I have had all good experiences with this Dr. He is friendly and very professional. Not only am I impressed with him, but I had a condition that needed to be seen by Dr's at University of Southern California. They read his reports, and were highly appreciative of Dr. Vagliarskys work. They had nothing but praise for him, and I too, think he is a wonderful Dr. and a wonderful man.
He's always gone and I get stuck with his PA. He doesn't know what he's doing.
Wish I could leave NO stars. I started seeing him when I first got sick in 02. Ends up I had Crohns disease. He had me do 3-4 colonoscopy tests within a 2 yr period and even stated he couldn't pass the scope due to a block. But never did a surgery just kept changing my meds which do not help blockages. Also, accused me of being bulimic because I'm not a size 6 before he even tried to diagnose me. Super unprofessional and unhelpful. When you're sick, seek someone else! Bedside sucks, only after $
Dr Gupta's office is terrible when it comes to getting information on a procedure. I called several times only to get put on hold , or hung up on.The phone operators brush off questions as if they dont care, And this is the phone number you are given in case you have complication from the procedure. I ended up having to drive to the office to get information that i could and should have gotten over the phone. Do yourself a Favor, see a different Dr.

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