Dr. Moore-Jeffries left me lying in excruciating pain on a pre-op bed for 3 hours and couldn't be bothered to stop by to administer any pain medication and wouldn't allow the nurse to do so. Finally a more knowledgeable anesthesiologist came to work and quickly administered pain medication to end the torture. I hope I am never again under the care of Dr. Moore-Jeffries.
I recently had surgery at Methodist hospital and Dr. Neubauer was my anesthesiologist. He was very kind and understanding and immediately sensed that I was very apprehensive about my surgery.He was very reassuring and asked me a lot of questions to make sure I understood exactly what he was using. He explained the process which made me feel very comfortable about the anesthesia he was using. I highly recommend Dr Neubauer and will request him for my future surgery.
Extremely rude and arrogant.
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