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Kaiser Medical Center

99 Montecillo Rd, San Rafael, CA 94903

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Jul 26 2019

Review for Dr. Johnson

May 21 2019

Review for Dr. Belani

The worst doctor I have ever been to. Run for your life. He is dishonest

May 01 2019

Review for Dr. Walters

She is kind and proactive. She has been my doctor for 10 years.

Mar 18 2019

Review for Dr. Liu

in San Rafael, CA - Feb 15 2019

Review for Dr. Dunton

This doctor was probably one of the coldest ones I have ever met with. She was mean and talked down to me the whole session. I wa at my most vulnerable and she could not care any less.

in Novato, CA - Jan 18 2019

Review for Dr. Irizarry

CA - Jan 11 2019

Review for Dr. Artz

removed and superior lied to me too I actually left Kaiser because of this jerk

CA, CA - Dec 25 2018

Review for Dr. Chien

in Queens , NY - Oct 07 2018

Review for Dr. Chung

Unprofessional, poor bedside manner

Sep 07 2018

Review for Dr. Schrage

Glen Ellen - May 20 2018

Review for Dr. Pinner

Took the time to listen to me and understand what I needed. Very professional, and helpful.

San Anselmo - Apr 20 2018

Review for Dr. Leggett

Dr. Prescott was amazing. I feel great and I am so happy he was my doctor!

Feb 28 2018

Review for Dr. Prescott

My primary physician just brushed off my complaints like I was just premenopausal and not accepting aging. Dr. Kobalter listened to me and ran a lot of tests to help get to the bottom of things. I really appreciated it.

Fairfax - Feb 27 2018

Review for Dr. Kobalter

Dr Pinner is excellent. I have MS and usually don’t get much info on improving movement or rehab. He is very knowledgeable and great communicator.

Feb 10 2018

Review for Dr. Pinner

My adult son sees Dr Baker and we could not be more pleased. He really listens to my son and has really gained his trust. In addition to that, the drugs and routine have been most helpful. After 1.5 years on Humira, it is working.

in San Rafael Ca - Feb 07 2018

Review for Dr. Baker

We are very impressed with the kindness, patience and insight Dr Julia offers - and, she is very witty, Have never encountered a dermatologist of her calibre - super smart and wondeful chair side manner. We are big fans.

Mill Valey, CA - Jan 30 2018

Review for Dr. Haimowitz

MD is not prepared for meetings, usually is late for appts, doesn't remember my medical record. Never apologizes for being late and always has to end the appt for some other "emergency"

petaluma - Dec 06 2017

Review for Dr. Muirhead

Marin County, CA - Dec 04 2017

Review for Dr. Pourmehr

Have had generally unsatisfactory experience over a spa of three meetings.

San Rafael, CA - Nov 07 2017

Review for Dr. Pinner

in Sonoma, CA - Nov 04 2017

Review for Dr. Levinson

I found Dr. Pourmehr to be kind, courteous, knowledgeable and respectful.

in Sausalito, CA - Aug 10 2017

Review for Dr. Pourmehr

Palo Alto, CA - Jul 07 2017

Review for Dr. Chung

in Mill Valley, CA - Jun 29 2017

Review for Dr. Artz

Novato, CA - May 22 2017

Review for Dr. Hwang

San Rafael, CA - May 11 2017

Review for Dr. Johnson

May 02 2017

Review for Dr. Cantwell

Dr. Scott OUTSTANDING...very professional easy to talk to he's has lots of patience I felt very comfortable with Dr Scott. He excellent he listens and explain everything and very trustworthy. Dr Scott is awesome.

in San Jose, CA - Apr 27 2017

Review for Dr. Scott

Good advice, great listener and concern for me and costs of the procedures.

San Rafael, CA - Apr 20 2017

Review for Dr. Kobalter

I found Dr. Muirhead to be an extremely knowledgeable and compassionate healer. She patiently explained my disease, the recommended treatment protocols and answered questions thoroughly. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking the highest caliber possible trearment.

in Rohnert Park, CA - Apr 12 2017

Review for Dr. Muirhead

I was very disappointed after seeing Dr Hwang for hives, itching and peeling skin. She did not even exam me! A simple " you can try an over the counter steroid cream" was her only recommendation. Total visit time less than 10 minutes. Needless to say- I switched doctors.

in Petaluma, CA - Apr 11 2017

Review for Dr. Hwang

She has been my psychiatrist fdr many years. She listens to my needs and active listening and works with me regarding the medication. She is very empathetic and tends to my mental health. I never feel rushed during the appointment.

San Francisco, CA - Feb 24 2017

Review for Dr. Irizarry

She is an awful doctor with no compassion for patient. If you care for your loved ones, stay away from this doctor.

SAN Rafael, ca - Jan 26 2017

Review for Dr. Johnson

He is awful. Stay away!

San Rafael, CA - Jan 12 2017

Review for Dr. Walters

Going to miss her so very much. She's always been so positive, upbeat, and a great listener. Genuinely sincere. I've been healthy lately, so visits not as regular as previous. I wish her the best in the East Bay, and hope I get lucky to find a doctor as amazing as she is.

in San Rafael, CA - Jan 02 2017

Review for Dr. Mansell

Dr. Smith is just another pill pusher. He's too arrogant for the patient's good. Doctors with no humility shouldn't be practicing medicine.

in San Rafael, CA - Dec 02 2016

Review for Dr. Smith

in San Rafael, CA - Dec 02 2016

Review for Dr. Hertz

Dr. Mansell is very sweet but she doesn't do anything helpful. Waste of time.

in San Rafael, Ca - Nov 22 2016

Review for Dr. Mansell

Rude, insensitive and and not thorough. Majorly missed a problem in my arm.

in San Rafael, Ca - Nov 22 2016

Review for Dr. Delaney

in Petaluma Ca - Oct 17 2016

Review for Dr. Novich

Dr. Walters has been a wonderful doctor and did everything necessary to help me out of intense pain. He is caring and spends a good amount of time dealing with all my issues (which unfortunately, are considerable). I would definitely recommend him to friends and family.

in Sausalito, CA - Oct 10 2016

Review for Dr. Walters

About 16 years ago I was her patient. I had hiper thyroid and with only 2 years of treatment my problem end, until now never comes again. I am very grateful having Dr. Kobalter as my doctor that time. Highly recommended.

in Mill Valley - Aug 30 2016

Review for Dr. Kobalter

in San Rafael, CA - Aug 12 2016

Review for Dr. Antounian

Compassionate, knowlegable, thorough. Professional.

in San Anselmo - Jul 29 2016

Review for Dr. Muirhead

in El Sobrante, CA - Jun 12 2016

Review for Dr. Cantwell

Very professional, super smart, informative, kind, makes you feel very comfortable and answers all questions thoroughly. All around an excellent doctor.

Richmond, CA - Mar 26 2016

Review for Dr. Scott

in Mill Valley, CA - Mar 18 2016

Review for Dr. Caron

in Mill Valley, CA - Feb 29 2016

Review for Dr. Greyz-Yusupov

Thorough and kind. Good followup.

in Sausalito, CA - Feb 25 2016

Review for Dr. Boylan

extremely knowledgeable and great patient interaction

in Sonoma, CA - Feb 14 2016

Review for Dr. Schlegel

she is a roadblock to seeing specialists and has little time for patients

Feb 14 2016

Review for Dr. Caron

She was the only doctor who could accurately diagnose my vertigo.

in Sonoma, CA - Feb 14 2016

Review for Dr. Dimeling

in San Rafael, CA - Jan 21 2016

Review for Dr. Antounian

Dr. Holly listens to you- and tries to solve your problem(s) as quickly as possibly- and always has suggestions- until the medical problem has been resolved. She is always very professional. She answers her emails very promptly- all the time!

in San Rafael, CA - Jan 21 2016

Review for Dr. Holly

I like the fact that Dr Prasad explained treatment options and made recommendations. I felt very comfortable talking to him and came away from my office visit with respect for him.

in San Rafael, ca - Jan 17 2016

Review for Dr. Prasad

Dr Maddox has been very knowledgeable and professional when I have seen him. He has taken care of me when my regular dermatologist has been away. He has explained things thoroughly and been attentive with after care.

in Greenbrae, CA - Jan 17 2016

Review for Dr. Maddox

Saw him for a calf-tear. He was clear and reasonable about the injury and the duration of rehabilitation.

San Rafael, CA - Jan 16 2016

Review for Dr. Demayo

Petaluma, CA - Jan 12 2016

Review for Dr. Novich

He has a ton of common sense. He listens carefully and explains his assessment and plan in detail. Superb MD.

in Larkspur, CA - Dec 24 2015

Review for Dr. Killpack

Fantastic pediatric physician! Extremely intelligent, thoughtful and caring.

Dec 23 2015

Review for Dr. Katz

Dr. Julia is very smart, resourceful, compassionate and results oriented. Best dermatologist I have ever worked with. It is a pleasure to see her. Keen sense of humor.

in Mill Valley CA - Nov 18 2015

Review for Dr. Haimowitz