Dr Laird is a great surgeon. He recently replaced my kneetotal knee and My recovery is great!! He is professional in his approach and informative.
This was my first appointment so I do not have much bases to make a review as of yet. From what I have experienced, Dr. Schueckler was professional enough; he apologized for his tardiness; however, it I waited nearly one hour for my appointment. According to the confirmation letter, I need to be there 15 minutes early before my appointment or they will cancel the appointment itself; the letter was a bit aggresive. I am not okay with waiting that long for anyone, let alone a doctor.
Regarding my office visit on June 27, 2017; except for not being greeted when I arrived at reception check-in and waiting a few seconds for attention which I had to initiate conversation, everything else about my visit to Dr. Fry was excellent and pleasant. I have had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Fry multiple times in the past and again today. Each time he was thorough in evaluating my symptoms, giving me an idea of a diagnosis, stating tests needed to confirm and then return for treatment plan
I was faced with a total knee replacement. I am almost a year out from the surgery, about what it takes to get fully up to speed. I recommend Dr. Devine very highly. He answered every question. Told about the pros and cons, and was fully committed to my recovery. He is versed in all aspects of current modalities concerning this surgery. I have encountered many other of his patients and all report him to be top notch.
Very professional, made us feel confident about the procedure he performed & we would recommend our family or friends to him for sure! Only suggestion is to send appointment reminder texts AFTER 9am please! NOT EVERYONE IS AWAKE AT 7AM!!!
Terrible lack of customer care. Promised return calls daily. No response, no follow up. Never had a worse doctor experience.
Dr. Schuekler and his staff are grade A. I've had an elbow surgery conducted by Dr. Schuekler and am now receiving care for my knee. He and his staff are always professional, courteous, and respond quickly to questions or concerns. Bonnie, Dr. Schuekler's medical assistant, is always quick to return calls and is helpful in making sure all the proper paperwork is done.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Woods to any of my family or friends. that's how I heard about him was from friends who had the anterior approach for total hip replacement. What impressed me the most was the bound notebook on THR-anterior approach that was given after my first consultation. He went through the pre-op, the day of surgery, and post care. All of my questions could be answered looking through the notebook. And Dr. Woods prayed with me before going into surgery-how reassuring!
Straight-forward and kind with his assessment.
Dr. Woods was very thorough in his exam, asked many questions, and explained his proposed solution fully. I felt well-cared-for and that my concerns were fully heard. Only issue was that I wished he had given me a clearer course to follow between now and when surgery would happen (maybe six months). I was so surprised (and upset) by the diagnosis that I didn't ask any questions...my issue, not his. He did approve a course of physical therapy, which will be really helpful.
Dr. Devine spent the whole appt asking about how good my insurance plan is, then referred me for an MRI. Once I finally got the approval for the MRI, he wasn't able to see me for over two weeks! He finally called me and said that I had three torn ligaments and definitely needed surgery, and tried to talk me into having him do the surgery. A 2nd opinion proved that he was completely wrong and his recommendation of wearing a huge brace and not using my knee did more harm than good for my MCL tear.
Always good. I TRUST him. After 3 surgeries over 30 years, I should know! Due to insurance I had to go elsewhere for last one, and came out not a happy camper. I regret not waiting for insurance to change so I could return to Dr. Fryer.
Dr. Woods is a very knowledgeable orthopedic surgeon with a very kind, caring bedside manner. He is able to explain your problem at a lay person's level. His office staff is very friendly & thorough. His medical assistant, Jill, is very pleasant & efficient. I had surgery at the Pismo Beach Coastal Surgical Institute & the above accolades followed through there also.
Dr. Schuekler is highly recommended and probably an excellent doctor & surgeon, but he doesn't have thorough communication w/ his patients. He assumes patients have a higher level of knowledge & understanding about their conditions than they actually do. The office/referral staff are beyond bad. 3 times in there, each time needing a referral or some kind of communication with my Primary "we'll take care of that today", and not only did it not happen, but I went for weeks with injury untreated
Dr. Laird is a wonderful orthopedic surgeon. He has replaced both of my hips and total shoulder replacements on both. When I have pre op and post op appts. with him it is as if he has all the time in the world to answer all my questions. Very caring and comforting. I also have many friends who feel the same way.
I saw Dr. Devine for the first time as a follow up for my fractured left patella. The front desk staff was efficient and friendly, and there was no waiting. I did have to wait for an examination room, but again the nurses were very good in checking my medical history and taking 2 x-rays of my knee. When Dr. Devine came in the first thing he did was apologize for the wait time. He was friendly, took time to explain what I needed to do before my next appointment, very professional.
Dr Devine has done a knee arthroscopy on me, & now a total hip. He listens w/out interrupting, main- trains eye contact, is straightforward, kind & very pleasant. I never leave w/out all my questions answered. I trust his knowledge & surgical skills implicitly. I hope I need no further surgeries, but I would only see Dr Devine in the future if I did.
Saw Dr Devine once for my damaged triceps and occasional carpel issues. Instead of helping me out he actually questioned my injury "credibility"! Amazing. I recommend you go elsewhere for injuries.
Dr. Woods did a right total knee replacement for me in 2015 and a left total knee replacement in 2017. Both experiences were positive and the results wonderful.
Dr. Woods recently performed an anterior approach total hip replacement on me. The whole process went smoothly and in a very timely manner. Dr. Woods and his team were professional, informative and caring during my hospital stay. I would highly recommend Dr. woods and his team for your orthopedic needs.
Personable, positive, easy to work with. Noticed minor diconnect between directions from Dr. Devine and his medical staff, specifically around acquiring the needed prescription. Overall a very good experience though.
Dr. Woods is kind & caring. I appreciated having his reference guide book to refer to before total hip replacement & afterward. Jill, his medical assistant called back with answers to other questions. I selected Dr. Woods because he uses the anterior approach and the positive outcomes of other THR patients.
Dr. Devine is the physician that did my total hip replacement (THR). He was very thorough about explaining the condition of my hip; the options I had for the treatment of my hip and the pain I was having for 1 1/2 yrs in my hip, lower back and leg; what to expect for the THR process; and graciously answered all my questions. I had total confidence in his assessments. I am now 3 months post-op, and very pleased with the level of care I received. I am a 70 yr old active female.
My experience with Dr. Woods is a "textbook" example of what I hope and expect to receive from my surgeon. From the initial appointment to the actual surgery and follow-up, he treated me with respect, fully explained why he felt my hip replacement surgery was indicated and constantly demonstrated he personally cared about my overall well being. I could list more superlatives but think it best just to say Dr. Woods will receive my highest recommendation to family and friends. He is the best!!!
I have not seen Dr Schueckler; I am rating the front office staff, especially the person closer to the door @3:40, Tuesday afternoon, 2/22. I have a compression hairline fracture of my right tibia, a strained ligament & have had trouble getting an orthopedic appointment. She was great when I came in. I'm in pain and disorganized, and she was patient helping me sort out the problem. I appreciate her skill.
Doctor Woods was warm, friendly, concerned and reassuring. His examination and his explanations were thorough. He probed for any questions or concerns I might have and urged me to get back to him if I felt I needed further attention.
I was referred to Dr. Woods by a friend who had a hip replacement done by him. When I visited Dr. Woods he gave me a booklet that described the procedure and pre-op and post-op information and questions, which was very helpful. When I met with him, he carefully outlined what he was going to do and how he was going to do it. I felt completely prepared and comfortable with this information. My surgeries (both hips) went extremely well and I am so very pleased to have him for my doctor!!
Once i was able to see Dr. Woods my experience with CCO was excellent. Dr. Woods and his Medical Assistant, Jill, were efficient, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. They went way beyond to schedule my surgery to accommodate my needs and make sure I understood what the surgery entailed. I must mention that whoever answers your phones is unfriendly and unhelpful. I spent 2 additional needless months in pain due to, what i felt, was her hostile attitude.
I would highly recommend Dr. Woods to family & friends. The booklet about the procedure he gives patients is excellent.
Very professional and caring which left no fear while on the operating table. His vast experience left little to no residual pain during healing time. He also was considerate of my particular needs modifying convention on surgery day. All of his staff and assistance, including the anaesthesiologist were also very caring. I went back to physical labor on the 41st day post op and am back to my old self. No comparison as to pre surgery and post op in my abilities. I can't thank Dr Woods enough.
Dr. Schueckler is an outstanding asset to the Central Coast. I had a complete avulsion of the hamstring . He performed surgery to reattach all three areas of the hamstring to my sit bone. I am very thankful that he performed the surgery, very happy with the end results. He is extremely professional but at the same time extremely warm and friendly. I think he is outstanding in his profession and I highly recommend him!!!
Dr. Devine is the finest physician I have ever had in many years and certainly since we moved to the Central Coast over three years ago. He is my Orthopedic Surgeon and performed a left anterior hip replacement five months ago. It was a tremendously successful surgery and I feel better now than I have for many years. Dr. Devine was so informative about every aspect of the surgery and so compassionate. He is such a positive man and I respect his knowledge and expertise so much.
i arrived at 2:55 for my 3 p.m. appt, with my 'new patient' paperwork all filled out. i waited in reception 1 hour exactly. exam room wait was 18 minutes. i met with Dr. Fryer for 9 minutes, which is likely adequate for the diagnosis. there were other patients that also had this experience my day, the front desk had no explanation for the wait time. when i arrived at 2:55, i asked if Dr.Fryer was on schedule; the receptionist said yes, no emergencies, and said i was next!
Dr. Fryer explained what was needed to ease my "trigger finger." He gave me a cortizone injection and explained that it would take a few days for the full effect.
Dr. Woods is very patient oriented. He gave me a booklet with a very thorough review of the procedure, excellent photos and a good list of things I needed to do to have the best results. I liked his staff and especially his med. asst. Jill. She was also very informative. Most all of my questions were answered in the booklet and even for those that were not answered....there was a place in the book to write them down so I would remember to ask Dr. Woods. He always asked if I had questions.
I like Dr. Spoo because he fixed my right knee and my daughter's broken ankle. He did a fine job on both. But I had a 9:30 appointment and didn't see Dr. Spoo until 10:50. The last 45 minutes of waiting was in an examining room with the door shut and no word from anyone about why it was taking so long. It felt a lot like solitary confinement.
Dr. laird was very highly recommended to me and i now reccomend him to all of my friends. He has replaced both of my hips and one of my knees. I am very happy with all three . He is a great listener and then he swings right into action. His office staff are all great as well
Easy to talk with, very professional, surgeries have all gone great.
Devine told my son at his first visit his knee injury was one of the worst he had ever seen. Forgot to check and repair damage items in surgery, which lead to my son having another surgery. Used the (un injured) patella tendon against our wishes which lead to patella problems. Forgot my sons injury from visit to visit. At one of our last visits told my son to "grow a pair" and "good thing it wasn't one of those really bad injuries like he had seen in the past." (WHAT!!!!!!) Really bad memory.
Aria got me in very quickly to see the Doctor for an examination and follow up to deal with an encounter with a table saw. Dr. Fryer and his assistant, Sonya are very professional and friendly. Hope I won't need to go back anytime soon!
Doctor Devine quickly and correctly diagnosed my knee issue. After an MRI to confirm, we discussed my options and chose surgery. The surgery went incredibly well. I literally felt better the day after surgery than I had in three years. Clearly Doctor Devine is a talented surgeon. What also sets him apart is that I never felt like I was a drain on his time. Each time we met he sat with me until all my questions were answered. I was made to feel like his only patient. 5 stars from me!
If you want a McDr. This is your man. He only spent 11 min with me and even after i told him what didint work on me and that was exactly what he gave me. To make matters worse told me to come back in 6 weeks. If this is how he treats any more of his clients other then me he shouldnt be allowed to be a dr. or change his hame to McDr. Spoo
Dr. Woods was extremely thorough, providing a booklet written by him covering details of what to expect of my hip replacement, how to prepare for it, the surgery itself and complete instructions for after care. He never seemed in a hurry during any of my visits with him. i am thrilled with my results.
He gave my husband the time he needed to explain his concerns, Did not give us the feeling that he was hushing us thru. His office staff was, very cordial, kind and patience with us. Jill took extra time pulling out the staples. He was clear, easy to understand and explained the knee replacement procedure to us several times as we asked questions. His confidence in his method of doing the procedure, recommended after care gave us a sense of being in capable hands, his and everyone at French.
Dr. Devine was knowledgeable, polite, personable, and answered my questions patiently. I would highly recommend this doctor.
I've been seeing Dr. Devine for over twenty years. Dr. Devine has always been great to see and provides thoughtful and insightful expertise. In addition and most important, his staff has been great to work with as well.
Dr. Devine was very thoughtful in deciding the best course of treatment for me after an accident. He was on the fence about whether or not I needed surgery but ultimately felt that we needed to hold off. His decision was spot on & saved me from additional trauma. I appreciate his kind demeanor & well thought out approach. My only real issues were in trying to get my initial appointment after my accident and the poor treatment I (and another patient) recently received from a front desk worker.
I've seen Dr. Woods several times over the years for things, such as carpal tunnel, a broken arm, and recently a bad knee that needs to be replaced. He is always kind and caring, engaging in conversation while he's treating me. He will always take the time to answer any questions you may have. He has sometimes sent me for physical therapy after surgeries, and other times told me what I can do at home to avoid having to go to therapy. The best and nicest ortho I've ever seen in my 64 years.
This is my 3rd surgery with Dr. Schueckler and this knee replacement went great. He is able to communicate in layman's terms and does not try to rush though recovery but guides you through. He listens but you have to follow his guideline and recovery is much better.
Dr. Woods takes the time to LISTEN. And he really knows what he's doing.
Very knowledgeable, listens to what you say, really pays attention. I have been seeing him for several years and he is very consistent.
Dr. Woods listened and studied thoroughly regarding my condition. He answered all my questions. I felt as though he would have taken as much time as I needed, and I did need about twenty minutes. It did take me about six weeks to get into him, but I think that if I had been in great pain, I would have been able to get in sooner.
I liked the way I was treated by Dr. Woods and his staff. Everything was explained clearly and treatment sounded very reasonable.
Dr. Devine listens without a rush to treatment. He discusses alternatives, the pros and cons of each, and provides honest patient feedback regarding those things the patient can do or may need to do to improve the condition for which s/he is seeking treatment. He is knowledgeable, kind and skilled.
Dr. Fryer gave me the choice of either an injection or surgery for my trigger finger. I opted for the injection which was done quickly and immediately following my decision. I was advised that if the injection didn't resolve the problem, that I should return. He was just as pleasant as he was 11 years ago when I saw him for a trigger thumb (with injection).
good dr. to patient relationship and excellent results.
Dr. Woods performed a total knee replacement on me and I am very happy with the results.
I had an extremely unusual problem in which several spinal surgeons had mis-diagnosed my pain problems. After going to Stanford, I was told it was my hip. When I returned to the area, a friend of my wife's, (a surgical nurse) recommended Dr. Woods. I couldn't be more happy. Three weeks later, I'm pain free and am on top of the world. I can't praise my experience with Dr. Woods enough!
He was courteous, thorough, and seemed concerned with my knee pain.
Dr. Woods has been treating myself and my husband for over 10 years now and he is kind, explains all the options, is very dedicated to his profession. It's been difficult lately to get into see him in a timely manner. Seems he needs more help. Jill his nurse is awesome as well.They both have gone out of their way to accommodate us when possible.
I met Dr Wood in the Emergency Room at French Hospital after he was asked to look at my x-rays. No one had a definite idea as to what my injury was since it only occurs in .02% of the time and rarely outside of sports. He immediately took charge and I had more xrays and within a week I had a 3 in plate in my foot. All through the surgery and follow up he couldn't have been nicer. Very concerned for my welfare and even had me read the research on how it should be fixed. So grateful
I had heard excellent comments about Dr. Woods before I met him to discuss a total hip replacement. But when my wife and I did meet him, any lingering doubts vanished. He connects with his patients in a very personal way {which isn't always the case with excellent surgeons}. I felt he understood my anxiety about the first major surgery of my life. His manual for patients was invaluable. Everything went as expected or better. He and his staff are true professionals. God bless them all.
He explained every detail of my surgery during my pre-op visit. He listened to my concerns.
7 weeks after my wrist surgery to repair a torn ligament and I am already gaining more strength and motion that I should. Dr. Fryer is good at what he does in terms of surgery, but in appointments he is a minimalist. If you want information you have to ask questions.
Dr. Woods is the BEST doctor I have ever visited. I had a total hip replacement and was walking with very little pain...the same day! Also, in the hospital room with me was a 77 year old lady who had the same surgery, the same day and with the same doctor, Dr. Woods. She also recovered as quickly as I did with very little pain as I. I was back to my usual routine at home within a month. My hip is doing so well that I can walk up to six miles a day. (I am 63 years old). Go see him!
Dr. Woods is an excellent surgeon and a very kind man. My hip replacement surgery, including the preparation and recuperation, happened without a hitch thanks to Dr. Woods' skill, experience, compassion, and organization. He gives you a booklet that explains the whole process in detail. I am so grateful to be out of pain and able to walk and garden again. I feel like a new woman!
He did my carpal tunnel surgery a few years ago on both wrists. They healed perfectly and they are 100% better. I do heavy work with my hands daily and my arms have never had any pain or problems. Perfect surgery and full recovery back to 100%. His style is a bit gruff but I prefer straight talk from my doctor as opposed to sugar coated. He is very professional.
Great information leading up to surgery. Also, many precautions taken to avoid infection during surgery. Doing the anterior hip replacement is much less invasive and recovery much faster! Dr. Woods is very thorough, very skilled and very thoughtful.
He was very rude and answered the phone while in a appointment with my mom. This last appointment he told my mom she was a crappy patient and made her cry. He called her boss and was just really trashy. He's taking her out of work longer than she needs to be. Point being he's a TERRIBLE person and Doctor.
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