When I first contracted "A-Fib", I was fearful of what might happen to my overall physical condition. Having something go wrong with my heart was very unnerving. My husbands Cardiologist, Gisela Okonsky, assured me that "A-Fib" was treatable and living and working on a Cattle Ranch would not be compromised. After three cardioversion's, it was recommended that I go to see Dr. Kong. We did and were impressed with the professionalism, courtesy and compassion shown by Dr. Kong and her staff.
My whole experience with Dr. Patrawala has been amazing. From the minute he entered the room, with his "scribe", allowing eye contract during the consult, I was impressed. I have had a difficult time with getting not only the care level that I desired, but more importantly, feeling that I have been heard, and that my concerns are valid and will be handled. Dr. Patrawala took time to read the records I had hand carried, and restored my confidence in getting the best care in his hands.
The meeting with the Doctor went well and the Ablation procedure has been great so far (28 days). Great hospital and staff.
Dr. Mead's ablation results and his tracking of his practice's ablation results set a standard unequaled in American medicine.
My wife & I met Dr. Salcedo in my hospital room the day after my catheter ablation procedure this week with Dr. Patrawala which Dr. Salcedo assisted. Dr. Salcedo was very informative about the details of my procedure, the technology used to perform my "ablation" and what to expect during my recovery. He spent ample time with us answering all of our questions about Silicon Valley Cardiology's cutting edge techniques and why they were our first choice to perform my procedure. Great experience!
Excellent Doctor with very good communication and people skills. I would have no problem referring anyone to Dr. Engle
Our highest complements to Dr. Patrawala and his staff through my ablation experience.
I had an ablation procedure to correct for a large number of PVCs I was experiencing each day. After an exam, Dr. Patrawala said I was a good candidate for heart ablation to stop the PVCs, answering my all questions regarding the procedure. On the day of the procedure, all his staff and Dr. Patrawala himself treated me very well. The procedure itself was much less traumatic than I had imagined and successful! I highly recommend Dr. Patrawala to anyone in need of this procedure.
A remarkable Doctor. I can't say enough about how grateful I am to have found him. He was up to date on my ailment to a place that no other doctor had explained. He handled my problem directly and expediently. No more dancing around. Aren't we all looking for that? Great staff too!
Dr. Mead performed a heart ablation procedure to eliminate my arrhythmia condition initially diagnosed by his excellent Silicon Valley Cardiology colleague Dr. Bruce Benedick who referred me to him. Some survey questions therefore don't apply as I did not speak to Dr. Mead until after the procedure. The procedure went flawlessly and the condition appears to have been cured. I would judge Dr. Mead as exceptionally competent, confident and skilled.
The best care you could ask for....period.
He pinpointed my problem within five minutes. I had gone through two hospital admittance, ICU stay and two thoracentis in my home town and the they all got it wrong.
Dr. Mead listened to me, made me feel safe and did an excellent job.

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