We love Dr. Van Beever! From our very first meeting, he has always been kind, thorough, skilled, punctual, and an all-around great pediatrician! We feel so blessed to have found him, and plan to continue bringing our children to his practice.
He takes the time to win the child. He will listen to the paren't and grandparent. He has a sweet way about him. He visited my grandchild in the hospital. He cares.
I've trusted Dr Van Beever with my toddler since she was born. He is very attentive and personable. He never made me feel as inexperienced as I was as a new mom and always remembered my daughter when she came in. Dr. Van Beever is approachable with anything. He never rushed us, explained every detail, and never left me with any questions unanswered. I trust in his decisions and advice and would highly recommend him to other parents.
Dr. Van Beever is great! We came to him from another pediatrician who we had not been impressed with at all and he totally turned all of that around! He is very personable and made us feel very comfortable by answering all of our new parent questions and offering any advice needed. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends!
The rudest doctor I have ever met. She would not listen to what you tell her. She was unorganized with her patients and was treating me as a different patient, giving me all the patients info. I was having bad pains and all she said was to walk it off. Would not recommend.
Dr Aoki has been my children's doctor for the past 6 years and just recently became mine too. We love the time and care he gives each time we go in. He is a great doctor and would recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Maan has always been kind, professional and considerate with my husband and me. I have gone to him for yearly check-ups as well as help with losing weight. Thank you, Dr. Maan!
This guy is the worst ever. I have never had issues with doctors before. But with this guy, if you ask questions or need clarification on your symptoms/diagnosis he gets extremely defensive and downright rude. I was literally in shock at his behavior. I will never return here. The office staff was good, the doctor was not.
Dr. Reimer has been my doctor for many years and I have not had a complaint at all. He is a very caring doctor, very concerned about my health. I am very satisfy with my doctor, I recommend him to all new patients. He is "Awesome" with a capital "A"!
Dr. Reimer is absolutely wonderful! My whole family has gone to him since he first started at Peachwood. He is personable, has high moral character, takes his time to listen, has always given us the best of care, and truly loves what he does. Our respect for him and of him is undeniable. I trust his judgement and rely on his knowledge. Can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Reimer. My family is truly blessed to call him our physician. He is simply the best!
I was treated by Dr Miramontes for over two years and found her bedside manner rather brusque & abrasive. She is a terrible listener when a patient explains their health concerns to her. Upon follow-up visits I have found she has had several facts logged incorrectly in her notes. Not good. I was also forced to pay a 20.00 co-pay when it should have been Zero & I have excellent health insurance benefits. Her waiting period time is general over one hour. I do not recommend this Dr.
Wish her will, but I would not recommend. Physicals not complete. Medical experience seems to be limited. Very nice, but I need a doctor.
I would recommend her. She has been taking care of my family for almost 30 years, she has great exchanges and allow us to ask as many questions as we need to.
Dr. Aoki is simply the best primary physician I have ever been with. Many times I'm able to get same day or next day visits. Very easy to talk with, concerned about the individual health of his patients. True professional, very dedicated.
Love Dr. G he is so nice and he takes his time explaining things to you. He makes sure you understand and if you ever have questions he always makes sure you understand that you can call his office. Thank you Dr. Guzoujian for all your compassionate care. I have referred many people to Dr. G.
Dr. Kundu listened patiently and gave thorough explanations. I felt completely confident with my medical care!
Dr. Mann was attentive, knowledgeable and easy to talk to in my first appointment. I feel lucky to have found her as my internal medicine doctor and would highly recommend her.
Leaving this doctor's group is LONG overdue! Dr. Reimer is a good guy that seems to know his medicine pretty well. Over the years, he has continued to demonstrate a lesser and lesser interest in his patients' well being, and most recently has made excuses for the overwhelming inefficiency of his office staff. His staff is absolutely horrible and does not understand the importance of organization and integrity. Steer clear of this office and you'll be a much happier patient.
Dr Aoki is too busy to properly take care of his patients. His office staff is overworked and understaffed. We rarely receive a call back back that they said they would or test results. Also prior authorizations for meds are never sent in. We have been patients for a long time. It is sad to see him change for the worse. If you are looking for a caring Dr. and a competent office staff look elsewhere.
I've been a patient of Miramontes for years. She is awful. Rude, condescending, impatient, spiteful, but most importantly - frequently wrong. Additionally, her office staff has the exactly same qualties - to a (wo)man. It's no wonder why she tolerates their ridiculous behavior and constant inaccuracies. They emulate her. Run far. Far away. Any cornerstore Dr 'n hamburger n' donut joint will give you better service.
I really like Dr. Maan.he was professional and very kind. Im a new patient but he gave me a very good first impression. The staff is nice.
My wife has had two hour waits her last two visits; I had an hour and a half wait; I had a physical and cbc scheduled for the 3rd and I made sure to emphasize how important it was that I needed the physical and cbc faxed for surgery by the 12th. Today is the 15th, the day of my pre op for surgery, and my otteologist hasn't received a single piece of paper from Dr. nakata or his staff. I called five times, nothing. I can't trust someone who can't send a simple fax or even return my calls.
Went to urgent care with shortness of breath and was taken in right away. Dr. Erickson and the nurse worked promptly to get me treated and he had excellent bedside manner. Best urgent care experience by far. He took the time to put my mind at ease.
Dr. Kundu is knowledable and thorough. She never makes me feel rushed and answers all questions in a thoughtful and complete way. I cannot say enough about her kindness and wonderful interactions.
The follow through is exceptional and she makes sure that everything is checked. Only problem is the wait time once in the waiting room. Seems to be a bit long. I would recommend her to my family and friends.
Friendly efficient staff. Dr Aoki is almost always running on time and is concerned and trustworthy. Also very knowledgeable about health issues and insurance plans
Great physician! and Great Service!
Terrible. I waited an hour in a room that smelled like blood, and pap equipment from previous patient was still on the table, eww. She rushed through my visit so much she forgot to introduce herself. She asked one question, and had one answer. I've had a roter cuff injury before so I knew what I had to do besides her advice, but she didn't know that. She sent me home with no sling and no additional information. Must be nice to get paid the big bucks for doing nothing. Your fired.
My 4 month old is suffering from a severe skin condition and she is being treated like a test baby. They take pictures of her and take 3 days to send in a referral request as if this isn't urgent. She is in horrible pain. We have been to children's hospital multiple times and they don't have the right specialist.
Dr. Sumrell was our boys physician when they were little, and now we are providing medical insurance for our grandson. He's a wonderful physician. He has vast knowledge, an easy going sense of humor and excellent communication skills.
Dr. Kundu spends time listening to my concerns and goes above and beyond with my care.

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