Highly recommend. I did two rotator cuff surgery and Dr. Khajavi always took time to explain in detail before and after the surgery. This is the doctor other doctor go to have certain surgery done.
Prior to Dr. Carr I had been seen by 3 other GI's with no real diagnosis or treatment. He reviewed my records prior to my appointment and took his time explaining things and asking questions. I never felt rushed and we eventually agreed to a trial of a medication. It was only for a month, but that was the first month is years I've felt almost normal! I'm fighting with my insurance to be able to remain on that med, but at least I have an answer!
E he always takes time to listen to your problems and to figure out a solution. He listens to you he is not just writing on a paper and hurrying to get out the door. He is kind and considerate and takes pride in the way he treats his patients he is one of a kind. I don't think you can find another one like like him
Dr. Khajavi repaired my torn meniscus last year. He was very attentive, and I felt that he spent the right amount of time with me. The surgery was excellent, with little healing time, and my knee is perfect today! I would highly recommend him.
I can't not say anything anymore. Dr. Carr haunts my nightmares even to this day. This drug dealer with a PHD had no intention of treating my disease, but creating a new one. He should not be allowed to prescribe Ativan. He should not have sent me to a pain specialist without actually treating my disease. Its a miracle I am not dead today because of him. I'm glad I found the strength to leave and seek treatment elsewhere with a doctor who helped me get clean and my crohns into remission.
He is very kind and caring. He takes the time to answer my questions. His staff, especially his PA, Gina Daw, are are fantastic, too. I had total hip replacement in July 2016 and my experience with him and St. Jude Hospital was outstanding.
I just had my right knee replaced 4 weeks ago. I can't be happier. Dr. Khajavi is wonderful, he took the time at each of my pre-ops to explain the procedure what I should expect and answered my questions and concerns. Everyone from check-in to check-out at the hospital was amazing. The staff at his office and at the hospital were wonderful. His PA Joel Tetzlaff is very nice and always has a smile. Makes you feel comfortable.
Dr. Khajavi has repaired my left torn rotator cuff (2015), and replaced my right knee (2016). Great, caring surgeon, makes extra effort to see me on short notice for follow-up; answers all questions completely. He has assembled a great staff including PA Joel Tetzlaff. The physical therapists who work under his direction are knowledgeable and professional and push clients as needed to get great results.
It may take months to get in as a new patient, but you will be blessed. Top in the field yet humble, knows both the best of western and alternative medicine yet not afraid to tell which works best for the problem. He does the homework before you see him, so no wasted time, but you will not be rushed, yet he is still on time. The documention you leave with rivals hospital instructions. The staff is excellent as well. Do not judge by his looks, there is true caring professional inside.
I would not recommend this person as a physician simply because he is rude, impatience, arrogant, and disrepectful.
There is no doctor on this planet who cares more about their patients. He always takes extra time to discuss my medical concerns and I never feel rushed. He easy to reach through the St. Jude Patient Portal and also by phone. It has been a true blessing to have him as a gastroenterologist. I wish every doctor was like Dr. Carr.

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Trigger Point Injection
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Elbow Fracture And Dislocation Treatment
Elbow Fracture And-Or Dislocation Treatment, Open
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