Dr. Cabral has been our family Dr for over 15 years. We have the utmost trust in Dr Cabral. If and when a specialist is required Dr Cabral has recommended excellent Drs and he always works/and or follows up with them. He is our Dr for life
Dr. Garcia is an amazing doctor who has been treating my family for many years. He goes above and beyond for each of his patients to ensure they have the very best care and attention. And he does this all with a smile, exceptional follow through and the best recommendations for treatment. He also has an amazing staff supporting him which speaks volumes of his leadership as a doctor. I would recommend Dr. Garcia to anyone who is looking for an exceptional family doctor.
- BAD DOCTOR: He did not perform a full physical exam. I mentioned edema on my feet and hands and he did not examine it. He did not look in my ears, nose, and throat. He did not examine my body for skin cancer. He did not even inquire about my prostate. No EKG. - He ordered blood samples, but not enough to perform a conclusive evaluation for my thyroid condition.
I was diagnosed with RA when I was 35. The doc told me I would never have another child, I would be permanently disabled in 10 years and my life expectancy was around my mid 60's all in the first 5 mins of my first visit. I found another Doctor. I am now 45, haven't had symptoms for almost 5 years, am moderately active: kayak, easy hikes, swim, play with my son and dog. I am still employed FT and am not permanently disabled. Hopefully, in 10 yrs, Fabricant has worked on his bedside manner
Dr. Cabral has been our family doctor. He gave the most excellent care for my dad and mom before they passed. He is the only doctor I trust and his staff is superior in Sonja, Genny & Martha! Doctor Cabral and his staff are the very "BEST"!! Tom C
I've had a number of things poorly treated until I had to leave, realizing he knew next to nothing about my disease and was not willing to consult with another doctor--or didn't even refer me to another doctor. He's mostly on the computer. Barely listens.
I started coming to Dr. Ruckman because the doctor I had before him retired. I was immediately impressed with Dr. Ruckman. He made me feel comfortable talking to him about my health and any conditions I have had in the past. He always refers to the computer in the examining room to look at my medical records and make sure everything is current. That never fails to impress me. With his advice I am able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have every confidence in Dr. Ruckman.
Dr. Cabral is always very thorough.
First time diagnosis is always correct!!
Dr. Fabricant changed my life. After years of pain Dr. Fabricant was able to get my rheumatoid arthritis under control. He doesn't rush you through your visits. He takes time to really listen to you and address any and all concerns. I am blessed to have found Dr. Fabricant.
Best doctor I have ever had.. He takes his time and answers all your questions.. I have two family members who also goes to Dr. Weissig and also thinks he's a great doctor. I have been seeing him for about 15 years..
I've never met a physician with better bedside manners than Dr. Garcia. He is able to view things in a bigger picture and treats the root cause not just the superficial reason for your illness.

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