Dr Saadat was confusing during the procedure. He told me I would have no pain. A week later I was swollen, couldn't walk and had a severe infection from the poor procedure or micro dermal piercing removal. When I tried to contact him he wouldn't talk to me and said it looked normal. I ended up with a massive infection and admittance into the hospital.
Overpriced, tried to request $95 for 1st office visit and my insurance deductible has already been met for the year. They didn't tell me this until the time of my appointment so I ended up walking out. The online pre-registration system is broken and did not work.
Rushed our visit, gave a diagnosis without hardly looking at my skin or asking me any questions. Prescribed an absurdly expensive pair of lotions that had absolutely no effect. Waste of time and money.
Dr. Coleman has helped me with my skin cancer for a dozen years. He is skilled and compassionate.
It was my first and last visit. Very rude and unprofessional. Worst doctor i have seen in my life. "Dr" Saadat didn't want to listen and acted like he was in rush. I think he hates his job. Anyways, I don't recommend this person to anyone. Found another dermatologist and I am so much happier.
He did not even know how to stitch a wound. He removed a mole, and then put in a stitch (maybe two). I moved two days after the procedure, and had to have another doctor remove the stitch. The knot was so tight and small that it slipped under the incision. I had to go to another dermatologist to have it removed, the family clininc I went to could not, and that doctor had to cut back into the incision in order to find the knot and remove the stitch. Completely unnecessary and painful.
Not trustworthy: he does not give post-op care instructions which resulted in an infection, performs unnecessary more expensive and intrusive deep cut (punch) biopsies which he processes himself in the office but charges more $$ through his own company at a different address, does not inform a patient when cancer is found by a biopsy, e.t.c.
I have followed Dr. Saadat from Keck Medical School at USC school of medicine. The reason that I followed him was because of his manners and patients since I have had psoriasis since birth and my adult life. He has and now keeping me in a clear condition.
Not trustworthy.
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