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401 Bicentennial Way, Santa Rosa, CA 95403


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Sep 16 2019

Review for Dr. Sacher

This doctor does not listen to his patients. He is extremely dismissive and wastes time asking questions about your family's medical history and did not do proper testing and failed to properly diagnose me

Sep 08 2019

Review for Dr. Kim

Excellent. She was smart, direct and personable

CA - Jun 29 2019

Review for Dr. Shapiro


Apr 28 2019

Review for Dr. Fujii

Dr. Koida has been our Doctor for 16 years. I haven't met a Dr. I like more. He listens and cares.

Apr 26 2019

Review for Dr. Koida

If you want someone to tell you what to do, that's him. He comes with an agenda and minimizes side effects. He is not interested in your opinions, those of other cancer patients or questions about alternatives to his recommendation. He is smart, but deaf.

Mar 25 2019

Review for Dr. Ye

Excellent! Could not have been better. She cares!!”

Jan 16 2019

Review for Dr. Kaur

Dec 20 2018

Review for Dr. Romero

Dr. Antenucci is really easy to communicate with. He’s a friendly and positive guy who seems to genuinely enjoy his work and patient interaction. He’s thorough and orders labs in a reasonable way.

Occidental, CA - Nov 25 2018

Review for Dr. Antenucci

in Arcata, CA - Jun 13 2018

Review for Dr. Sacher

Dr. Friedman is one the finest doctors that I have ever met/experienced. I will forever appreciate her skills, professionalism, clarity, kindness, dedication and thoughtfulness. Her expertise has touched our family tremendously. We highly recommend her. Thank you Dr. Friedman!

in CA - Jun 11 2018

Review for Dr. Friedman

Dr. Sae is very kind and caring! He is the best.

Petaluma, CA - Jun 01 2018

Review for Dr. Sae

Great Doctor. Listens to his patients. I am very lucky to have a doctor with such knowledge

in Santa Rosa, CA - May 21 2018

Review for Dr. Koida

She is great, open, smart and kind. She will listen and answer all questions. She's practical and even funny at times.

Mar 15 2018

Review for Dr. Shapiro

In the past 10 years I have had many surgeries because of my messed up shoulders. He has been the best surgeon I have had by far!

Feb 03 2018

Review for Dr. Chow

I'm in the medical field so I asked all the non Kaiser orthopedic surgeons I knew who I should send my daughter to for knee surgery, Universally everyone recommended him. Really happy with results.

Jan 27 2018

Review for Dr. Chow

I’m a college soccer player. I tore my ACL and Dr. Chow did my surgery after a former teammate recommended him. Returned to playing better than ever. Thank you so much!

Jan 01 2018

Review for Dr. Chow

I am very impressed with Dr. Andersem.....he has been treating me for colon cancer the past year and a half.

Petaluma - Oct 21 2017

Review for Dr. Andersen

I found him to be an excellent doctor. He performed a full knee replacement and explained the procedure ahead of time. I recommend Dr. Fujii and he was recommended to me.

in Sonoma, CA - Aug 23 2017

Review for Dr. Fujii

in Leesburg, VA - Jul 22 2017

Review for Dr. Sinclair

I found my forever doctor! It feels like I have a best friend with a medical degree. She starts holistically then moves to meds and procedures as required. SHE LISTENS!

in Santa Rosa, CA - Jun 27 2017

Review for Dr. Ramirez-Azcarraga

I found Dr. Gong to be competent yet Curt, arrogant and, at times, dismissive, almost to the point of being sarcastic and condescending. He tends to TALK and not LISTEN. I would not recommend him to other people. I subsequently switched to another Kaiser doc.

in Sebastopol, CA - Jun 27 2017

Review for Dr. Gong

in Tallahassee, FL - Jun 07 2017

Review for Dr. Fahey

Very knowledgeable and skillful.

oakland, ca - Apr 04 2017

Review for Dr. Fujii

Professional, knowledgeable, skilled.

Santa Rosa, ca - Jan 26 2017

Review for Dr. Huang

Lots of Experience.He made me feel comfortable and relaxed .I have High Anxiety and have panic attacks.He and his support staff were comforting .Dr Arietta made my anesthetic easy.

in Santa Rosa , CA - Dec 30 2016

Review for Dr. Arietta

Dr. Iancu exhibits a high level of experience, plus an excellent ability at listening and feeding back what I have reported to her. She has empathy for my physical and personal situation. I feel very valued by her.

in Kelseyville, CA - Nov 05 2016

Review for Dr. Iancu

Mill Valley, CA - Aug 31 2016

Review for Dr. Chow

in Santa rosa, ca - Jul 29 2016

Review for Dr. Ye

He doesn't do his homework. Was very unfamiliar with my chart. Gave conflicting levels of diagnosis and said it didn't matter when asked to clarify. Should have gotten a second opinion.

in San Francisco, CA - May 10 2016

Review for Dr. Chow

Dr. Sacher is friendly and easy to talk with regarding very personal and uncomfortable issues. He is professional, understanding and appropriately funny (at times)! Great bedside manner.

in Cotati Ca - Apr 08 2016

Review for Dr. Sacher

I am so happy to have such an amazing Doctor taking care my son.

in Healdsburg - Feb 19 2016

Review for Dr. Bohrer

Dr. Zhang worked with my friend who was entering hospice. He went the extra mile to keep track of her needs as she made the transition to hospice. He really listened to her and treated her with dignity and respect.

in Stanford, CA - Jan 21 2016

Review for Dr. Zhang

He is a great doctor! I was very comfortable and felt like he knew what he is doing. I will definitely keep him as my doctor.

in Santa Rosa, ca - Jan 12 2016

Review for Dr. Pompa