He performed a septoplasty and removed a retention cyst from a sinus on one side and polyps from the sinus on the other side. As he suggested I used saline spray religiously and thanks to his gel pack technique there was no bruising or swell. My boss & friends thought the surgery had been postponed because the result was so great. Also, like many who must repeat this, mine has lasted fo 20 years. He has a gift,
Loved Dr.Hopp and the staff was very efficient as well ! Wait time was a little long,maybe 30 min.,but it was worth it ! He also spent at least a half hour with me,ordered a CT Scan downstairs and had me come back for results the same day rather than having me make another appointment and pay another co-pay !
Dr. Anita Newman is simply the best ENT doctor I have ever consulted. I am prone to ear infections which are not always easy to diagnose. Dr. Newman's diagnostic skills are second to none. I drive over an hour and a half to Dr. Newman's office for treatment. I have been a patient of Dr. Newman for over a decade and her skills, experience and thoughtful manner never cease to amaze me. Pat Lewis
I had avoid nose surgery since age 17, because the Dr. I saw then scare the hell out of me.. now I am 70...... last December had an MRI and my doctor recommended me to visit Doctor Schenck.... where I saw what my septum looks like for the first time....Dr. Schenck and his stuff special Claudia...... made me feel very confortable, to have surgery done. I HIGHLY REGRET not had met Dr. Schenck 50 years ago...now I can breath without the help of nose drops, even my HBP went down MUCHAS GRACIAS....
I recently had a septoplasty performed by Dr. Schenck. Not only did he do a FANTASTIC job with my surgery, but he was also incredible helpful in all of my post-surgery appointments. I used to snore and no longer do thanks to the great work of Dr. Schenck. I'm a singer and I've had many different ENTs in my life but pale in comparison to the care you will receive at Tower ENT and from Dr. Schenck.
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