Dr. Christianakis is the best of the best doctors at USC, excellent bed side manners, not only a doctor, but a magnificent human being. God bless you and your practice! ! R.Sadowsky
He is number 1! I can't say enough wonderful thing about him. He has been my doctor for years. Now some of my friends unfortunately have needed his services and can't stop saying how great he is every time we meet. I have been telling them about him for year. He listens, he is well informed about everything that is new, he teaches and lectures and has always been available by either telephone, or patient portal! He adjusts your treatment as necessary! No overkill on test either!
My doctor is the best doctor I've had I wouldn't change him for anybody else I've been with him for 8 years now and he really goes the extra mile to help you out with your diesese I'm diagnosed with lupus SLE and Fibromyalgia he makes sure I'm on track I would definitely recommend DR Christianakis to my family and friends he really knows his Speciality.
My name is Lidia and I started seen Dr Chistianakis in 2009 till now August 2016 he is an excellent doctor I thank God first that he treated me when I was hurting a lot from my Rheumatiod Arthritis now after all this years he has me under control the sad knews is that he won't be seen me anymore due that he will be caring for the lupus patients Dr Christianakis thank you very much for how you put all your knowledge in getting me feel better God Bless you.

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Myofascial Trigger Point Injection
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