We have been going to Dr. Aggarwal since my son was newborn and he is now going to be 17. Dr. Aggarwal truly is such an awesome doctor. She really takes her time and listens to you as the parent and the child. She explains everything really well and is just great with the kids. If I ever have a question or something comes up and I leave her a message and she calls me back always and answers the question and gives me piece of mind. We love her and would recommend her to everyone.
I love Dr. Husain. She has been my pcp for about 20 years now. She is a wonderful doctor. Very kind, attentive and caring. However, I do not like the constant change of staff in her office, every time I go it seems as though there is a new group. They are not overly helpful when I have called for an urgent appt or question, they don't know me and I don't know them. Not a good situation.
Dr Asbill has been my family's doctor for years. I live out of state and have such peace that my mom is in his good care. He can be brutally honest, which sometimes humbles you but it's really what you want from your doctor.
We love Dr. Nichols. She always listens and is patient. I have a 5 year old and 1 year old. She engages my older one in her exam of the little one. We had a lot of issues with my older daughter and she shared both her medical knowledge and personal experience with her own children. The staff is super friendly and courteous. They have a fish tank in the waiting room that babies always love to stare at and Disney movies playing in both the sick and well waiting rooms! Love her
Dr. Nichols is incredibly knowledgeable, she keeps up with new research which is great! She is great with the kids, kind and understanding. We really like her!
Dr. Husain has been my primary care Doc for 20 years. I'm so grateful to have an excellent doctor. She is very thourough and doesn't reach for her prescription pad for every single issue. She pays attention to how the patient can be proactive, preventing medical issues through proper diet, exercise and self care. I've referred many satisfied people to her. Since you require my email for this review, PLEASE DO NOT send me any emails!!!
Dr. Maneffa is an amazing physician on so many levels. He is patient, an excellent listener, has an excellent bedside manner, and is very attentive. This is coming from a physician who couldn't be happier with treatment my kids have received under his care and guidance.
Dr. Aggarwal is truly the best pediatrician! She cares about each and everyone of our children, by giving them special care. I have never felt like she is rushing through our office visits. She takes the time to listen to each of our concerns. She has been my children's pediatrician since January 2007, and we would never think to go to anyone else.
Dr. Husain almost killed my elderly mother. I you care about your health and want a doctor who is detail oriented and helpful, DO NOT place your trust in her. Long story short, my mother ended up in the ER and ICU for two nights because of her incompetence. It was the ER doctor that told us the meds Dr. H prescribed had caused lithium toxicity, which is fatal if not treated immediately. The day before the ER crisis my mom was examined by Dr. H, who had no clue what was wrong with her. Beware.
Dr. Watler was the best doctor anyone could possibly have, she took good care of me when i was sick and also made sure i was doing well. I am sad i wont have her as my doctor since im 18 now and too old to be in the pediateics office. I will miss her.
Very pleased with her, she is such a great doctor. Ive been taking my kids to her for 9 years, never a problem :)
She is wonderful! She always has time to listen to your concerns and does everything she can to give you the care you need. I recommend her highly. Best Dr. I've ever had!
He's AMAZING with little ones. Tons of patience for them & listens to every single concern you may have.
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