She is GREAT with my daughter .. my appointment took 90 min, actual time with Dr was 10 min. . The office girls were having very loud inappropriate hallway conversations, about being so drunk and calling in sick. Cozy Waiting area & clean, toys chest & books for kids.
Coastline Orthopaedic, and Dr. Stein in particular, are simply incredible! I sprained my back three weeks ago and was taken such good care of, I was blown away. Dr. Stein really cares about his patients, and you can just tell how dedicated he is to what he does. It's no wonder he is so sought after! After some medication and physical therapy, my back is almost 100% better. And the staff - so accommodating and friendly! Thank you to everyone at Coastline!!
I had surgery with Dr.Khan in 2010. I was expecting 6 week recovery time but surgery was fast and smooth. I was ready to go back in 2 weeks...but he had me wait a little bit longer. If I had known he could fix me this easily then I wouldon't have done it years before. I was so scared of surgery. I never care about bedside manners as long as they are good at what they do. However, his bedside manner was a pleasant bonus. He went over all options prior to surgery and answered all of my questions.
Last year I had Left rotator cuff surgery Dr.Stein is very kind and explains procedures very well.He's also very compassionate.Dr.Stein is Top notch.Surgery went well.
After many mix ups with office staff, the Doctor assured me that things were fixed in office. My scheduled surgery time was pushed back 2 hours because the doctor had a appointment (?) so I was in a cold pre-op room waiting. No apology. My recovery went well. A couple weeks after surgery my knee started to hurt. I went back in and was given a anti inflammatory and a Rx for Physical therapy. I am now 2 1/2 months post op and called in acute pain. Was told to elevate and take anti inflammatory???
Dr Stein has performed 4 surgeries on my body and each and every time I was given the best quality care, as well as post-surgery supervision and advice on maintaining my heath. As a baseball player, the operation on both knees and right shoulder has kept me playing in the game I still love today. At 58 years of age I owe Dr Stein more then words can express. Thank You Dr Stein Sincerely Carlos Pianelli
Dr. Khan and his PA Brian are awesome! They have great bedside manner and spend time with you. My surgery on my Lumbar spine went well. Dr Khan took the time to explain everything to me and my family. I would definitely recommend Dr Khan to my family and friends. I actually already referred him to a friend!
Terrible experience. Came in for what I thought was a routine back surgery. I had a ruptured disc. Dr khan performed the surgery, which didn't go well. I had to have a 2nd surgery due to spinal fluid leaking from 1st surgery. 2 infections associated with the surgery. It's been 3 years since the surgery and I will never be able to run again...
My experience with this office staff, doctors and surgery team was excellent.. What i saw is a staff that handles what seems to be about 15 people per hour, and did so better than ive ever seen. Each visit i was in an office within 10 min of appt time. was seen by dr stein within 5 min of being placed in an office. And by the way,1 week after knee surgery, i am walking as if it never was injured..I am tempted to run and exercise
Skilled surgeon. I am 4 wks. post op and doing terrific thanks to Dr. Kahn and his staff. If you want hand holding like a 5 year old go elsewhere. However, if you educate yourself with your particular injury (via internet) and have five dozen questions, the doctor or Brian (PA) is more than happy to patiently, kindly answer all your questions. Additionally, the office staff is very professional and competent (thanks again Brooke for understanding why I chickened out on initial surgery appt.).
Under NO - I mean NO circumstance go to Dr. Stein!!!! Becasue of his negligence I got staff infection in my left knee while he performed a simple orthoscopic surgery. He permanently demaged my knee. RUN!!! Find another surgent who cares.
Never took the time to review any of the MRI films that he had ordered.
Dr. Stein and all the staff - I am the only one in my extended family that has ever broken a bone - my ankle was broken and was referred to Dr. Stein. Before he saw me in surgery and his office the staff said told me I was in good hands, and that they liked Dr. Stein very much. They were right - I am happy with the plate with 6 screws, and one longer screw. I now have a bionic ankle. So now it's all about healing and Physical Therapy, and most of all, time. Dr. Stein is the go to guy!
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