After 20 years with the same primary care physician, we felt lost when he retired. He referred us to Dr. Samarasinghe who we had met only once. After my husband's an my first appointment, I feel that we are in good hands. He was up-to-date on our histories, used the professional literature when describing his recommendations, and listened to our concerns. I am looking forward to a positive relationship, joint decision-making, and treatment that is consistent with evidence-based practice.
If You want a Doctor who will give you any Pain Pill you want until you are hooked on them and have to come back to him every 30 days so he gets a paid office visit, then this is your doctor. He did a great job of getting my relative hooked on pills and now their other doctor is working to get them off. I know, it's probably both their faults but he knew the problem and did nothing about it. He may be a good doctor in other areas but I'm not impressed
Dr. Sam is highly competent, personable and thorough in his treatment of the whole person. He listens well, does not rush and is straight-forward in his assessments and recommendations. He oversees my all my medical needs, makes sure all tests and vaccinations are scheduled, and when a specialist is required, he has a field of medical experts to refer. I can't speak more highly of Dr. Samarasinghe.
Excellent physician. I was given a same day appointment which is rare these days. Dr. Wen took his time and listened. I couldn't have hoped for a more caring professional. I will, and have recommended Dr. Wen to friends looking for a primary care physician!
Wonderful, caring Doctor. Took his time to address my needs. Highly recommended.
Went to Dr Wen for pre op testing needed by orthopedic surgeon. Lab tests done,, He did ekg. in office, said sent results to heart dr, who calls later still hasn''t received. Referred me to Imaging Healthcare 4 chest x-ray got my name wrong,, more calls for results. Dr Wen would not prescribe post op painkiller scripts wanted from gp , said uncomfortable not knowledgeable only vicodin, i cant take. Will need another other dr Too many calls still not oked for surgery, no ekg fax.Not good
Dr. Samarasinghe has treated both my Grandmother as well as my mother. He was absolutely fabulous for both. His bedside manner is unmatched and it is so rare to get a doctor you can trust these days.

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