Dr Niska is an excellent physician, He throughly explained my options and answered all my questions and concerns. His manner was reassuring and comforting.
All of my experiences with Dr. Schamblin and his staff have been positive. I have total trust in Dr. Schamblin and his team and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to friends and family.
Dr. Schopler & his staff were very professional, very courteous, from A to Z would recommend 100 percent! Thank you!
I was recommended to Dr. Snyder's practice by my usual orthopedic surgeon,for the arthroscopic shoulder surgery that I had been seeking. In comparing notes with my oral surgery, fishing buddy, it turned out that he himself had undergone shoulder surgery by arthroscopic means several years ago by Dr. Snyder. I have been absolutely thrilled at the level of care provided by Dr. Snyder and his whole team! As a periodontal health care provider, I have been provided a great example to follow.
He, his phyiscians assistant and staff have truly been very helpful every step of the way. Would highly recommend them.
Dr. Schamblin was great. He doesn't rush you out for your appointments. He takes his time and fully explains everything and answers all your questions.
Have had a good experience with Dr. Shamblin and his capable PA, Lesley Lucero. Thankful that my shoulder surgery was kept local and it was not necessary to travel out of Bakersfield. I:will recommend this good doctor to others.
Very caring and knowledgeable professional
If you ever need an epidural, Dr. Molnar is the man for the job! He did a facet block injection in 2012 and my pain went from an 11 to a 1 and hasn't come back since! I went in for a low back epidural last week for left side sciatica and it's been 98% resolved since the injection! Go see him!
Dr. Scrambling was very clear about what was wrong with my shoulder, what it would take to repair it, and what to expect. While being thoroughly professional,he also has a very friendly enjoyable relationship with me as a patient. He has a very positive encouraging demeanor when going over the time and commitment that a serious rotator cuff surgery and rehab will entail. I have been thrilled with the surgery results at this time. I had very little pain or swelling and no scarring.
Comes off gruff at first, but once you get used to his way he is great.
The only thing I had concern with was the doctors reluctance to prescrI've Percoset for pain when that seemed the only Med that worked.... everything is fun be now, I just have to work though the pain....
I've already referred him to 2 other people. Very Very likely. A great experience overall!!
He is patient, thorough, and efficient. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends.
After being in a severe car accident with major injuries. I feel the neck and back surgery I received, I feel Dr. Shopler has done a great job. Thank You D. Cano
dr. Molnar and staff have been very careful about good follow up procedure. I'm very satisfied with the service.
I believe I made the best choice when I decided to have Dr Schamblin do my procedure .. After I met with him I had all the confidence in the world that I made the right choice ... love all his staff and the online. Loop was the best . All went smooth and just a few weeks more and I'll be great again . Amen !
After suffering a neck injury from an accident, my condition was getting increasingly worse. I received a referral to Dr. Schopler, who was able to explain everything that was happening and why I had so much pain so we tried various treatments to help me. Dr. Schopler recently completed a multi level diskectomy and within 2 weeks, the horrible pain I had for the last 6 months was gone!! This might not be the answer for everyone, but he was a miracle worker for me. THANK YOU Dr. Schopler!!!
Great doctor, very professional and easy to communicate with. Treats you like family.
He is the "go to" doctor for rotator cuff surgery! I live in the Santa Monica / Marina Del Rey area with many choices for excellent orthopedic specialists who are affiliated with Cedars Sinai and UCLA, but I still chose to travel to the San Fernando Valley to be treated by Dr. Snyder. He operated on my other shoulder three years ago.
Truly the greatest shoulder surgeon that I could imagine. Took time to walk me through it all I spoke with 3 other surgeons and chose Dr. Snyder. He's simply brilliant!
Dr Molnar is attentive and solution oriented. I have had issues with other doctors at SCOI being difficult to contact or communicate with but he has been better in this area.
Dr Schamblin didn't rush through my appointment, he encourages questions, explains in detail and is compassionate. I've already recommended him to two friends needing knee interventions.
Dr. Schamblin was amazing! He told me exactly what he was going to do prior to the surgery and that was what he did. Very quick and recovery has been great! You can barely even tell I had anything done to my knee.
Very supportive..took time to try other options prior to having surgery. Dr. Schamblin is a fantastic Doctor and a very down to earth guy that is easy to get along with
I tore my rotator cuff in a skiing accident. I knew that I would need surgery to repair it. I am a Registered Nurse and have worked in I.C.U. for 40 years. I was not going to let just anyone work on my shoulder. I did my research and decided that Dr. Snyder was my man for the job. I could not be happier. The surgery went well. Before the surgery, my shoulder ached all the time. Since the surgery, I have no pain! I LOVE this man!!
i had a great experience with Dr. Schamblin. He thoroughly explained my diagnosis and recommended the best treatment to me. Every aspect of my surgery was planned out by his excellent staff. The surgery went well and recovery was fast with little to no pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Schamblin.
Very caring and very detailed on what is expected, and always felt like i was in good hands and never once had doubts .. I would recommend Dr Snyder to anybody needing shoulder surgery..
Top notch care team. I could not have asked for a better experience. Recommend them without reservation.
If I can leave 0 stars I would. We brought our 5 yr old daughter in because she walks on her tippy toes. My daughter was scared and dr mckeever was the most unprofessional dr I've ever dealt with. She was extremely rude! She would cut us off, talk down to our 5 yr old daughter, it took everything in me not to lose my mind on her. I will not ever recommend or will be going back to her. I will be looking for another pediatric ortho and I don't care if I have to drive a few hours to get there.
Dr Snyder is indeed everything I had read about him; i was very nervous of course as I went to meet him and take his view of my shoulder MIR. He answered all my questions plus explained in detail what he would do. I was very impressed and I left at peace. A week after surgery I received daily emails enquiring of my progress etc. And giving me a chance to ask questions if needed. The whole experience is great.
Dr. Molnar is excellent in his diagnosis and treatment and accordingly is very ch in demand. he particularly searches out all alternatives to surgery including unorthodox, new approaches. I have reccomended him to others all of whom like him. Only downside is that when you have your appointment you may have to wait for a while.
Very caring. Great recommendations!!
Dr. Schopler was efficient, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I felt as though he was the right person to perform my surgery and he kept my skeptical mind at ease. The surgery all went smoothly, and he kept in touch with me to make sure that the recovery was going well. All in all, I had an excellent experience with him and would recommend him to anyone who is having cervical / neck problems.
Dr. Molner pinpointed my back problem. He was conservative with medication and then told me an Epidural most likely would help this problem. I had the Epidural and it was successful. His Staff- (PA and Nurses and assistants) were professional and friendly. My calls were returned. Very good experience.
I presented with a severely torn rotator cuff. After Dr. Simic repaired it, he explained and monitored my rehabilitation beyond my expectations. By following his advice and adhering to the schedule he outlined, my healing is complete. Besides being an excellent surgeon, he is caring and he listens to his patient's concerns. He makes sure his diagnosis and treatment plan is understood and encourages dialog to ease patient concerns and fears. I would give him a ten-star rating if possible.
My father has had both of his shoulders worked on by Dr. Snyder in the past...as soon as I knew that I had an injured shoulder that needed surgical repair, going to Dr. Synder was a no-brainer. He is the best at what he does. I felt very comfortable and confident in his care. I would recommend Dr. Snyder to everyone in need of shoulder surgery.
He was very personable and nice. He did everything he said he was going to do and explains every single thing to you. Very good!
Amazing doctor and staff. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
From the first meeting through the post-op I felt assured I was in the right hands. The staff was very courteous and attentive. After the surgery I posted a question on the loop and received a call within the hour. I would recommend Dr. Schopler to anyone.
Had a great experience with Dr Niska and staff at SCOI. I was very comfortable with his discussion of my diagnosis and felt it was specific to my needs .
I feel he is competent and caring and responsive!!!!!!!!
A few years ago, I was a referred to Dr. Snyder by an orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed that I needed reconstructive surgery for my chest and shoulder. I was told that I would never play catch with my son again. I was in excruciating pain and needed help. Dr. Snyder, however, recognized that I did not need surgery. I had a massive calcification in my shoulder, which Dr. Snyder treated in a single office visit. Now, I pitch batting practice to my Little League team twice a week with ZERO pain.
The level of care and compassion Dr. Molnar provides is superb! His knowledge and experience enable him to offer a range of treatment options that are practical. His PA is equally knowledgeable, so I have always received excellent and rhorough care.
Very satisfied with my surgery. Friendly staff and I liked the daily check-ins. Doc is a great surgeon.
My experience with Dr. Molnar and the entire staff has been awesome. They all take the time to make you feel comfortable, answer any questions and explain things thoroughly. My procedure went perfect.
Dr. Niska M.D. is a very nice and I felt with him just complete confidence he listens to what is bothering you. Most Dr.s listen to you less than30 seconds. But most of all his team when I had a small surgery were so nice and I have to say that I am impressed. I definitely walk away with happiness. Definitely a great experience and I give him a5 star rating!
The best Doctor and PA and staff, my son and daughter have been here also just the best experience highly recommended
my name is anthony rowan im a former patient of dr. mouridian,md i had a two level fusion on my lower spine in 2007 its now 2017 and im doing just fine thank you dr. mouridian.
For 8 weeks I have been struggling with a herniated disc in my neck that has been pressing up against my spinal cord and causing real difficulties with radiating pain and use of my right arm. I went without sleep for those 8 weeks. Which put unbelievable stress on myself and my family. I tried every avenue of therapy before finally connecting with Dr. Molnar. He assisted me with a epidural in my neck that gave me a new hope on life. The Dr. and his team at SCOI were phenomenal.
I have a ton of respect for Dr Schamblin and my expectations have been totally met with regard to the surgery and outcomes. I appreciate the staff and have been treated with respect and caring attention. If I had any criticism it would be the length of time it took to get in after my injury and then getting surgery scheduled. In fairness tho it was the holiday season and might account for the lag time.
he is extraordinarily clear, patient, well organized and kind. physicians say he the best. he is also conservative.
Dr. Schamblin and his entire staff are great. Dr. Schamblin came highly recommended and after my dealings with him I would recommend him with no hesitation. I was mostly concerned about the skill of my surgeon. To find when who is very skilled but is also pleasant and caring makes it even better.
Dr Schamblin is such an awesome doctor. I've had him since high school and he's always there for his patients. He does quality work and loves his job!
I have been seeing Dr. Molnar for several years for various ailments - knees, elbow and back. He's very knowledgeable, professional and does everything possible to alleviate my pain without surgery. I highly recommend him!
I was extremely pleased with Dr. Molnar's expertise and the efficiency of staying in touch and also following up with me to see how I was doing. I give him an A+
The best doctor I've ever been to Had four levels fused in my neck in two surgeries back in 2006 and 2009, and everything is good today.
Very unhappy with my Dr. Spelts. I went to see him to have osteopathic manipulation treatment, and was told that he doesn't actually do that because they don't have time for that type of work with current insurance issues. All I received from seeking out his care was a referral to overpriced physical therapy and a SIX HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL. I can't even begin to tell you how angry and upset this makes me. I sat in his office, unable to move my neck and he offered no tools to help me get better.
Dr. Molnar is great. He is compassionate, explains things and is quick and efficient. His staff and the facility as well as nursing staff are great!!
Very personable and knowledgeable!
Dr. Schamblin is a true professional with a knack for this discipline. My experience was amazing, and so was my recovery. I attribute my painless recovery to Dr. Schamblin's high level of expertise. I know three other people that he has operated on and their experience was similar. You couldn't make a better choice than Dr. Schamblin. FYI - I had a torn meniscus.
Very good to work with. Personable and professional.
He was very helpful answering all my questions...he went over my photos with me and took the time to explain them
He and Leslie have been very informative with my orecedure and answered every question I have had. His extend ended staff has been excellent as well, with all the paperwork and appts. scheduling around my schedule.
Dr. Snyder is the ultimate professional. He is compassionate and considerate, as well as being well-informed regarding the most recent technical advancements in his field (shoulders). My wait times have been minimal and his communication (via Healthloop, a web-based tool) has been consistent and helpful.
Dr. Molnar is great. Attention to detail and me as a person. Answers all questions in detail. His staff is very much as personable and helpful, informative and great communicators.
I had a great experience with Dr. Scramblin. He put my clavicle back together after a mountain bike accident then removed a piece of meniscus. He was very thorough in explaining both procedures.
They really have it together. I always felt safe and results have been top notch!!
Dr. Snyder was a consummate professional from my initial diagnosis through surgery and rehabilitation. he carefully explained the process, procedure and what to expect. Equally, his staff has shown a great deal of care and interest in my questions and recovery. Surgically, I'm told he is one of the best and most experienced in this type of shoulder procedure which made me feel confident and secure.
Dr Schamblin met and exceeded my expectations. I would hope that you would not need his services but if you are in need i highly recommend Dr. Schamblin.
I trust Dr. Snyder. I went to him about 10 years ago with similar conditions, but he said it did not require surgery, it healed naturally several months later. This time was different, it required surgery to repair my shoulder, rotator cuff tear, bicep tendon tear, bone spur, etc. I had only slight pain the first 24 hours, then none. Others I've talked to said they had lots of pain. Of course their surgery may have been more complicated then mine, but I'm very pleased with Dr. Snyder.
Dr. Schamblin and the other staff made me feel very at ease and I was confident in rheir care. This was a very good experience.
Due to neck pain, I was scheduled to have my first epidural with Dr. Molnar. From the minute you walk in you feel comfortable. Dr Molnar and his staff are amazing. Very caring and friendly. Throughout my entire procedure (from prep to discharge), his staff was always around to answer questions and alleviate any concerns. Dr Molnar let me know what was going to happen and answered all my questions prior to the procedure. I would highly recommend Dr Molnar and his staff at the Conejo Surgical Cen.
THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT THE MONEY! I was seeing DR. MOLNAR every month for about a year and half on a workers comp case. Setup by the insurance company of course. Not even one visit in over a year and half did I get any indication that DR MOLNAR cared about me as a patient at all. In fact it was the opposite. When I first went in with my MRI it showed a bulging disk (nerve test also showed nerve damage). I told him I had a herniated disk in the sa
Dr. Moldawer missed the boat with me. I gave him my long history of lower-back pain and leg numbness—plus a recent MRI and EMG—but he was clueless about how to fix my pain. He tried an epidural injection at L5, which didn't work, and then another at L4. That didn't work, either. After the second injection, I contacted his office twice to discuss the results, but he didn't have the courtesy or professionalism to call me back. Fortunately, I found another doctor, who's terrific.
Dr. Shamblin was reassuring and extremely knowledgeable about what was going on with my shoulder. He made me feel like I was in good hands going into the surgery and the follow up care is beyond my expectations! His team is amazing and they work well together! I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Shamblim for any type of shoulder surgery!!
This was my second surgery with Dr. Snyder - his knowledge & experience is apparent in consultations & office visits, pre and post surgery. Dr. Snyder has a terrific "bedside manner" and communicates information in easy to understand manner.
I have a lumbar problem and was in great pain. Dr. Molnar has demonstrated a conservative approach to treatment that I trust. He administered an epidural without any pain or complications and it has been very helpful. His staff is exceptionally respectful, cheerful, reassuring and efficient.
Dr. Molnar is extremely thorough and caring. He explains everything in simple detail and I believe he has a lot of integrity. He only recommends what is best for the patient, not what is best for the doctor. His staff is first rate.
Dr. Snyder is an outstanding orthopedic surgeon. He is a calm, kind, compassionate, and gentle man who goes out of his way to make the patient comfortable. He is always available to his patients, has developed educational videos to prepare patients and stays in contact with them daily post-op. He makes his patients feel confident and safe. His experience and expertise are of the highest quality. The staff is pleasant and professional as well. I recommend Dr. Snyder without any reservations.
Both Dr. Schamblin and his staff are extremely professional and personable. They speak in easy to understand terms. I am so pleased that my doctor's office referred me to SCOI and Dr. Schamblin.
Dr. Molnar and his entire staff were fantastic! I felt like I was in good hands the whole time.
Dr. Snyder is an incredible physician. He is kind and compassionate, attentive, understanding, and thoughtful. He takes the time to really explain what is going on and what he plans. I only wish I had found him before my first shoulder surgery!
Dr Schopler did a great job removing the bone spurs on my spine that has given me problems for years. His PA, Ms Fish is fantastic explaining what you need to know. GREAT about making sure you get the medicine that works.
My wife is in health care, and is well connected to other nurses. She gave Dr. Snyder a huge thumbs up for my rotater cuff surgery. He is easy to talk to, his sense of humor matches the situation, and he listens to my concerns.
I am new to CA so picking a doctor was difficult. Dr. Snyder was the very best decision I could have made. Surgery went very well and although my shoulder was in horrible shape, somehow he managed to complete this procedure and I have not had any pain that I would consider uncomfortable! I am very impressed considering this is my third shoulder procedure, worst condition before a procedure, and easiest to deal with after. Thank you so much Dr. Snyder!!!
Was involved in a traffic accident. Insurance sent me in to see Dr. Schopler. He first looked at the MRI of my back and neck & asked if I hired a lawyer. I said YES. He said YOU DON'T NEED SURGERY & walked out. I was in pain but happy that I didn't need an operation. Pain was getting worse & worse. 3 months later I was taken to the hospital where they did emergency back surgery due to the fact that my spinal cord was damaged to the point that I was almost paralyzed. A neck surgery followed.
Over many years, Dr. Snyder successfully operated on & fully restored my very athletic family's shoulders: husband's, 2 sons' ... and now mine! Dr. Snyder is extremely experienced, professional, kind & has a very supportive staff with educational & helpful information pre & post surgery. A+ Just remember to follow all instructions & do your disciplined best for an optimal outcome. :)
Very professional and knowledgable. He made the experience easier. Z
I have been going to Dr. Molnar for many years. I like his avoiding surgery approach. He is very thorough and explains everything to my satisfaction. I have recommended him to many of my friends.
They are informative and friendly
Had a second fusion done at SCOI. First one was done by Dr.Grossman. Dr.Schopler explained my issues and offered his solutions. Everything went according to plan. Surgery is not a perfect science. I see people all over the Internet complaining about the procedures, the recovery, pain, etc. The desire to get better and recover is the responsibility of the patient. Following instructions and using available resources is a must. I would recommend Dr.Schopler and SCOI.
The surgery went very smooth and the experience was pleasant.
Very professional and knoledgeble, all projections are as he explains. Every question has an answer .
My experience with Dr. Schopler was absolutely awful. I wouldn't recommend him at all. He was very inconsiderate about my pain. When he gave me an epidural he hit my dura causing a spinal leak. With that i ended up in excrusiating pain & admitted into Memorial hospital. There I got a MRI, he said he was unable to see the leak. I had 100% of the symptoms. (He practiacally told me I was faking it) They gave me a blood patch at SCOI & it only held for a few days. I ended up getting a second opinion
I have had a marvelous experience with Dr. Simic providing care for broken wrist and shoulder rotator cuff and tendons, which has taken several months for recovery. He has seen me for each appointment and went beyond being attentive to my recovery. I am 100+% satisfied with the excellence of the staff who completes Dr. Simic's work at SCOI. He gets 5 stars from my experience. Elnora L. Hall
Real good honest
Miss Trunchbull - My son was a first time patient, we brought a disc of my sons X-rays from a hospital that was taken the day before and the dr could not open the files. She came into the room in a huff, stated the files couldn't be open and that he needed to go next door to get X-rays. I asked if the hospital could send them over and she barked it would take too long. She was rude, unkind, and only introduced herself after I asked her if she was frustrated since she treated us so unkind.
I highly recommend Dr. Spelts. He is very thorough, knowledgable, and takes the time to explain your condition and treatment and ensures your understanding of both. He also takes the time to answer your questions and concerns. Outstanding experience !
Avoid this dr, especially if it's for your child. I overlooked her insensitivity and bedside manner thinking my child was in good medical hands. I was wrong. Due to her neglectful care , my child was left with a deformed bone next to the broken bone she was treating. She was vague, insensitive, and she's very lucky we found another Dr, Dr. Wiss, who was able to repair the permanent damage she seemed unconcerned about. The medical neglect my child received with her is too much to list .
Dr. McKeever basically is the reason I have no trouble walking or moving my arm. I had two major orthopedic injuries within five days of each other when I was 13 and she treated me both times based on the recommendation of my GP and a surgeon friend of ours. Dr. McKeever not only treated both breaks (to the point where there has been ZERO alteration in my adult lifestyle), but she also went above and beyond what most surgeons would do. I would recommend her to anyone with a child.
Always an hour late since I been seeing him and Daelia Parks. I just don't understand.
Dr. Hamilton and his team are just amazing and I would recommend them to anyone needing this type of surgery
Dr Hamilton,is very professional and takes time to explain procedure and what to expect after the procedure, I am feeling better and look forward to getting back to work.will recommend Dr.Hamilton to friends and family.
Great experience! Very caring doctor and team.
Dr. Hernandez is very professional. He described all phases of the procedure. There where no surprises. His team is first rate from the nurses to physical therapy.
Not likely to recommend Dr. Blecher
He was excellent and did a very good job . Kept up with my healing process everyday I was blessed to have him.
Dr. Karzel is very thorough in his assessment and explained each step and my options. I'm only 2 weeks out from surgery and doing much better than I was expecting by this time. I would be happy to recommend him and his staff to anyone in need of shoulder surgery.
Dr Hamilton performed a knee replacement for me. The entire process was painless and I was up walking the same day. I was amazed and would highly recommend Dr Hamilton to anyone needing Orthopedic care. Dr. Hamilton and his entire team were awesome!
Dr. Castaneda and her Assistant were both fantastic and easy to work with. I really appreciated the daily follow up via the website.
Dr. Hamilton performed my rotator cuff repair 5 years ago and my left knee replacement recently. Dr. Hamilton is professional, yet personable. He answered all questions clearly and honestly. His entire team is efficient and professional.
Dr Castaneda is the best doctor I ever had in 63 years. She spends unlimited time answering your questions and leaves you with no guessing what will be done regarding surgery. She has excellent bed-side manors and is always checking in on her patients as to how they are doing. She has a patient portal that checks in everyday after surgery with appropriate questions to be sure you are healing normally and not having any issues or problems. Her accolades are impeccable. Assistant Nichole is great
I had two hip scopes done and I couldn't be happier. I was nervous the first time since I didn't know what to expect but I had little pain during recovery and was immediately able to use my right leg for my daily activities. I did the left side next and it turned out to have extensive damage. I needed an anchor. My recovery was remarkably fast. I feel so lucky that I was able to have these procedures done by Dr. Guanche and his team. I had been living with so much pain and now it's gone.
I've had a great experience with Dr. Guanche. He and his staff have always been very professional. The aftercare is great and make you feel confident of your progress. Always there to help or answer any questions
Just leaves the room in a rush without saying if we are done or not. Gets mad if I ask a question. I would definitely not go to her nor recommend her to anyone. Made me get some test done and said she'll call with the results. NEVER called and made come in and pay extra just so she can tell me I didn't need to come in and getting mad when I asked about the results of my test. Worse experience ever at SCOI.
Very satisfied with the out-come of the shoulder surgery everyone is very helpful and informative.
I broke my wrist really bad and got an appointment with him that same day in the afternoon. He explained to me the x-rays that were done to my wrist and how minimal the surgery would be. Got it done the next day and you can't even tell I have a scar or nothing. 5 years later no pain free and have not had any problems. Excellent doctors, one of the best in SCOI!
Dr. Karzel is an excellent surgeon and just as important, he truly cares. He has always taken the time to explain, in terms I could understand, what is going on within my body and what my options are for addressing the problem. I highly recommend him to anyone suffering with an orthopedic type injury.
I feel very confident having Dr Hernandez as my knee replacement doctor. His computer aided surgery approach gives me high confidence that I will be able to return to my active lifestyle feeling better than ever!
Dr. Karzel rates a 10 out of 10 with me. Not only is he, in my opinion, an outstanding surgeon, but he may well be the most caring and personable physician I've ever come across. He makes time for his patients, answers any & all questions one might ask, and wears a smile on his face that validates his indisputable passion for his profession. It's very clear that Dr. Karzel genuinely cares about people. A notable attribute rare among physicians; Dr. Karzel shakes hands firmly like man should
Awesome experience on my hip labrum repair. Super easy , very minimal pain. Love the daily portal for checking in and got very prompt answers. Finally a nagging 9 year issue repaired. DR. Guanche came highly recommended from my back doctor. Very impressed.
I am SO GLAD that Dr. Guanche accepted me as a patient. He and his team were phenomenal. His coordinator Audrey went above and beyond to assist me when my doctors office fell short of delivering needed requirements prior to my surgery. I have completed my labral hip repair surgery with little to no pain and little to no swelling. Was up and mobile after 48 hours. Driving in a week and a half. Able to go up and down stairs with crutches and slept comfortably. Healed very quickly and very well!
This. Was my second total knee replacement and I had no concerns or worries about the procedure. I had extreme confidence in Dr Hernandez..
Dr. Guanche explains exactly what will occur. He and his staff are friendly and provide a relaxing feeling the pre operation steps and post operative stage. Highly recommended.
Dr. Castaneda is top notch! She's very professional, personable, and great at what she does. She made sure I was ready for my surgery and made me completely confident in her and the procedure.
I am so happy that I finally found Dr. Castaneda! I just wish I could have found her a long time ago! I immediately knew I happened to find one of the best Doctors around with exemplary recommendations and the nurses confirming her remarkable skills! Loved her staff!
Dr. Jaivin not only has a great bedside manner but he explains everything thoroughly and really cares about his patients! He explained what would happen during surgery and answered all questions. He even called the morning after to check in and see how I was doing. I would strongly recommend him to anyone!
First, Dr Guanche is a great guy! He really cared about me and my treatment. He took the time to answer all of my questions before and after my surgery and the procedure went perfectly. I am moving better and I less pain only week after surgery and getting better every day. I only have good things to saw about Dr Guanche and his practice.
Not only is Dr. Jaivin one of the best doctors I've ever visited, but the whole staff at SCOI is excellent. Everybody is smart, efficient, and prompt. The doctor explained everything is detail before, during, and after my surgery. The staff was totally accessible for follow up questions and concerns. I wish there were more than 5 stars available for this review.
This office and team are very professional and compassionate to my condition. I wouldn't have wanted to be treated at any other facility.
The pain I was experiencing prior to my surgery far outweighed the pain after my surgery, I would do it again in a heartbeat
He was an excellent surgeon. He debrided my son's tfcc after he was having pain a year after breaking it. Dr. Erfanian was very professional and knew what he was doing. He discuss different options for you condition and what will be best for you.
Very thorough and answers every question in depth so the patient can understand everything
Dr Hernandez took the time to explain the entire process and answered all my questions with confidence. He is easy going and takes your concerns serious.
Dr. Karzel and the entire SCOI team operate like a well-oiled machine. So glad I chose them for my shoulder surgery!
This is been the absolute best surgical experience I have ever had in my lifetime. Dr Karzel and his supporting staff have been amazing. I was kept informed of what to expect thru health loop and the daily emails from him were extremely helpful. I highly recommend him and his staff if you need surgery.
I have already begun to talk to frends and acquaintences about how helpful he has been in my care .
Dr. Hernandez is an amazing surgeon with an impressive background. I am one of his younger patients that has hip dysplasia. I needed 2 anterior hip replacements and I was extremely nervous. However, Dr. Hernandez spent an hour in my consultation answering all of my questions. His amiable calm bedside manner truly put my mind at ease. Now that both surgeries are complete, I can be active with my kids again without pain! I am so thankful to have found such a competent skilled surgeon!
Dr. Karzel is an excellent orthopedic doctor. This was my 3rd knee surgery performed by Dr. Karzel. 1st surgery was for ACL replacement with my patella tendon and second 2 surgeries were for menis custom tear repairs. Dr. Karzel explaains all procedures and available treatments completely and has an extremely friendly personality. I Highly recommend Dr. Karzel!
Dr. Hernandez and his staff have taking care of me and my concerns from day one. I had a total right knee replacement surgery in July of 2017. After speaking with Dr. Hernandez about the procedure, I knew I was in good hands and had nothing to worry about. Dr. Hernandez is an excellent surgeon and is genuinely looking out for the best interests of his patients. Thanks again Dr. Hernandez, his office staff and surgical team.
Dr. Hernandez is the best. He is compassionate and explains everything. He is well known by the staff at Northridge Hospital where his patients get outstanding care. He really seems to enjoy his work which he has perfected by performing so many, especially hip and knee replacements. His staff are caring while taking time to support each patient with their individual needs.
Amazing experience. Surgery was over quickly. I went under about 9:00am and was awake with a new shoulder by 10:15am. Healing has gone smoothly. Minimal pain. Two weeks after surgery scar is pain free and already fading. Arm is becoming more usable daily.
Found something on my MRI that stay Dr didn't find. I. Felt better after 2 days post up
Dr Karzel and his staff eased all my concerns. Dealing with the constant nightmare bureaucracy of workers compensation makes you appreciate the top notch care I received from Dr. Karzel and his staff. As far as surgery, I questioned whether or not I had a procedure done because I didn't have any pain. Is that even possible? It was with Dr. Karzel. I feel so privileged to have had him work on me. Thank you!!!!
My experience with Dr. Guance and SCOI has been very positive. He is an extremely skilled surgeon and has a very encouraging and pleasant personality. The patient portal online is a fantastic way to ask questions and get immediate answers. I never felt rushed or ignored and I feel like I continue to be in good hands.
Excelkent caring Doctor andstaff! Referred to this office by a worker comp. physical therapist. Will be the one I continue seeing to take care of my knees long after this is over.
What a professional - he just reconstructed my ACL and it went so much better than I had anticipated. There isn't any pain and everything is healing nicely and mobility is progressively rebuilding. He did an excellent job and has an impressively long resume of these surgeries under his belt. I couldn't recommend more highly!
Dr Hamilton and his staff have been great through this procedure. I would 100% recommend him to anyone needing his expertise.
Nothing but great words for Dr Hamilton and his staff. I will recommend Him and his staff to everyone I know.
If I ever have surgery again, I will definitely go with Dr. K. His team is amazing! They were very professional, caring, and always ready to help with any little thing. Also, I loved the patient resources online. Thanks Dr. K. :)
I have already recommended him to a few of my family and friends...
Dr. Hernandez seems quiet but always thinking about you the patient, and your medical needs. I think he sees each patient as an individual and approaches their care individually.
I've had two hip replacements, both performed by Dr. Hernandez and I highly recommend him. His staff and the surgical team were excellent.
If this site had a million stars that's would I would have rated Dr Hernandez and his team. After 5 knee surgeries, 7 years later from doctors NOT affiliated with SCOI - I found Dr Hernandez and I am soooo optimistic about my future , my knee is bending and functioning the best it has in 7 years & 5 surgeries later. Me & my family are so thankful for Dr Hernandez & his Team.
Dr. Hamilton just performed my second TKR. I am two weeks post-op today and everything is going as expected. I am extremely pleased with the results of both operations to date. Dr. Hamilton and his team are very professional and competent. He is very open, answers all of your questions and makes you part of the process. I highly recommend Dr. Hamilton.
Dr. Guanche is amazing! Not only is he a great surgeon, but he is also very personable and kind! He definitely makes you feel very comfortable in a stressful situation (surgery). He did arthroscopic labral repairs on both of my hips. I highly recommend him to anyone having hip issues!
I've been a patient at Dr Guanche's office for about 5 years and I have always felt like I was in good hands. He has always been honest and clear about my conditions and spot on with treatment. I recently had sugery and particularly liked the HealthLoop App that allows patients to stay connected with their doctor and the whole team immediately after surgery and through the next two weeks. It was cool to get a reminder from the app to check in & ask questions about the recovery process
Dr.Hamilton is an excellent doctor. He took the time to talk to me and answer any questions that I had over the course of my treatment. His PA Dr Brennan did an awesome job as well. Both were very professional and caring at the same time. The surgery I had left me with minimal swelling. Checked in every day via email and if I had any questions they got back to me right away. I have already recommended his services to others as well. I would definitely see his office if I need further assistance
I'm just shy of 2 weeks since my total hip replacement. Only slight pain I have right now is mostly due to some swelling and that I happen to have a back problem. The hip though is feeling quite good. The entire staf from Mr. Phan to all the staff on the 4th floor of COSI are fantastic. I felt comfortable throughout the entire procedure . The daily communication with the healthloop app is wonderful and the visiting nurse and therapist has been a positive. I picked the right doctor!
Dr. Hamilton has been a great orthopedic doctor that has given me the ability to stay active after several injuries.
Dr. Jonathan Jaivin is expert in his field. I chose him because he is personable , authentic and caring. He did a great job on my foot. He is funny too!
Saw Dr. Auerbach last August for my broken elbow. He was very nice and put me at ease. He even used humor during our visit and was genuine in his concern for what happened to me. I felt so comfortable with him that I asked him about a ganglion cyst on my wrist. He suggested surgery. I had to postpone for several months but when I emailed the scheduling nurse, I got an immediate response and just had my surgery yesterday. No forgetting me in the shuffle. They are prompt and professional.
Dr. Hamilton and his staff were friendly, professional and very informative. My knee surgery went very well and my meniscus tear is healing as informed it would with minimal scarring. The office allowed me to check in every morning for the 1st couple of weeks and recommended exercises to speed up the healing process and for me to ask questions at any time with same day feedback. I would definitely recommend Dr. Hamilton for any of your surgical needs.
I had a hip replacement 2 weeks ago. Anterior approach (only way to go in my opinion). Same day surgery! Results are better than I had even hoped. I have had NO hip *joint* pain since the surgery. There was pain from the incision (surgical cut), and still is some pain from pulling on the muscles and soft tissue, but the joint moves beautifully and without any pain. I've needed almost no narcotics during recovery. 1/2 tab percocet at bedtime; maybe before PT. I am going back to work in 2 day
Dr gauanche and all the scoi staff are friendly and the best in the industry. If you want your surgery to be done by the best then go to scoi.
One of if not the best doctors I have encountered throughout my life. Professional, caring, intelligent, and do much more.
I had been with another doctor through one surgery all ready, but I was beginning to feel crazy because I still had the same pain I had before the surgery and he wasn't finding the source. ONE TRIP to Dr. Guanche and he figured out exactly what was wrong and it explained every single one of the symptoms I was having. I about cried with joy that there really was a reason for my pain all this time. I highly recommend him and his team.
I have been pleasantly surprised dealing with this medical group as well as Dr Erfanian. The efficiency and kindness is outstanding. Dr Efranian explained my surgery, showed me my X-ray and have total confidence in him. I also feel Tracey his PA was a great part of the team.
Dr Karzel is amazing. Everything from start to finish went exactly as discussed. I had no surprises at all. All the staff was amazing as well. I highly recommend Dr Karzel.
Better than surgery! Dr. Blecher is an expert on non-invasive treatments. Has given me Orthovisc injections in my knees. So far so good.
Dr. Jaivin repaired my right Achilles' tendon in late May 2017. Dr. Jaivin and his assistant Yojana have been exceptional in both the performance of their respective jobs, but in the way they have treated both me and my family. My leg is healing ahead of schedule and I am extremely grateful for the care, attention to detail, and proficiency of Dr. Jaivin and his staff. The pre-surgery, surgery, post-operation, and follow up care run like a well-oiled machine. Highly recommended!
I went to Dr. Karzel for a injury to my shoulder. He is very informative and explains treatment options. He spends time with you and answers any questions. He performed shoulder arthoscopy surgery and repaired a torn rotator cuff. Dr. Karzel explained exactly what he was going to do and I never felt like he was rushing thru the exam to get to the next patient. My surgery went well and I am on the road to recovery. I would highly recommend Dr Karzel.
Everything that Dr Karzel told me what would happen happened. so I was very well informed there were no surprises and I would happily recommend him to anyone
I'm 59 years old and feel like a new man after a THR of my left hip. Dr. Hernandez, his staff, and the staff at Northridge hospital were amazing and were on top of every aspect and detail of the surgery and recovery process. The extreme pain I had in the hip joint and surrounding area is now gone and I am walking well over a mile each day only 2 weeks after my surgery. I truly couldn't be happier with the outcome, and have nothing but "thank you's" for Dr. Hernandez and his entire team.
Excellent he has done my other knee and that one is so strong now, I am very satisfied
Really has a great ability to converse with and explain procedures to patients! He just is a friendly nice guy, and that goes a long way when you are trusting someone to operate on you!
Knowledgeable and friendly, same goes for his staff, with a special shout out to Audrey. No regrets in choosing him to do my total shoulder replacement.
Dr. LYNCH GREAT SURGEON. He did surgery on my right hand. His all smiles and answered all my questions. Very satisfied and would highly recommend him for that.
Dr. Erfanian was thorough and explained every part of steps needed for repair of my injury. Surgery was needed. He was on time, pleasant, answered all questions before surgery. After surgery, he spent the time to explain what he saw and did. Follow was consistent through email. Questions were answered within the same day.
Dr Guanche was very thorough in looking at my multiple injuries. He has a wonderful bedside manner, made my husband and I feel very comfortable with him. Now that the surgery is complete, I can say that he also does a wonderful job. he took as much time as I needed for him to answer my, and my husbands questions before the surgery. He didn't seem to be in a hurry to get out of the room, or that we were bothering him with all our questions. he has still maintained his kind professionalism
Having had back issues for years before being referred to a specialist, I was glad to get some answers regarding the cause of my condition. Dr Bloze has walked me through the cause and treatment options.
I have had several procedures for my knees. My experiences with these procedures has been just satisfactory or even less than satisfactory. My experience with Dr. Guanche has been very professional and yet he makes it personal when you visit him and his team. I would recommend him very highly as he has made my experience the best it could be. Thank you Dr. Guanche!
Dr. Guanche and his team were very organized, friendly and helpful. My arthroscopic hip surgery went well and my pre-operative pain/symptoms were gone immediately. I did not take any pain medicine after leaving the Surgicenter.
I work for an orthopod here in Visalia, and chose to seek treatment with Dr. Guanche, as I was told he is "the best" for hip issues. Seeking treatment with Dr. Guanche was one of the best decisions I have made. He knew exactly what my problem was within 5 minutes in my exam room. Never have I felt so confident in a provider before. The entire staff was amazing as well! I will recommend him to all of my family and friends.
Dr Karzel is awesome, very nice great facility and his staff is great too. Surgery was very comfortable very little pain, which is expected. Great experience with Dr.
Thank you, Dr. Castaneda for referring me to Vogue Orthotics. Kent fitted me for an UCBL ? orthotic and I am again walking without a limp and ready for adventure travel again, after 18 months of pain and poor balance .
Dr. Gazmarian is an excellent doctor. I saw him two weeks ago. I had a long list of questions and he took his time in answering them. We went over my x-rays together and he explained what he saw. He encourages you to call him if you have any questions and to let him know how you are feeling. I am very relieved that I have a wonderful orthopedist. I recommend him very highly.
Choosing Dr. Hernandez for my total knee replacement is like hitting a home run, getting a hole-in-one, and an Olympic Gold Medal. When I first met him I spent 3/4 of an hour with questions and answers, and he enthusiastically and with good humor gave excellent responses to all my concerns. His staff is equally good. The surgery went flawlessly, and now in the second week of recovery he and his staff are coaching me well using HealthLoop, for daily communication.
He is an amazing doctor.
I've been coming to Dr. Grossman for 2 years now. Every time I see Dr. Grossman it is hit or miss. Some days he is pleasant & appears to care, and listens to my concerns. But most days I can honestly say I don't think Dr. Grossman gives a rat's behind about me. He is a reputable surgeon, but numerous careless errors have cost me months of time. I've been on S.S Disability for two years awaiting back, shoulder and neck surgeries. He had the audacity today to ask if I could work? REALLY?!
I'm needed to do a revision to my left knee and was very hesitant because it had a very hard time doing it the first time. Dr. Hernandez reassured me all new and better than in early 2000's.in have to agree wow less pain more Mobility faster,I'm going to need my other knee done soon and I'd definitely would have him do it. HE'S VERY CONFIDENT WITH HIS WORK AND RESULTS SHOW HE'S GREAT AT WHAT HE DOES..THANK YOU DR.HERNANDEZ AND TEAM.
Very pleasent manner. Does not rush you in and out, and gives a complete and understandable explanation of the procedure. Has replaced both of my shoulders with a very successful result. He also successfully repaired the shoulders on my nephew and granddaughter. I recommend him to everyone I know that has a problem.
Great! Great surgeon, good with office visits. Speaks to patients and explains everything in easy to understand terms. He also has a wonderful surgical staff who are knowledgeable and friendly to help ease any fear of surgery you may have.
Dr. Guanche is a true professional with a caring bedside manner you'll unfortunately not always find. He's knowledgeable, a great listener, and thorough. Your lucky if he's your doctor! Julie
After a round of rest, PT and a lot of wondering how I was going to get my back to better health, I went and met with Dr. Bloze. I have a herniated L4 L5 that was giving me sciatic conditions in my left leg. In just a few minutes, Dr. Bloze had diagnosed my problem and set me up for an ESI. It's an easy process and, for me, the results have been great - 80 percent of the pain is gone. Do yourself a favor and see her if you're in pain.
excellent doctor, always checking in with you every day.
Dr Hernandez is an amazing surgeon. I had a partial knee replacement and was back to work in 7 days. Pain level was manageable from day two. The follow up process is all via e mail and online - which meant the information provided was constant and they did respond quickly with any questions or concerns. I will schedule my other knee with him as quickly as possible.
My experience with dr karzel has been outstanding! Recommend dr karzel to anyone
Dr. Ferkel is the most honest, generous, kind, professional, doctor I have ever met. I can't say enough wonderful things about this man. I went to him for a second opinion and he told me exactly who I needed for my surgeries. It was if he could read my mind. I liked the surgeon I was seeing. He explained to me that he didn't have the experience I needed for my situation. And he wouldn't do the surgery either. If it wasn't for him I would probably be unable to walk. God bless this man.
Dr Hamilton explains everything thoroughly. I would highly recommend him to family and friends
I have been treated by Dr Jaivin for the last 10 years and he is the best including his staff.
This is my second surgery performed by Dr. Karzel. The first was about 20 months ago on my left shoulder. This one was on the right shoulder. In both cases I had little pain after the first day or so. The left arm is still functioning well and I have had few problems with it. I am right handed,so it hadn't been relied upon until the right shoulder was operated on. I am using it much more right now and am very happy with the results other than a general lack of coordination which has always been
I have been under the care of Dr. Bloze for almost 20 years. I would not go to anyone else if I ever needed Physical Medicine services. She is extremely personable, professional and knowledgable and always sees her patients in a timely manner. I am a physician and always recommend my patient see her when needed. I would encourage you to do the same should you need a physical medicine physician.
Excellent experience from the initial appointment to the last visit after surgery. I recovered from an Achilles tendon rupture faster than I thought based on what my friends and the internet said! I recommend Dr. Jaivin to anyone with a foot problem!
Outstanding professional service every step of the way. Very empressed with the entire experience. Staff was amazing and helpful. Thank you !
Euflexa shots: Dr Blecher always answers all my questions. I have been his patient for several years. I refer my friends to him
The whole team was very nice, and Dr. Gaunche diagnosed the problem right away, and answered all questions unhurriedly.
Dr. Hernandez is a five star specialist. I did my right hip total replacement and after 3 days I was walking without any help. Also, the pain was minimal and took pain medicine for the first 3 days only. The nurses in the operating room were also fantastic. Over all I had a positive experience and in a few months I will do my total knee replacement with the same Dr. Hernandez.
I can't say enough about the amazing experience I had. Dr. Guanche and his team are amazing and my knee surgery and rehabilitation went very smoothly. Dr. Guanche is attentive, personable and truly takes him time to explain every aspect of your diagnosis and treatment. Total ease to schedule appointments and the entire staff is extremely friendly.
Dr. Guanche is professional,thorough, empathetic and is precise on what he needs to do. His team of people who work with him ALL are informed of your situation and are capable of answering any questions. I had peace of mind and reassurance knowing I was in good hands.
Dr. Guanche is my only choice for orthopedic hip, knee and shoulder surgery. I have a lot of joint issues so I've had my right hip, knee, shoulder and left shoulder all repaired by Dr. Guanche in the last 10 years. He and his staff a outstanding. He never suggests surgery first. He always tries PT or maybe a cortisone shot. Only when quality of life is an issue will he discuss surgery. Each pre-op, surgery, post-op and recovery has been perfect.
I have seen a countless amounts of doctors and have had many surgeries and this entire experience is the best experience that I have ever had. Dr. Guanche is truly wonderful. Any questions that you may have are answered immediately (and I had many) and they are answered in a thorough manner. The surgery and the care by far exceeded my expectations. I can't even see where my incisions were. My hip arthroscopy went very well.
Dr Hernandez is fantastic. I flew all the way in from Oregon to have HIM specifically do my total knee replacement, to make sure I got the best :) I am at my two-week mark today and am already walking. He does amazing work (I did my research!) and I am now another living testament to his brilliance. I am so grateful I found him. I highly recommend him to anyone needing knee replacement surgery!
Thank you Dr Hernandez. Last year the VA replacement my right hip and I have had nothing but pain since, a year later I am still receiving from that surgery. You just did my left hip not even two weeks ago and I feel my left hip is way ahead of my right. Post surgery pain was so much less this time, have only taken 3 Norco after coming home, last time it would have been 20x this amount. To anyone reading this and thinking about a hip replacement, GO TO DR HERNANDEZ. Thank You So Much, Mike
In my opinion, Dr Hernandez is the best hip surgeon around. Being the best, he of course is busy, but I would be a bit concerned if my surgeon was wide open and available at all times as that could be an indication that he isn't in demand.
Dr. Guanche is great. Very experienced and knowledgeable in his field and kind and patient with his patients.
I'm 15 yrs old and needed hip surgery for FAI and labral tear due to a sports injury. We knew about Dr Guanche because 7 years ago he successfully repaired both my mom's hips as well as my aunts hip from FAI and labral tears as well. Dr Guanche was great to work with. He made me feel comfortable, and he gave me confidence that I would be able to play sports again. I woke up from surgery feeling good, and have been recovering really quickly. Thank you Dr Guanche!
Dr. Lynch was the only doctor out of four that found a broken bone in my hand . It only took eight years and three cortezone shots later to find Dr. Lynch and repair my broken bone . He is very easy to talk to and explains everything to you in detail . I highly recommend him !!
I have been seeing Dr Grossman since March 2016 and every visit he is very friendly and encouraging. I never feel like a just a number but more like a member of the family.
Dr Hernandez and his entire staff are phenomenal. I have never experienced a medical team so caring and kind. The daily e-mails with instructions - the ability to ask questions puts me at ease knowing I dont have to wait hours for a response. I look forward to my next hip surgery and a new life without chronic pain. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Just had my second hip surgery by Dr Guanche. He is great. Very kind and personable. Amazing at what he does
I only saw Dr. Guanche a couple times but he made me feel very comfortable and easily answered all my questions.
I have chosen to travel 4 hours to see Dr. Guanche because I knew that he was a great surgeon and my previous experience with him and his team was very good. He has done everything he can to accommodate the distance and still provide me me with great care. I have quick and easy access to him and his team and they are very good about responding. I will choose him as my surgeon again should the need arise!
Very comprehensive on his exams. He spends a lot of time with you. Answers all your questions. Very personable. I would definitely go back to him.
I was totally satisfied with my experience with Dr Hamilton and office staff.
I was very happy to find Dr.Guanche, I find it extremely helpful that he speaks my language...he is very caring and explains everything in a way you understand and feel secure about your procedure!!!
I was very happy with Dr Hamilton and the entire staff and nurses at SCOI
Excellent care, well respected surgeon.
Dr. Gauche is the best. My situation was simple, here it is. Seventeen weeks of sciatic nerve entrapment and pain 8/10. Consulted six doctors and tried various medications with little relief. Dr. Guanche surgically decompressed the nerve and I have been pain-free since waking up in post op. He's a real pro!
Dr. Guanche is a superstar among orthopedic doctors. I "doctor shopped" three other doctors before I found him and was enthusiastically referred to by a previous patient. He is easy to talk to and offers unalloyed information about your condition, pre and post operation. His team follows up religiously and there is little waiting time. I recommend him to anyone who is contemplating orthopedic surgery. He is the best.
Excellent staff and care .Very good follow up .
I'm not in pain anymore!
I came to see Dr Bloze suffering from nerve pain that was going down my legs. Her manner was gentle as she explained the probabilities and arranged for tests. Later, during the days before and after an epidural, daily messages from her office kept me abreast of what to expect and encouraged questions which were immediately answered. I received excellent care.
After 5 years of 24/7 shoulder pain treatments that included Trigger Point injections, Acupuncture, Rotator Cuff Surgery, Shoulder Replacement, a Epidural Injection in my neck and lastly a recommendation for neck surgery. I requested a 2nd. opinion to see Dr. Blecher. he took the time to understand my problem (that's a first). 1 injection into the shoulder bursa and for the first time in 5 years I'm pain free and able to sleep through the night!
Dr. Guanche was my 2nd opinion Dr. and after speaking to him, I felt very confident to go ahead with my procedure. He seemed to assure me that he had done my procedure many times before which really gave me confidence. And, best of all, I am doing very well with my recovery, even better than anticipated. Thank you also to the SCOI surgery center who were very professional.
Extremely experienced and thorough. Good bedside manner.
Dr Karzel is the best surgeon and for that matter physician experience I have ever had ( and I am a registered nurse). Firstly, he is the kindest, most considerate physician I have ever had treatment from. He took great time to review my MRI slice by slice, and carefully explain the unusual condition I had, which was a knee tumor. Secondly, his confidence and great knowledge put any anxieties I had about my condition and upcoming surgery to rest. He even videoed and narrated my surgery for me!
Never seems rushed.........always take all the time needed to explain procedures to me.....and to answer all my questions.
Dr. Erfanian is fantastic. He informs, is direct about the issue and what to expect. He takes the time to answer questions. He informs on all aspects of the surgery and followup, and it was exactly as he stated. I value the direct approach and that Dr Erfanian listens to the patient. I believe his skill, as well as his approach, have much to do with the success of the surgery and the healing process.
My experience with Dr Hamilton has been absolutely perfect. I've had two surgeries with him and they both have been seamless. Very professional and kind.
I highly recommend Dr. Blecher because he knows his craft and I always receive excellent care. He's direct and to-the-point, and I like that. I have been in to see him about a number of different issues that have plagued me over the years. He surrounds himself with excellent staff, too!
I have extreme confidence in Dr. Hamilton based on past experience (knee surgery two years ago)....mine, along with friends and family who have been his patients. I do not hesitate to see him or accept his treatment recommendations. He has a terrific bedside manner and unparrelled communication on treatment, procedure and expectations. He is an all around great doctor!! I would recommend him without hesitation.
Dr. Hernandez and his team are very concerned with their Patients and their welfare from the time of the surgery and all through the healing process. A great staff. Jane Nelson
I was very satisfied with the level of service I received from Dr. Hamilton and his staff. Dr. Hamilton was friendly, courteous, and spent time explaining my medical issues and the procedure I received. I would recommend him to others and would go to him in the future.
The staff is very nice and explained everything in detail. Their app for checking in daily was easy to use and kept me and the office in touch with each other post op. They were very concerned with my care and how I was feeling before and after surgery
Caring ,simple,informative ,professional
Dr Bloze' is a fantastic doctor! She knows what she is doing and cares about her patients. She regularly follows up with them to insure there are no problems and they are progressing. Would highly recommend her!
After my vehicle accident, and seeing two doctors in the AV area, Dr. Jaivin has been the only one who has identified my injuries, cared about my well being, and is finding a solution to ensure I leave his office fully recovered! He knows what he is doing, is very professional, explains everything very well where It can be understood. It is very hard to find in a doctor these days that cares about you! The staff is excellent. His office is a one stop shop. You will not be disappointed!
First and foremost he's a phenomenal surgeon. Secondly, he's a nice guy with great people skills. Too many Drs out there have zero bedside manners.
Very professional. I really like getting the daily emails asking how I am doing and being able to ask and have answered any questions I have.
I just had arthroscopic hip surgery with Dr. Guanche and I'm so pleased! It's been just 2 weeks (today) since the surgery; I never had to take pain medicine, the scar is healing beautifully, and Dr. Guanche has always been the consummate professional, while also being kind and caring. I had full confidence in him before the surgery, based on my earlier appointments, which included cortisone shots. I couldn't recommend him more highly.
Had a nerve test that she scared me to do the second half of the test, she said do you really want to do the other part it has needles and it will hurt. Then I did the MRI she ordered and went in to find out results and the radiologist didn't finish the report and she went on to diagnose me with MS and was scaring me with the horrible symptoms MS caused and didn't try to find another explanation and also was working without the MRI report. Do not go here or take family members here! Stay away!
Doctor Karzel was able to properly diagnose me after seeing other doctors who misdiagnosed me. The surgery was a success and I could not be happier.
All went extremely well. Very professional and friendly bedside manner. Facilities are clean and well organized.
I had a great experience both times I had surgery for carpal tunnel. My questions were answered promptly either through Healthloop or a call to come in to be checked. I highly recommend Dr. Erfanian. He is thorough, conservative and compassionate.
Dr. Hernandez is a no nonsense surgeon. He gets to the point and doesn't dance around any issue. His bedside manner is curt but polite and he will take the time to answer your questions though they will be straight and to the point with little sugar-coating, which I appreciate. My surgery went as described and my recovery went better than I expected. I am very happy with my results and with my doctor. I hope to have him for my right hip later this new year.
I appreciate Dr. Hernandez's knowledge and understanding of my condition. I also like his pleasant demeanor. Having major surgery can be overwhelming and he made me feel less anxious and actually a bit excited about moving forward with the procedure.
Gentle kind conservative but good surgical recommendations
Dr. Karzel is a very caring and nice man.His entire staff are very friendly and kind.
Extremely professional, personable and confidence inspiring. His office staff is equally professional, courteous and personable. Best experience I've ever had with a medical professional and staff.
She is completely clear on what she may need to preform and has a very professional way of conducting business. Great bedside manner with her focus on your needs and cares more about you than her "business". I work with Orthopedic Surgeons and hospital administrators and she comes with the highest recommendations from her peers as being one of the best in her field. That piece of mind goes a long way.
One of the most competent and friendly doctors I've ever met. He performed arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder in 2004 to repair a torn labrum and rotator cuff. Recovery and rehab were just as he forecast, and I returned to full activity within a year with nearly 100% range of motion. He recently repaired a torn meniscus in my right knee, and again did an outstanding job. Just a great doctor and a great surgeon, working at the peak of his powers. I highly recommend him.
Dr. Karzel was personable, yet professional. He was very thorough in his explanation of my injury and treatment, making sure I understood all of my options. Dr. Karzel also took as much time as needed to address any concerns and/or questions. In addition, he included my spouse in these conversations to ensure she understood what was needed to assist me in my recovery.
He took time to listen to my concerns, was very thorough and explained everything clearly to me.
It been wonderful
From 1st office visit to surgery we were very impressed with Dr. Hamilton's bedside manner. His level of expertise is wonderful, and being able to communicate with us throughout has been excellant!
If anyone has a nee our anything wrong with there hip go see this outstanding Doctor I am blessed to have him giving me my surgery sits hard to find Someone who cares and not see you as a number thank you Doctor Jaime d Hernandez with all my heart
This is my second surgery with Dr. Jaivin. He did the other foot a couple months ago. His whole team is amazing. If anything else happens with my ankles or feet he is my guy! I have already recommended him and will continue to do so!
Very helpful doctor and his team guides you through the whole experience.
Daniel 34 yr old I got surgery 8-2016 Type= fusion with caging instruments L4. Been so young i was afraid of surgery, but i had no choise paint was so severe I wasn't able to work. Is been 3 months and I can feel a the difference .Recovery time is not so painful I will Recommend Brian G. If surgery is the last option. .....Fuentes
Dr Blecher and his team were great! My examination was very friendly and thorough. Dr Blecher took the time to explain my condition and lay out some treatment options. Overall very pleased! Great office and awesome staff, I'll be back for my future boo-boos!
Dr. Hamilton is awesome. I really like the website for chicking in daily pre and post op????
My experience with Dr. Guanche and his team of professionals was extremely positive. This was an experience made much better by the excellent and supportive care that I received from this group, and I would not hesitate to recommend this office to anyone.
Dr. Hernandez spent a generous amount of time explaining the details of my hip replacement procedure. The anterior cut is by far more advanced than a posterior cut. I was walking around and out of the hospital hours after my surgery and by day 10, I was considering taking a ballroom class. I can't express how thrilled my family and I are about the fantastic speed of my recovery. I returned to work 2 weeks after surgery. Dr. H. has magical hands that I would allow to work on all my loved ones.
Great doctor, wonderful experience. I tell everyone I meet about him.
Dr. Karzel is both professional as well as personable. He helps you feel at ease and knowledgeable with what you are experiencing.
This is my second surgery performed by Dr Guanche and if that isn't a recommendation, I don't know what is. He is a true professional, and very personable and easy to talk to. I wish he was a neighbor.
This is my second surgery with Dr Guanche and although the recovery this time isn't as easy as last, I can't complain. Dr Guanche and the team he uses are professional, courteous, compassionate, prompt, and know their jobs. I travel nearly four hours to get this service and will continue to do so in the future when it's time for my next upcoming surgery. Hands down, no question the best treatment I've ever had.
Easy to talk to and is very knowledgeable.
Dr Guanche is the kindest most caring Dr I've ever been too, if you want the best he is the very best
The procedure I needed was explained well, and the doctor was honest about how long it could take to fully recover. I made an appointment and immediately started receiving daily emails with helpful information to prepare me for the procedure. The office and surgicenter were immaculate. The staff was efficient and caring. The procedure went well and I am recovering nicely. The emails continued, helping Healthloop and the doctor keep track and respond quickly to my pain, swelling, and concerns.
Dr. Karzel is awesome! Very professional, knowledgeable, caring, a good listener to your concerns. He has a comforting sense of humor as well. Great doctor!
Takes the time to listen to my concerns and answers all my questions. Explains the procedures, most important demonstrates knowledge and skills in his work.
Dr. Guanche is very kind and knowledgeable. I tried for 2 years to figure out why I was having so much hip pain. He figured it out confidently in just a few minutes. I am only 2 weeks post op, but feeling very hopeful that I will have a lot of pain relief once healed.
Dr. Hernandez is he best hip surgeon there, uses the absolute latest technique, very friendly and communicative. Am having my other hip done by him in a couple of months, would not go anywhere else. A+ staff, recovery was much quicker than I thought. Excellent communication between patient and staff.
Destroyed my hamstring. Two revisions required. Destroyed my friend's hamstring- one revision required. Terrible judgment- stay away.
Very personable and i felt confident going in. I've had two surgeries with him and they have been relatively easy.
Dr. Guanche's commitment was providing expertise throughout my care and surgeries. He shows great kindness, patience, and professionalism, always willing to answer any questions I had over the course my treatment. My surgeries have resulted in really positive and seamless recovery, follow up care is spot on, he has a great system of daily checkin's post surgically, leaving you with a true sense of being cared for and connected to him and his staff. A remarkable & life changing experience for me!
I recently completed my second hip replacement performed by Dr. Hernandez and his wonderful surgical and office teams! I'm extremely pleased with the entire process. I highly recommend them to anyone considering hip replacement surgery. I was very pleased with how the entire process was managed from my first initial visit through my release.
Dr Jaivin is very straight forward, keeps visits short but is clear with his plan. The outcome of my bunionectomy surgery was 100% different, better than I expected: had NO pain after surgery, walked with one crutch day 1 after surgery, fully weight bearing and no crutch day 2 after surgery. Back to work as a physical therapist day 12 after surgery, wearing tennis shoes and elastic support stocking, still no pain.
Dr David Auerbach not only has a terrible bed side manner but his treatment of my elbow tendinitis was useless. It cost me $203.58 out of pocket for his treatment which was a complete waste of time and money. In addition, he padded the bill by ordering and ultrasound and an X-Ray for a condition that was obviously tendinitis. His cortisone shot might as well have been pure water since it was completely ineffective. I strongly advise any patients avoid him and find another orthopedist.
Dr. Erfanian, is great I was so scared and he made me feel comfortable through the whole process any questions I had was answered. I can not wait to have my other hand done and yes I Dr. Erfanian is who I want to do it. Excellent excellent excellent doctor. Also his Staff is awesome.
Dr. Hernandez replaced BOTH of my knee joints, approximately one year apart from each other. I now can walk, squat, & climb stairs without pain and no longer need a cane, which I had been using for several years before my surgeries. The excellent quality & precision of his technique make him a rock star in my opinion!
I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Karzel as well as being his patient . . . Twice! He and his team are the best there is. From the moment he meets you until your last checkup, you feel he truly cares about you. He is a very educated surgeon and it shows. He has a great way of explaining everything and makes you feel very comfortable.
I've had 3 surgeries by Dr. Hernandez and I found him to be extremely caring and professional.
Dr. Bloze really knows her stuff. She's fast and thorough.
Dr. Guanche cares about the whole patient,. I was not just another hip to him or his staff. They are all concerned with the patient having not only a great surgical outcome... But a good recovery. I felt very valued and considered and heard. Dr. Guanche and his whole staff are exceptional. It didn't hurt that they all also had a good sense of humor...i would recommend Dr. Guanche 100% and i would return to him myself in a heart beat. Mary G
Amazing experience in regards to the surgery. Had a hip replacement and insisted on going home the same day which he made possible. Had therapy right after surgery walking 150 feet and walking up and down the stairs. He was highly recommended and I only can pass on the recommendation, if you're looking for the best
Professional, Great surgeon, thorough, kind, caring and has a great staff!
Dr. Hamilton and all the staff that I interacted with from the initial appointment to the surgery and until now have been so professional and kind. Dr. Hamilton along with his team made me feel at ease because they were in regular contact with me. It's like they were holding my hand throughout the entire process. Thank you!
Dr Bloze and her Staff have been very kind to me!! Dr Bloze has done 2 Epidurals and everything went well! I never went under.. It was no big deal.. Don't worry .. She knows what she's doing ??
Dr. Hernandez was friendly and did a great job for me!
All went smooth. Particularly notable is Leyla, who either answered when I phoned, or returned my calls within a short time. Leyla promptly followed through with anything she said she'd do. All doctors' offices should have help like this. All fees were explained, in language I could understand, and I didn't feel rushed through those explanations.
Dr Jaivin is patient and addressed all my concerns. He explains everything thoroughly and is very knowledgable.
Ive had both of my hips replaced by Dr. Hernandez and I have had a great recovery. I actually walked out of the hospital day of surgery and was released to go home. My 2nd surgery was done in the outpatient surgery center in Van Nuys. I was home by 5 pm. Im happy that Dr. Hernandez was referred to me by my Dentist's wife who had both hips replaced. Dr. Hernandez is the best surgeon Ive met and I highly recommend him. He's busy and he has a very energetic staff to support him.
I was very pleased with the results
The entire process with SCOI and Dr. Hamilton's team has been efficient and yet personal. I could not be more satisfied.
Gotta be the best
These people are truthfully as good as it gets. Dr Guanche conducts a finely tuned orchestra of brilliant healers. I walk today because of him.
Very thorough , expert in his field, fantastic bedside manner and office visits. Staff professional, prompt , helpful, positive. SCOI overall great experience. SCOI out patient surgery center same high level off aren't care. Anethisiologist, nurses, assistants all very attentive and knowledgeable. Dr. Hernandez has put together an incredible staff. My right anterior hip surgery was very successful. They have checked in with me daily through healthloop. They called me the first 3 days
I was very happy with the whole procedure from start to finish. I was told that Dr. Hamilton's patients healed faster and had less complications and they were 100% right! I also liked the Healthloop on-line program. It was very easy to use and I felt that the doctor was kept informed of any developments.
Dr. Hernandez is very straight and up front with you. He answers all questions and his staff are very helpful. he keeps up with your condition and questions daily, My knee replacement went very well and I am not in a lot of pain. I feel that he is the best doctor for this procedure. I would recommend him to anyone having a knee replacement.
Great guy. Very professional and personable.
I was impressed with Doctor Castaneda and staff from my first visit. After several months of conservative attempts to correct the pain I was experiencing in my Achilles' tendon, doctor Castaneda explained that the last option was debridement of the Achilles' tendon and a possible flexor halluces longus tendon transfer. On September 28, 2015 I had the debridement surgery done by Dr. Castaneda, once into the surgery she decided not to do the tendon transfer. What a wonderful, kind, patient doctor!
The whole experience was smooth and pain free.
Dr. Lynch and his entire staff are professional, attentive, and reassuring. My confidence in their expertise was validated by the experience. Many thanks to Dr. Lynch, Mr. Presley and the others on the SCOI team that assisted me from start to finish.
Dr. Gazmarian is thorough, caring and compassionate.
I was referred to Dr. Hernandez by a friend of mine . I live two hours away from his operating city . Well worth the travel .. This doctor is very knowledgeable and straight to the point which I appreciate .. I hate when doctors beat around the bush with you . Everything Dr. Hernandez told me to expect happened .. If you need a straight to the point no nonsense doctor/surgeon Dr. Jaime Hernandez is your guy . He will not disappoint . Today is day 13 of my recovery and I am fully walking
Dr.Karzel is an amazing Doctor. He is a very busy man because he is the best. I have had 2 surgeries with him and had no problems. He is very thorough in explaining things to you. His bed side manner is awesome, and he definitely knows what he is doing. I would definitely recommend him if you need a great doctor. Great doctors are hard to find.
I went in because I had suspected that I dislocated my shoulder. He answered a personal phone call while he was in the examining room with me. He never asked where I was feeling pain. Instead of addressing my elbow he pretty much ignored me and what I was trying to tell him while he fiddled on the computer. I felt so disrespected. He never addressed what happened with my elbow.
Dr. Castenada is a fantastic Doctor and surgeon. She was able to determine what was wrong and how to fix it very quickly when other people in the industry could not. She was honest and straightforward with me and made things easy to understand. Although she is located 3 hours away, I am absolutely willing to travel to be taken care of by a competent Doctor who works in a very efficient office. 3 other people from my area that I know travel to see her also.
Dr Karzel is knowledgeable and cares about his patients well-being. He takes whatever amount of time is needed to explain, re-assure and inform his patients and their care-givers. Excellent care!
I have had Dr. Bloze treat me on two separate occasions and both have very positive. Her explanations were thorough and easy to understand. Only negative was a long wait time in the waiting area.
Thinks it's normal to keep patients waiting for over an hour at each appointment.
I have been seeing Dr Bloze for over 10 years for excruciating back pain. She is very knowledgable in her area and quick to send you to someone else when she thinks you need expertise in another area. Mine is lower back and neck problems and she has done several series of epidurals for me which have had amazing effects on reducing pain and letting me lead a normal life. She is also frank about the limits of the epidural. explaining and showing the MRI to let me understand where I am heading
Wonderful and Friendly Staff! Very clean environment! Never problem with scheduling! Never have to wait! When I have arrived early because I am coming from out of town, the have always worked me in! Bianca has been amazingly helpful! She is always so friendly and answers all my questions. I love the HealthLoop system!
Dr Hernandez was very straight to point guys telling you want was wrong and want he feels is the best treatment for you. I needed surgery and I'm very pleased with it I give him a 10 star Thank you
Dr. Blecher is courteous and informative. He takes time to answer questions and seems truly concerned about a patient's well being.
Excellent work replacing my hip. Professional and organized.
I've know had two knee surgeries with Dr. Karzel . I wouldn't go anywhere else for my orthopedic needs. He is Profesional, with the absolute best knowledge and bed side manner. I love his follow through and really appreciate the after care following surgery.
The Dr. listens to you and explain in easy terms your condition, what he'll do to correct that, and the approximate results. Hence it makes it easy for the patient to make a decision
This was the best doctor I could have ever asked for. He treated my hip injury with excellent care & expertise.
His confidence was very reassuring. Very forthcoming with information.
When you meet Dr Karzel you know you are dealing with a specialist in his field. He is very knowledgable and he teaches his patients all about their injury and surgery. I was completely at ease once I met him.
First time at this facility. Staff was pleasant and knowledgeable. Dr. Grossman is always very caring and informative. He knows his stuff.
The best doctor you can have is one a good friend recommends. Dr. Hernandez was recommended to us, and we have passed his name on to others. Wonderful practitioner, knowledgable and up to date on his procedures.
She was harried, rushed, spoke too quickly, even a bit defensive. Too many people booked at the same time, ten minute intervals, double booking, a scoi or office problem, very chaotic, nice staff, but unpleasant experience.
4 friends from my area had either gotten their own surgery or kids' surgeries and finally convinced me to see him. Well worth it. Had arthroscopy of my knee and it was very quick and healing well. Will be doing hip surgery within the next 2 months and sure he will do as excellent a job. Very kind and listens to your concerns, doesn't try to rush you through and extremely quick to come to the room once you are sent in for apointments. Wonderful! I will be telling even more people how great he is!
Dont go to him. He dismissed me after 9 months after fussion L3-L5 after he noticed his fussion caused my buldged disc at L2-L3. He dismissed me. I went to Dr Yuri Falkinstein and he took care of it and I am so much better. Dont go to Grossman, go to Falkinstein. Im tellin everybody I know to go to Falkinstein. Grossman is a hack. My name is Jay Hirsch
I recently had surgery done on my lumbar spine (Laminotomy and Discectomy of the discs between L4,L5 and L5,S1) by DR. Grossman at Los Robles Hospital. Since then I am doing much better with no more radiating pain down my right leg and my back pain is improving everyday. I am very happy with DR. Grossman and his team, they are friendly, courteous and caring. I recommend him for anyone who needs an Orthopedic Surgeon.
Dr. Auerbach took care of my rotator cuff problem without surgery. I was unable to lift my arm or get dressed without help for many months. I tried acupuncture, body work, yoga, everything non-Western-medicine first, to no avail. Dr. Auerbach examined & xrayed & identified a rotator cuff issue. He prescribed P.T. and a cortisone shot. First cortisone shot worked for a few months, then the pain came back. Second cortisone shot did the trick. I'm pain free and fully functional for 3 yrs now.
The whole experience has been great, he was clear on directions and exactly what would happen.
I had a work injury and saw sent to see Dr.Karzel for knee surgery. He was kind and caring thorough with all my appts consultations and surgery and follow up. He is a very busy doctor, yet he makes time for you and your questions. His staff in Valencia, CA. is very patient friendly and caring and has excellent patient service, from appt.s to call backs scheduling surgery and follow up.I was fearful but he put me at peace and this was all through workman comp.I would recommend him to all.
Dr. Hernandez explains the procedure thoroughly. He does not seem to be rushed with patient during appointment. He has a website that checks in with you every day after surgery regarding your condition and further instructions. Before surgery the website sets out a time line of things the patient must do to be ready for surgery. There is someone manning the website so you can ask any questions you may have and they will promptly respond.
I was referred to see Dr. Gazmarian for chronic pain in my right knee. When he came in, he sized me up, didn't even look at the x-ray that I brought in and then immediately started talking about injections. He hadn't even looked at my knee, knew nothing (nor cared at all) about me or my normal activity. When he finally decided to take a look at my knee, he had me do things with my left knee when in fact I was there for my RIGHT knee. He was very dismissive and I will not ever go to him again.
Dr. Bloze's explanation of my problem (cervical vertebrae/nerve) was excellent. It was thorough and complete. I highly recommend her.
Would not recommend this doctor as he has an unfriendly attitude and over all poor bedside manner. You cannot reach anyone easily and his voicemails are responded to in order of importance rather than a timely fashion. He genuinely does not really seem to care all that much about his patients and their health needs. Also had me waiting for an hour to see him.
First visit he spend lots of time going over procedure answered all my question. He was very genuine and cared. I really appreciated that so many doctors you feel like you're just part of an assembly line. He was able to match my the length of my leg to my other leg which I also had hip surgery on 3 months ago and one leg was longer than the other .
Dr. Castaneda is an excellent physician and surgeon. She did a fantastic job when I had my surgery. I have recommended others to her because I know she will get the care they should get without worry.
Love Dr Friedman and his staff (Vanessa) they are a great team. I had a complete knee replacement 2 1/2 weeks ago. Pain is so manageable. If i had any complaint for me the pain meds were too much, I didn't need any until I got home (two days after surgery). The Percocet was too much for me. If I needed my other knee replaced (which I don't) I would not hesitate to do it with SCOI and Dr Friedman
Because he has a good bedside manner and is extremely frank... with a sort of twisted sense of humor. Wicked. I *know* I need the other hip done, but he smiled, rubbed his hands together, and with a glint in his eye said something like he couldn't wait to get ahold of the other one. Who DOES that? It is kinda funny, in hindsight.
Dr. Friedman has performed three surgeries on my knees, including two total replacements. He is extremely personable, often asks about my children and grandchildren, and clearly adores his own. His willingnes to share personally, including his own experience with knee replacement surgery, develops trust and a completely comfortable Doctor/patient relationship.
This experience was so much better than I thought it would be, Dr. Hernandez explained everything and I was never nervous prior to surgery
Dr. Hernandez fixed a previous hip replacement by another doctor where my prosthesis had come loose. I had been in constant pain for seven months. Within days of my repair surgery the hip pain was completely gone. Other than some minor discomfort in the incision area two weeks after surgery, I can tell that I will be back to pain-free activities in the very near future. Dr. Hernandez and team did a fantastic job. I highly recommend Dr. Hernandez to anyone need hip repair surgery.
Fantastic surgeon! I never needed a walker or cane, crutches. Came to see me every day and stayed in contact for a month now. I'm 3 weeks ahead of rehab Results, but still have medium pain. Ice ice ice! Mark Sugarman
I found that Dr. Hernandez was extremely knowledgeable and profession in this field of orthopedic surgery. He took the time to explain the procedure and gave his recommendations but did not pressure you to go immediately to surgery. In my case this was very helpful. He also gave the bottom line, was factual and informative but again left it up to me to decide if and when. He has a great bedside manner and seems to truly care about the patients well being.
Truly a fantastic orthopedist. I got opinions from 6 doctors (orthopedists and podiatrists) when I had a fully displaced fracture in my foot, and it came down to 50% recommending surgery and 50% saying to wait it out. This was obviously confusing, for me, but after I saw Dr. Casteneda, I remember one doctor telling me what she has good judgement. I trusted her and opted to take the no surgery route. My foot has healed well, and I am so happy with Dr. Casteneda's judgement. Highly recommend!
Dr. Hernandez is an excellent doctor! His bedside manner is great, he takes time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. I was very happy when he told me he was going to take the arth out of my hip! I felt like I was taken care of throughout the whole process. I had both hips replaced. His staff is on top of everything as well! I definitely recommend him!
He explained every thing I wanted to know, in easy to understand lay mans terms , He put me at ease right away, I had done a complete check up on several doctors whom I had considered before my appointment with Dr, Hernandez . After my appt. there was no doubt in my my mind who would be doing my procedure. He has met or exceeded all of my expectations. I would recommend him 100%
Dr. Hernandez is my Angel.
Dr Jaivin was very nice and addressed all my questions.
Dr. Friedman is terrific. All of SCOI is wonderful from the experience I have had. You cannot believe what I had to endure before discovering SCOI. I have read some of the comments on YIPE. These people have no clue what a medical jungle it is out there. Keep up the excellent work!!!! As far as recommending Dr. Friedman and SCOI to friends--I have already started.
I was recommended to Dr. Hernandez by a few friends. When I first met him, I was impressed that he was much younger than other surgeons that I had spoken to. He was also self confident with a very positive energy. It's been 2 weeks since my surgery, and I'm already walking better than before the hip placement. I am extremely satisfied with the whole process. It's great to get his daily automated emails, with pertinent questions and important information. I also send questions almost daily.
If it weren't for Dr Grossman's infallible diagnosis, I may not have been able to avoid back surgery. I was suffering from severe, virtually paralyzing spine issues & was fearful that I'd need to undergo back surgery. After a most comprehensive examination he led me to understand that despite a chronic back condition I needed address my feet and knee problems, which effected my gait. Now exercise, wearing foot orthotics & soon total knee replacements, it's been 8+ pain free years for my back.
I had constant severe low back pain. I had seen 2 other spine surgeons who told me they couldnt help me. I then saw Dr. Grossman, and he looked at my MRI and X-rays and told me that he thought that surgery would help. He was very calming and reassuring. Surgery went well and within a few days, I knew I was better. Full recovery took a few months, but I am so glad I found this doctor. He changed my life. I recommend him to everyone who needs a good spine doctor.
Excellent skills, excellent team.
Everything turned out as I expected, am I doing well 2 weeks post Total knee replacement surgery. Think the daily E-mails are a great reminder of post op exercises, complications to watch out for, and a good way to stay in touch with questions.
I already have recommended my friend for her upcoming surgery. Dr. Grossman did back surgery on me in May. Thank goodness he is such a wonderful Doctor, it was a fluke, he found out my last neck fusion never took. December I had my neck fused by Dr. Grossman.
Thorough explanation of diagnosis and treatment. Very positive results. I will continue to see her, should I need such treatment in the future.
Excellent Doctor. Discusses all options in detail. Honest assemennt of my problems. Available for questions as they come up.
I am an orthopedic surgeon myself and I chose Dr. Hernandez to do my total hip in June 2015. I was unable to hike, bike, play golf or even stand in the OR without pain prior to the surgery. I stayed in the hospital for 22 hrs. Dr. Hernandez uses the latest anterior approach for his hip surgery and has two dedicated operating rooms and a expert staff to support his practice both in the Northridge Hospital and at SCOI. I just returned from a snowshoe trip to Idaho and my hip was perfect. SJS
Dr Hernandez made me feel confident that I was in good hands. I have been so impressed that everyday have found an e-mail asking how I am and how I am doing. I would definitely recommend him.
Dr. Hernandez is the whole package, he's a very good listener and his confidence in his profession shines through his humble nature. He is dedicated to his craft and what he promised, that I would be in a lot less pain after my total hip replacement, is really true!! I'm two weeks out of my surgery and I'm walking around my home rarely using my cane, I'm excited to see how I'll feel in aonther 2 weeks...I have very little pain mostly from the incision which is healing nicely. I'm very happy!
After my mother's successful total right knee replacement performed by Dr. Hernandez, I selected him over Boston surgeons even though this meant surgery/rehab 3,000 miles away from home. Dr. Hernandez and his surgical team performed flawlessly on my right hip arthroplasty. Included in A+ performance are the Northridge Hospital Medical Center and their pre-, post-surgery staff. NOTE: While Dr. Hernandez, in my opinion, is talented and skilled, post-surgery in-home care managers/admin rated a C-.
An orthopedic practice dedicated to providing the best possible care available for people of all ages and all walks of life. In addition, we serve as a leading educator of orthopedic surgery technique to surgeons around the world. Spanish

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