Without hesitation, I would refer a family, friend or a colleague to see Dr. Blatt. If you want a knowledgeable, caring, responsive Dr. look no further. His honest, direct and comprehensive feedback allows you to determine what is best for you and your health. I am a TCM/Holistic practitioner and through numerous discussions with Dr. Blatt, we have found common ground how best to treat my issues. I am in a better place and healthier--isn't that the outcome we desire when we a doc???
I saw him for years and because of him I distrust every doctor I come in contact with. All he does is recite the same facts over and over again, but when it's important he doesn't know the first thing about the medicine he prescribes. He put me on a dose of pristiq that was way too high (it never helped either) and told me to lower the dose over a few days (should be 8 months) and I'd be fine. He was wrong. I'm permanently scarred from it. When I told him about it he didn't even care/apologize.
Loveliest mental health professional I've ever seen. He's really kind and funny, I always feel much better after speaking to him. He's helped me with various medications, very knowledgeable.
The best I have ever had. He helps me whenever I ask.
I have been seeing Dr. Lee Goldman for 10 years. There is no other physician I trust more or who has done me more good. He is very well educated in both general and addiction medicine. He has more experience and respect in both fields than any other doctor I've known. I have the objective view of both a patient and medical professional (never worked for him). I can attest to how much he truly cares about people. He is empathetic, nonjudgmental, and knowledgeable. No doctor works harder!!!
Horrible If you aren't a "yes man" and treat her like she's a god she will hold a grudge against you and act as though you're the worse person ever I was concerned abt a medication change she requested even though the one I was on worked perfectly and the one she recommended had a lot of unwanted side effects and she acted as though I had killed her entire family or something AVOID IF POSSIBLE!!!!!
Dr Jerry Ainsworth is a product of modern western medicine that is driven by the pharmaceutical industry and insurance companies. He is not interested in a person's health or care. He is unprepared and in attentive during appointments. His credentials would suggest that he is highly qualified but his approach is assembly line in nature and medication focused. If you desire a compassionate professional who asks and answers questions and tailors treatment to specific needs, he is not recommended.
I first saw Dr. Blatt in February of 2015 for Bipolar disorder. He is extremely smart and is very qualified in his field. He helped me understand what was happening inside my brain and patiently explained which treatments and medications would help me lead as normal a life as possible. I saw him many times over the course of the next 18 months before I moved out of state. Some people might complain that Dr. Blatt's personality is a little rough around the edges. He just tells it like it is.
Dr. Ainsworth helped bring me back to functioning at a time when I was ready to throw in the towel, as nothing had helped.
Dr. Blatt saw and evaluated my son prior to his discharge from the Community Hospital of Monterey Bay Peninsula Emergency Room today. His approach to my son lacked basic bedside manner. Although my son has been seen there several times, this should not lessen the severity of his presenting complaints or their significance. Dr. Blatt gave no helpful recommendations either to my son or to myself. All he ended up saying was that my son was not 'handling' the Klonopin well.
Caring, respectful, professional, great listener.

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