I could tell that he extensively reviewed my medical history on my first appointment. He is a professional, courteous, answered all my questions. He offered me a plan to improve my problem. He really motivated me. I will definitely stay with him and I highly recommend him.
Dr. Chen provided cardiology management services to me. He is certainly knowledgeable in his field and was proactive in recommending a heart monitor. The 4 weeks of data collected provided us with information that ultimately led to a pacemaker. Without his proactive analysis, the consequences would have been devastating. Thank you, Bill J
Dr. Chu was the first doctor to recognize that I had a rare disease that had gone untreated and was progressively getting worse. That was six years ago, and he has been my dermatologist ever since. I'm able to see him for urgent issues that arise with my autoimmune flares; they always find a way to work me in. He explains difficult concepts well, and is honest about what we do and don't know about this disease. He and his staff are caring and knowledgable. I fully trust him and his assessments.
Listens; great attitude; knowledgeable; explains well what is going on; responsive to questions.
Struggled to walk due to injury/arthritis to both knees. Waited 3 months to initially see him, then he scheduled surgery 6 months out. During the 6 months I was not given any directions to follow prior to surgery. At pre-op appointment he decided not to do my surgery and try shots that had already failed. No RX for PT or prescriptions. Left in pain again for 3 months. Not sure why he waited 4 months to tell me he wouldn't operate. Told me he was too busy to answer my questions and left.
Dr. Chen is very attentive and responsive. I believe he is perceptive and addresses my issues.
Extremely difficult to get test and biopsy information from him or his staff. Does not address all issues that are presented to him.
Dr. Chu is the best dermatologist I've even been to! He not only treated me successfully but he also treated my 90-year old friend and she loves him too!
I have been a patient of dr engel’s for 9 yrs. she is smart & concerned & professional & put me right at ease. Her old nurse, Lisa, was a definate asset to her practice-very professional, kind & patient. Dr engel made my migraines 101% better after the very first visit & has continued ever since. I get individualized care from her. There is no cookie cutter image with dr engel & migraines-specialized & individualized treatment with us all. Go see her for the best care ever! ;)
Dr Chyung has accommodated me because I live out of state where I do not have easy. a specialist I trust as much. Since we visit San Diego many times a year, I have established a relationship with him. Both times I have seen him he spent plenty of time listening, answering questions and providing feedback. He seems to be a gentle and thoughtful person and he called me personally to follow up on two occasions.
The staff at the office is great, and she is a helpful, delightful doctor. She is kind, informed, and explains clearly. She is also proactive-- I transferred from her to another doctor who was a specialist in epilepsy. He eventually said he could do no more for me and I should stick to sub-par Then I returned to her and she immediately proposed next steps and had tons of ideas, and quickly got me a appointment with a hard to schedule specialist for a test. She is proactive and motivating!
Horrible from the waiting room long time to the nurse's to the doctor. See somebody else
Dr. Chyung is one of the most uncaring and arrogant physicians I have met. I don't know why he is in this profession, because he does not care about your wellbeing, and has no people skills whatsoever. He prescribed medications twice that did not work, did not get back to me with test results, and when I tried to call him in an emergency situation (strong pain), he did not bother to call me back. He also did not write a prescription he promised, so I had to call his office for two weeks.
Great job, she knows what she is talking about. Very smart and friendly.
Dr. Chyung is a highly intelligent yet compassionate doctor. His communication skills are great! He throughly explains things and is very positive and is listens intently.
Dr Chyung seems well qualified, but his bedside manner and judgment leave much to be desired.
If there was a 0 star option, I would have given it. Dr Crockett goes through the motions of being a doctor, but when it comes to bedside manner, or following up, the service was poor.
She thinks she's God. Has NO respect for her patients. Avoid her at all costs.
Excellent dr. He has helped me more than ANYONE! I feel better than I have in years. He put me on magnesium and a B complex after testing and finding out I don't absorb these well. Huge difference. This guy knows his sh*t! Also treating me for high cholesterol. Don't let his youthfulness deter you! He's better than a lot of the older Drs I've seen. He treats with meds and alternative meds. He is the best!
I have a complex seizure disorder. Dr. Engel has been my neurologist for 8-9 years. She is amazing, compassionate, brilliant, she listens, asks questions, offers great advice and gives you excellent care. Her staff is wonderful and her appointments run on time. You are in safe hands and can thoroughly trust this doctor.
dr engel really helped me with my migraines...i have had them for 20 years. she was so kind, patient, smart and took her time with me & answered all of the questions that i had. she knew right away what type of migraines i've had and perscribed a medicine that has helped me 95% after only 2 visits! if you are looking for a neurologist that is up on all of the latest treatment options, cut to the chase & see the best as i am so glad that i did!
After seeing another neurologist at Torrey Pines, I was advised to see Dr. Chyung. Right from the start, Dr. Chyung showed me that he was better versed in my condition. He took his time and explained what was going on what could have caused it and what the treatment was that was best for me. I have nothing but praise for Dr. Chyung. He has been the best ever!!!! Dr. Chyung takes his time in listening and answering my questions. I do not feel hurried in the least.
Did not give me accurate information about medication side effects. Nursing staff rude and impatient. Their office seems arrogant and disinterested in keeping me as a loyal patient.
I moved from San Francisco to San Diego and needed to find a new doctor. I'm thrilled to have found Dr. Khushu. She is smart, thorough, and spends an appropriate amount of time discussing my health status. I believe that she really cares about me and my health.
An amazing professional!
The most caring, non-judgmental, knowledgeable doctor in his field. He explains things, tries everything to get me under control of my type 1 diabetes that I got when I was 65 years old. (I'm now 71) Although I am not 100% in my regimen of taking insulin whenever I eat and need, and I graze at night, I am always trying harder, because I see Dr. Levine's concern for me. The staff is lovely as well, You never have to wait more than a few minutes and I have no complaints about anything.
Dr. Khushu is exceptional. I was first assigned to her over 10 years ago when she was brand new to Scripps, and my prior physician left the group. Back then, her communication skills were not yet great, but you could tell that she really cared about her patients. As she gained experience, her communication skills improved dramatically, and her level of caring and empathy remained sky high. She has really helped me to deal with my Type II Diabetes and lose weight, which has improved my life.
He looked at my X-ray for all of maybe 10 seconds before determining that my hip pain was not actually a hip problem. Did not listen to a word I said about my problem. Was completely uninterested and just handed me a card to another doctor and sort of walked out of the room. He spent no more than 5-6 minutes with me and was completely apathetic. Seeing him was a total waste of time.
My daughter's first visit with an Allergist and he and his resident were very prifessional, kind and thorough..!
My dad (86 yrs) saw him mid-February. TAVR was recommended & the perquisites for surgery. We were told his office would contact us to arrange appointments. Today is 3/9/17. My dad, his physical therapists, & I have tried to contact Dr. Mercado. No one returns our calls. As a last resort, we went to dad's primary care facility. Turns out Dr. Mercado does not use electronic health records. Terrific. So, we can't contact him, & he doesn't leave records for ensuing medical care.
Dr. Mansour is hands down the best Physician I have ever had. He consistently takes as much time as I need to answer all of my questions and he actively listens to my concerns, as well as provides explanations about the diagnosis, tests, and results in a compassionate and caring manner. I would highly recommend Dr. Mansour to anyone who is looking for a physician who goes the extra mile and really cares about his patients well being. Kimberly Jeffery
Great Dermatologist!
Dr. Shirazi is such an expert in cosmetic and skin care. I love her work, and trust her so much. No one could get my skin this clear, until I saw her.
Dr Sighn is very personable, knowledgeable, and loves being a gastrologist?? Questions are encouraged regarding any procedure, personal and or relevantance regarding surgery or Dr Sighn's qualifications and/or discussed questions or personal concerns. I highly recommend her to ALL patients!!!!
This scripps GI doctor ordered my gall bladder to be surgically removed. After years of suffering she claimed she was certain my gall bladder was the source of my pain even though I was having no sensitivity to touch. Her cluelessness caused a mis diagnosed surgery as she had no clue how to treat or even diagnose gastroparesis. She is marginally qualified as GI doctor. If you value your life do not engage with this wreckless "doctor". I recommend Jacobs UCSD GI department.
Dr. Singh doesn't really care about her patients. Hung up with a bad attitude.
I love Dr. Shirazi. She is smart, caring, and really knows her skin conditions. She is also very efficient, with a nice office. I have been going to her for years and she has never left me with a mark. she's great.
i love Dr Suhar. He always listens to patients and doesn't rush them. He is willing to work with a patient and does not try to force patients to do what they are not comfortable doing. He is very kind and caring. He is passionate about what he does.
Went to see see Dr. Singh for a colonoscopy today. She explained the procedure which was easy to understand and answered all my questions and concerns that I had. She was very personable and kind. All the nurses on her team were exceptional from checkin, prep, recovery to dismissal. Not a procedure that you look forward to doing but definitely would see her again!
Dr. Shirazi was in rush. Came in, didn't shake hands (had to hold mine out for quite a while),asked about conditions I wanted her to address. She did not do full body scan that the assistant and I had requested, said toe nail fungus was for podiatrists (my dermatologist in Washington, DC treated it) and ignored it, froze several places on my face, biopsied one, did not tell me the cause of scaling on face and scalp (tho I think I know), gave me an OTC sample for the face. Terrible doc.
Dr. Singh doesn't care for her patients. It took us almost 2 months to get an appointment. When finally she saw my daughter, she was in a hurry. Send my daughter to do some test, which I had to call the office four times to get the results. After three months my daughter is in pain with the same symtomps, I call this morning to make an urgent appointment. Dr. Singh was very busy to call back, her assistance told me that she can see her until september, in three months.
Dr. Singh is excellent at listening, understanding and then communicating diagnoses and treatment options.
Dr Stinis was able to stent my aorta and iliac arteries after a failed procedure at another hospital and a terminal diagnosis. I'm grateful another doctor sent me to Dr. Stinis, who implanted 3 stents all touching each other (kissing stents) and repaired a 99.9% blockage in my aorta and iliac arteries. Dr. Stinis restored the pulses in both of my ankles. Dr. Stinis gave me my life back. I was able to walk again instead of using a mobility scooter. Its years later and I am still here. xxoo!
I came in for pain in my abdomen. After 2 ultrasounds and a variety of labs, she just won't call me back. I have left 3 messages over a week and am eager for results. The nurse says she isn't qualified to read the radiologists report. The receptionist said days ago that the ultrasounds came back from imaging but wolinski had them 'on her desk'. I would appreciate at least posting results to my chart so that I can see them, if she won't tell me! There was absolutely zero followup. I am hanging.
If you are looking for a doctor who is concerned about your health and responsive to urgent calls? Please do not count on Melissa to do that. She has misdiagnosis-ed my condition and pray no one else has to go through my anguish. I left several calls to her and she has never responded and never even had her nurse follow-up on my calls. Thank God I took control and went to a specialist and pray something was not missed being in Melissa's care. So disappointed in our health care today.
I did an annual physical exam with Dr. Vaccari. The doctor herself is very nice, however, she recommended me to some lab tests which per her search should be covered by my insurance. Later, the hospital billed me for the additional lab tests and claimed that they are not covered by the insurance. And I tried to contact the billing department to argue about the unexpected billing. Their attitude was very mean and had no patience. I will never ever visit this doctor again!
Dr. Vaccari is one time, efficient, warm, understanding and really listens to her patients! This was my first visit to Scripps and everyone made me feel like a VIP, even though I am just a normal everyday person! Great job Dr. Vaccari and Scripps!
Scheduling was very easy and quick. She listened to my concerns and was very through. She was very informative and addressed every concern and explained her thoughts and future concerns and procedures. I highly recommend Dr. vaccari to anyone looking for a primary care physician.
We had a very frustrating experience with Wolinski when dealing with my mother's health issues. She needed an anti-depressant urgently and Wolinski didn't respond for over a week and ended up recommending medical marijuana. Her new doctor, Dr. Nguyen, and her psychiatrist both recommended Remeron and she turned around almost immediately. I would never recommend Wolinski for a number of reasons. Too difficult to get through the telephone service and her lack of compassion.
Dr. Weston is excellent. No one wants to have to go to the butt doctor, but if you do, she is the best. Although I wasn't there for a pleasantness procedure, Dr. Weston was not only thorough, she made sure I was comfortable and that things were done right.
I had to have a sigmoid colectomy due to diverticulitis and was referred to her by a gastro doc at the same group. She is knowledgeable, professional and incredibly thorough. I had complications a week later: she MET me at the urgent care before the attending got to me! She was investigating why it happened and the next morning told me she'd be up poring over journals trying to figure it out. She learned something: the chances of the complication were very low. I was the 1%. HIGHLY Recommend
Dr. Wolinski always spends enough time with me. She listens closely to what I say and answers every question clearly. I have total confidence in her as a doctor and as a caring person. She is thorough and in at least one case has been an effective advocate for me.
Dr Weston is recognized by her peers as a leading surgeon in San Diego. I unfortunately had to have immediate intestinal surgery but thank the Lord Dr. Weston was available. After she reviewed my problems she was kind enough to adjust her schedule in order to perform the surgery within days. Dr Weston's explanations made you feel that you are in the best of hands. She conveys complete information and explains the alternatives very clearly. Her office is very responsive.
Dr Weston is an excellent Doctor. She is compassionate, answers all your questions and is very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend her, especially for complex problems.
Dr.Wolinski is Amazing! We recommend her 100%?? Our entire family of 4 has requested her to be our only primary Dr. Her office is Prompt professional & personable :) Dr. Wolinski takes as much time as you need to hear any & all health concerns.... Easy to get into & her nurse & staff are very supportive! First Class service! We are Extremely happy with her & satisfied with the level of care. Sincerely, she's the Best Dr. In San Diego!
Dr. Weston's combination of knowledge, dedication, caring, and skill make her the best surgeon that I have ever had.
Very perceptive of feelings of patient; very sympathetic Patient immediately feels secure in good hands Takes time to answer questions from patient in as much depth as patient is able to understand
American Sign Language
Chinese, Cantonese

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Excision Of Skin Cancer
Cardiac Electrophysiology
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