016
Very professional and careful. Probably what my insurance paid for his services was very lower compared with what Dr.Wang is normally paid by other health insurance companies, but when I was in the Hoag Hospital emergency and he knew I was diagnosed with a GIST he decided help me with that even though not being a provider of my insurance. So I am very grateful for him having operated me and been accompaning my case every month.
Dr. Wang performed colon surgery on me for which I am forever grateful. Highly skilled surgeon. Felt I was in excellent hands.
Do not let this doctor touch you, after 6 months with him and several failed fistula surgeries he told me that he wasn't sure what he was doing and he wished he' didn't ever take my case. Went to another surgeon and have had a total of 25 surgeries to try and repair what he did with no success they finally had to leave me with an ostomy for life.

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