Had to go back because he could not remove a screw, left it in. He decided it needed removal and I had that done by his suggestion. Now I am having 100 times the pain and problems from the two surgeries he suggested.
Unbeknownst to me, I have been suffering with the increasing effects of degenerative disc disease for about 15 years. I am a 66-year old Ninth Degree Karate instructor of over 41 years. Dr. Telles tried everything to keep me from surgery: lumbar steroid injections and physical therapy, to no avail. He answered all my many questions and delivered. Since the 6-6-17 4-level fusion, ZERO sciatic problems. Post surgical pain is easy compared to pre-surgical pain!. May God bless this man/staff!
Dr. Hanson and his staff always try to help you with any question or problem you have. He has one of the most efficient and courteous offices I've ever been in.
Awesome Dr. Dr Gill answered all my questions to my satisfaction. His office employees have been awesome in helping with my problems with workman comp especially Anna. Thanks for all they have done
Excellent surgeon. He and his PA's are extremely thorough, and take time to answer any question that arise before, during AND after surgery!
Dr. Gill is a very caring professional who is obviously an expert in his field. I received the best care from Dr. Gill and his assistants. His office staff is kind and helpful.
I recently had three veritbra fused with Dr. Telles. His skill as a Orthopedic surgeon, in my openion would rate him with any of the surgeons at U C Stanford Medical or anywhere in Northern California.
Dr. Aryan is an excellent doctor. One can tell upon meeting him that he really has his patients best interest at heart. It would be great if more doctors were like him. I had surgery two weeks ago and have faith that my quality of life will improve because of him.
Dr. Wiens has a terrific bedside manner; he will answer all your questions with great patience. Highly recommend him!!!!
Great Dr and personable. I have seen many spine specialist. Happy I picked him to do my surgery!!!
As always, Dr. Aryan and his staff continue to be very welcoming, professional, and always answer my questions. I trust Dr. Aryan and his staff (especially RN Tasha) to lead me in the direction to better health/quality of life. I've had back issues/procedures over the past 7+ years and am completely satisfied with the services from Sierra Pacific. I recommend your medical center to all who inquire. Many thanks and enjoy! ā€“ Russell W.
Dr Smith has given me 3 injections in my back for pain in my groin & down my leg to my knee. The pain is now gone & has been for a month!
I can not say enough good about Dr. Gill and his PA Elton. I have had one hip and two knee replacements in the last year and a half. They are professional, friendly and experts at what they do. I have had no complications and his expertise has given me a new lease on life. Thank you both for the excellent care given to all your patients.
Would highly recommend him. He did a great job on my hip.
Very good care of my mother. Habla espanol
Truly a wonderful person. Thank you Dr Aryan, Nick, Rosemary, Tosha for all you have done for us.
Quickly scheduled appointments, rather long office wait times. However, the wait times are very worth the results. I am 26 and walking with a cane, unable to sit, stand up straight, or lie down comfortably. Dr Aryan honestly expressed all of the outcomes the procedure might have. I woke up with instant relief. It has been amazing the difference Dr. Aryan has made in my life. I am now pain free, Dr Aryan told me he would give me his best and that is exactly what I got!
Very good. Very caring. Doesn't talk down to me. My only criticism is the billing office needs be better about out of network surgery. I am healing well but have to deal with getting my insurance to cover my meds and bandages.
Great doctor. Tells it like it is, doesn't sugar coat.. lays out all the options , tells you pros and cons and leaves you to decide. Great surgeon.
I liked his personal treatment to me and how he explained my problems and what we needed to do for treatment. I would recommend him to anyone who needed to have a doctor with his expertise.
Dr. Telles expertly diagnosed my problem and explained thoroughly the procedures that needed to be done to mitigate the problem. His skill as a surgeon must be very good as my recovery has gone well and the problems I had are no longer present.
My procedure is a poor outcome ... check disability results ... many poor out comes ... mine needs to be completely redone ...
I'm only 2 weeks post surgery and so far, so good. I also enjoy all of the office staff. I only met Dr Aryan minutes before going into surgery, he's a busy man, but he knew what needed to be done and hopefully fixed the issues. More time will tell, but he comes highly recommended as do Johnathan and Nick.
Dr. Connor Telles and his PA, Natalie Johnson, performed lower back Laminectomy and Fusion on me in Jan. 2016. Their surgery improved my quality of life 100%. Dr. Telles is very kind & caring and goes out of his way to explain the problem (then he writes down exactly what your problem is and what he will do for you to correct the problem & gives this written info to you to take home). He is kind, caring and patient with family. I unequivocally recommend Dr Telles.
Dr Aryan is the best at what he does and I will never go anywhere else. In the office, he is quick, professional and very communicative. In the hospital, he is professional, caring and reassuring. Dr Aryan did my second cervical fusion and cleaned up the first I had done by another doctor. His aftercare is great, making sure one is followed for several months to ensure health. His staff is amazing, efficient, organized, and his PA, Johnathan, is great. Very professional. I cannot say enough. He'
In the last year I began experiencing pain in the knee Dr. Gill replaced in 2011. Naturally, I blamed him -- loudly. Well, another doctor told me I was wrong. Last week I went to Dr. Gill and apologized. This is part of that apology. He's a fine doctor, a highly skilled surgeon, and I have taken my knee back to him in hopes he can help me. If anyone can, he can. And he's agreed to try. What kind of a great doctor is that? I badmouth him and he takes me back. I'm very thankful for him.
Dr. Copeland referred me, another good doctor. I found Dr. Arayan to be both very confident and humble at the same time. Surgery has helped me a lot. The nurses at the hospital secretly told me he is the best surgeon. His staff is attentive and very supportive and spent a lot of time with me. He is honest, which I like, and told me that surgery is no guarantee, but relieve was immediate and I'm really glad I did it. Thank you thank you.
Dr. Gill and his office changed my wife's appt no less than 4 times, scheduling it when it was impossible to adhere to twice. This forced multiple schedule changes on family, friends and my wife. During this interval 2 friends scheduled knee replacements w/o changes and are on the road to recovery. The last time was another two week delay thereby forcing another set of preliminary Dr visits at a great cost of time and inconvenience. That was the final straw. No remorse and no apology.
Dr. Connor Telles's phenomenal performance on my L4-L5 gave me back the quality of life I I lost. The morning after surgery on Oct. 17, 2016, I was walking pain free. With some P.T. at. S.J. Valley rehab. hospital, I continued to improve and was discharged to go home on Oct. 28,2016. Thank you Dr. Telles and Natalie, the kindest ,the most knowledgeable PA answered my concerns prior to surgery. I am 85 years and going strong again for preparing Holiday Dinners. Merry Christmas.
Thank you Dr. Nuzzo. Three months after my shoulder surgery I am pain free and riding my dirt bike again! Recovery went very smooth. Dirk Temmerman. Visalia Ca
Dr. Nuzzo performed a Rotator cuff repair on my right shoulder August 8, 2016. All my questions were answered to my satisfaction. The surgery went well with physical therapy after. My recovery is progressing and I am able to get back to Pilates and daily activities.
My experience with Dr Telles and his PA Natalie Johnson was amazing. I recommend Dr Telles to everybody I know. I owe a lot to him for repairing my back and changing my quality of life. I went from struggling to stand up and walk, all the way to hiking, biking, jogging, and being very active again. My surgery was intense but Dr Telles kept it cool and kept me feeling comfortable. Can't imagine a better back surgeon around!
Doctor Glaser was very thorough and professional in explaining the foot reconstructive surgery I had recently. I am very pleased with the results of my surgery and all of the staff.
Dr. Aryan was recommended by Dr. Mallari and 2 friends. Tosha and Rosemary in his office are excellent. Fresno Surgical Hospital is excellent. Truly a professional setup and I am happy with the results of my cervical surgery. I highly recommend this team.
Dr. Gill performed a total knee replacement for me 6 weeks ago. Everything went great. Not saying this is a fun recooperation period, but I am saying Dr. Gill did a fabulous job. The rest was up to me to follow his very thorough instructions, which I did - reading the initial complete manual written by Dr. Gill that answers most every question you can imagine, use of the CAP machine, medicines, home exercises, Physical Therapy, etc). Thank you Dr. Gill. Great P.A.'s as well.
The office could not get my MRI from Visalia and had to reschedule my visit. I was annoyed by this. Fortunately they had a cancellation and got me in. I found Henry Aryan MD to be professional and to the point. He had reviewed the MRI in advance. Surgery was scheduled quickly but insurance approval took some time. Rosemary is kind. Surgery has already helped me a lot and I am hoping it will continue to get better. I really want to thank you Dr Aryan and staff.
In my experience with this physician, I would not recommend him to anyone. I feel that due to his disinterest in taking the steps necessary to comply with insurance, this doctor interfered with receiving treatment for my injury. I switched doctors and have had much better success getting the appropriate treatment.
I regretfully had 5 back injections from Dr. Smith. Rather than taking responsibility for his own failures, Dr. Smith puts the blame on his patients. He has a vile personality and an even worse bedside manner. I wish I had never met the man and do not believe he should be in practice. Something needs to be done about this unprofessional, impossibly difficult Doctor. the nurses at Summit Surgery will agree. He is just as nasty to them.
His staff was professional and very well organized. Dr. Nuzzo was very personable, articulating, and easy to understand when he was explaining to me what surgery/arthroscopy he thought needed to done. Everything went as perfect as can be. I only had to take 4 pain pills for pain and was back dancing in 2 weeks. I was fully recovered for my long walks and all types of dancing in 4 weeks with no pain after the second day. I'm pain free and feel great. Thanks Dr. Nuzzo!!!!!!
He did an ACL reconstruction on me after an injury in June 2015. I was unable to go back to work for 2 1/2 months. Still had pain and knee would NOT go straight. Finally got a second opinion in December 2015 where I was shown from imaging that the first surgery/graft was placed completely wrong and had a screw hitting the back of my kneecap, so it could NEVER go straight! Had to have a second surgery to correct it. Getting calls back..............forget it!
I lost almost total use of my left hand in Nov 2015, Dr Tanner did 7 different procedures to correct the problem and i now have a hand that functions very well. He is one of the best hand surgeons in the country. He is very very good and cares about his patients.
Dr. Balshi is ON TIME! He has a very pleasant office and it is very efficient. Beautiful office. He answered all of my questions in an efficient manner. He has very good bedside manners and operates on a patient level, leaving the patient to feel very comfortable. Pain-free experience!!
Dr. Nuzzo and the staff at SPOC provided excellent care to me when I fell and broke my ankle. It was a traumatic injury for me. I received caring support from my initial visit through the surgery and during these months of recuperation. I have already recommended Dr. Nuzzo to several friends that have orthopedic needs.
Dr Watson seemed bothered by me wasting his time. This was my first time seeing a spine specialist for an issue I felt was important. But apparently it seemed menial to him. I would never recommend him to family or friends.
Dr. Nuzzo repaired a severe rotater cuff in my left shoulder. He and his office made sure I understood the procedure, the timing and the recovery before committing to having this done. He is direct yet patient. Several weeks following surgery, I began experiencing pain again and he was able to get me in quickly and reassure me that this was normal and my earlier pain-free post surgery status was not average - that the new pain was typical and to keep doing PT and all I had been.
Great Dr.!! I'm very happy with the results of my injury
I brought my daughter to Dr. Nuzzo for an ACL repair. It was by far the best medical experience we have had. Dr. Nuzzo and his staff were very professional and courteous. Dr. Nuzzo genuinely cares about his patients. He listened to our concerns and answered any questions we asked. I would definitely recommend Dr. Nuzzo to any of my family and or friends.
Dr Nuzzo is very professional, explains things well. I had complete confidence in him.
really good doctor.
I would never ever recommend this doctor to anyone.
I would recommend Dr Nuzzo to anyone who asks, his personality is easy going and he explains things well. I fractured my Humerus skiing, Dr Nuzzo placed some screws and a plate in my arm. This was back in January 2016 and 3 months later all heeled and doing well!
Walked out wanted my credit card for services they may charge without preauthorization. When asked to discuss any thing out of my HMO they said no- NEW opolicy they said then wanted 250. cash. WAY TOO MAY DOCTORS TO PUT UP WITH THIS RIP OFF, when people are already being gouged by thier insurance companies.
I spent over an hour in the waiting room watching patients check-in after me and get called back before me! Staff barely acknowledged the fact I had been waiting so long. Then they have the nerve to tell you to be 30 minutes early for your scheduled appointment. Why? So I could just wait an extra 30 minutes?! Don't think I'll be back!
Dr. Aryan did neck surgery on me in 2012 I had numbness in my arms and hands. I could not pick up my work tools due to me being to weak from my neck injury. After the surgery was complete I had no numbness in my arms and hands. I have continued my regular work schedule with no problems. I thank you for repairing the disc and vertebrae's in my neck. Thank You Shane Johnson
I went to Dr Dunklin after a knee injury. It took me months to finally get approved for surgery. He ended up illegally charging me more that what my insurance had agreed to pay. He is a contracted provider with Blue Cross. However the day before the surgery he informed me that he wouldn't perform my surgery unless I paid his extra fee which wasn't covered by insurance. When it came to medication, he did not listen to my and I had an allergic reaction to the pain meds. Don't go here!!!
Dr Nuzzo and his staff are the best. I am gratefully surprised at how well my surgery went and how well I feel at this point, I attribute that to Dr Nuzzo being highly skilled and experienced at what he does, no messing around! I have brothers who have served in the military and I thank you Dr Nuzzo for your service!
Dr Nuzzo evaluated my shoulder injury after an x-ray and MRI. We discussed treatment options and he showed the damage, explained the injury and recommended surgery to repair it. He explained the surgery procedures and the recovery timeline. The surgery went as planned and the recovery with Physical Therapy has gone as planned. I had much damage to my shoulder and today after surgery and Physical Therapy it is as good ,or better than before the injury..I would recommend Dr. Nuzzo to anyone.
I would recommend Dr. Aryan (And I am) to anyone who has cervical/back issues. He performed a 3 disc fusion on me last year- and the procedure was very successful. He continues to monitor my health and always takes time with me in appointments!
I was injured in a car Accident roughly 21 years ago and Dr. Watson fused my c6-7. I was 17 years old at the time. I never truly thanked him for the amazing job that he did. I'm 38 today and very active and healthy. He did a wonderful job!
I needed to try to decide which way to go and needed someone to discuss this with. He he was friendly, patient and took considerable time to see to it that my needs were met.
Dr. Thaxter is a professional, kind and knowledgeable doctor. Every appointment he took the time to thoroughly explain the problem with my shoulder and how he would go about correcting it. Going into surgery he was optimistic and eager to fix my persistent problem. During surgery, he took his time to inspect any possible flaws or corrections all around my shoulder. My shoulder has not felt this way in 5 years all thanks to Dr. Thaxter and his amazing, talented team.
Dr. Aryan is an impressive doctor: he is very thorough in assessing the patient's situation and providing viable options. I have a complicated and very painful situation with severe scoliosis as well as a herniated disk. I was afraid that I would leave a doctors office in tears again, but I left with joy and a big smile. His solution was perfect and didn't involve surgery. The staff are just awesome, the kindest and most helpful I've found, esp. Sheila. Thanks so much everyone! Nanci S
He's very direct and honest. If you need it he will tell you, and he doesn't sugar coat it. If you don't he will also tell you. He and his staff are amazing, and work hard to take care of you.
Although I had a great experience with the whole process, I am terribly disappointed with the outcome. I had initially asked to have an autograft from my own knee to repair my acl. However, the PA and the Dr. Hanson suggested and pushed for an allograft from a cadaver. Two years later, and my graft has torn again. I was just running and I jumped, as I landed, I felt a sharp pain. Had Dr. Hanson done what I had asked for, I am certain I would have been fine.
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