No bedside manner what so ever! No empathy! Makes you feel like you're stupid.. I'm not sure why I let him do my surgery , I felt like a farm animal, just getting pushed threw the process . Think it's time for him to go to pasture.
I wasn't disappointed after my visit with Dr. Ng. She was very pleasant and made me feel comfortable on my first visit with her. I really liked how she approached my needs and I had full confidence in her. I really feel good about going to her. The staff was equally helpful and nice, and the office is very comfortable. I am so happy to have found Dr. Ng.
Down to earth, no nonsense professional , lucky find for my family.
Really poor skills and bad decisions almost killed me!!
Was at my hospital bedside at 7:30 am and he had already reviewed my MRI's and radiology notes. Brilliant, willing to listen, and come with a plan in mind to get things done. You will not meet many doctors even close to this level of expertise and caring.
She keeps copious notes on everything I said. She reviews the notes before she meets with me for follow ups. She talk to you with no concern for the clock. She is very competent and explanatory. I highly recommend her for general medical matters.
She is on top of everything and very thorough
She listens & has a genuine concern for her patients. She is very knowledgeable-not only working in private practice but also in an E/R to expand her skills & practice. She takes the time needed to answer any questions to ensure you are well informed. She is hands down the best-I would much rather see her than any doctor--Highly recommend!
He is unprofessional, unsanitary,and very rude, I almost died from a Cesarean done by Nasise, I won't even call him a doctor who ever gave him a medical license should be fired and incarcerated right along with him.
He was very kind, thoughtful about the best treatment, and most of all, he never made me feel like he was in a hurry. He listened.
She was awesome. A person who really cares and wants wellness for her patients.
Great man knows what he's going.
Amazing, wonderful and a true good experience. She is one of a kind.
Dr helseth is wonderful. He really has helped me to understand what has happened to me and made me feel much less stressed about the stroke i had. Sometimes your docs don't take the time to really talk to you. I would highly recommend dr helseth.
Outstanding! Wonderful! Very kind. I had hip replacement surgery April 25th, 2017. I stayed only one night in the hospital. On my feet next day. Both Dr. Brubaker and his PA Aaron were so helpful and explanatory. I could not be more happy with the results. The anterior approach is the best way for quick recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Brubaker for any joint replacement surgery.
I had a spinal fusion of L3 and L4 in February 2017 performed by Dr. Jones. He is an excellent surgeon with excellent bedside manner. He makes sure you understand the procedure, gives you options and is not one to do any unnecessary surgery. I no longer have any pain and my legs are no longer numb. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jones. I would not go anywhere else for this type of surgery!!!
Just had shoulder surgery with Dr. Daniel 5 weeks ago loved how he explained everything before the surgery and the after care has been great, and his office staff are the best . Will continue with hi with any other orthopedic problems and I have a couple.... He is wonderful anyone looking for a GREAT orthopedic dr should see him
Do not go to this doctor. She is only open 3 days a week. It is almost impossible to get prescription refilled on time. If you run out of medication...too bad you must abide by her strict rules to get simple medications renewed. If you don't then you just get rude messages left on the phone and no medication. No compassion from Dr. Magu or her rude staff.
Dr Brubaker is wonderful. He and his staff care about you as a person, not just another surgery or money. Was given time to ask questions and received answers I could understand. I highly recommend him. He did my third hip surgery on my right hip. I feel wonderful.
Dr Dong is all about money. I was told not to bring in a list of problems or prescription. I need to make an appointment for each item as this Quote This is my bread and butter. He fails to listen because he is too busy on his Google eye piece. Sad
He listened well and explains procedure very thorough. His assistants are also very involved.staff and office real nice
I was Dr. Daniels patient for many many years and when he left the practice in reading it broke my heart and then I lost track of him and now I have found him and I hope that he will take me back as his patient because I know that he does a better job for me than any orthopedist I've ever been with. Lynda J Bailey Williamson
I saw Dr. Manning in 2012 after a motorcycle accident and blew my knee out. He was realistic, honest, added humor to a crappy situation, and gave me great advice. I highly recommend him. Can't wait to see him next year and get my knee looked at for ACL surgery. I will fly from California to Arizona to have the procedure done if need be and pay out of pocket cash if my Kaiser does not pick it up. He is that good. -William from California
Would not ever go back to this doctor .....please beware there are a lot of better Doctors out there
First saw Dr. Daniel in 2005. Followed him to Mt. Shasta where he did shoulder surgery. Now he is in Red Bluff. Called for appointment and because he is in Red Bluff and they don't have any records, I have to go to my personal physician first? Extra cost for me and my insurance carriers? This is something he had seen before and explained what needed to be done and when I was ready to come back. Sorry. This is the poorest of service. I am truly upset I will have to start all over.
Dr. Jones did a very complicated spine hardware removal that any other Dr. might have given up on. The hardware was put in place by another Dr. in the Bay Area years prior, the hardware was discontinued by the manufacturer making unlocking next to impossible. The difference in my quality of life was tremendous after it was taken out. Dr. Jones was always kind, informative & I recommend him to everyone I know considering back surgery.
Her bedside manner may not be the best but she is a wonderful surgeon. She saved my dads life!
Made my son wait 2 days to try and get scheduled only to tell us that he wasn't going to accept the referal
I met Mr. Bonnett when he was working for the VA clinic here in Redding, Ca as my primary . We just arrived back in town after a few years over seas in 2014. At that time I was told that I needed a heart transplant and a lung transplant since my heart was pumping at about 7%. I believe that because of his knowledge and concern and his positive attitude that I am alive today. He knew the correct treatment at the correct time. Thank you Mr. Bonnett!
This review is in response to Dr Jim Bonnett who works along side of Dr Jones. This gentleman has been my doctor at the VA outpatient clinic and has always shown the care and easily understood terminology. Spent a quite amount of time with my wife and I yesterday explaining in detail my back problem and what was causing the pain that I have been experiencing. Answered all of our questions and offered some alternatives in order to help with my pain. I have always come away very satisfied.
I was referred to Dr. Alspaugh for a hernia. I was in the room with my 5 yr old son who has Autism he was sitting in a chair playing on my phone and talking quietly to himself when the Dr and I were talking she then opened up the door and told my son that he has to leave the room cause she can't talk to me with him talking. So I told her that he is Autistic and he doesn't understand she then shrugged her shoulders and told my son to leave again! I have never been treated like this with any Dr!
Zero stars. My husband had a massive stroke after a long cardiac infection then had open heart surgery to repair damage from infection. She refused to renew half of his meds ordered by the cardiac surgeon and the rehab Doctor. Potassium, Protonix etc. she has no compassion, no insight on patient needs and apparently no knowledge of the affects from a severe stroke. I work in the medical field and found her attitude appalling. I would NEVER see her again or recommend this "Doctor".
Wonderful doctor and all around human being
Dr. Hatter has a presence about him that made me feel instantly at ease. He is incredibly smart and eager to help. Highly recommend !!!
I definitely would never recommend Dr. Magu! I would never recommend dealing with her staff.
Dr. Magu gets no stars. She is very rude and not sympathetic or understanding at all. It was really odd the first visit when she made our children leave the room (they are ages 4 and 6), which should have been our first clue. She also wasted our time and money with an unnecessary visit and doesn't know how to talk to or understand her patients. We will never be going back to her or this office ever again. Don't waste your money & insurance on her, especially if you have a serious health problem.
Dr. Dong was very personable and approachable. He offered answers to questions before I even had the time to ask. He made sure I new about a specific medication and how it works in my body before I said yes I was willing to try it. His office staff is also very friendly and caring.
The best orthopedic doctor, ever! He stays on top of everything and his staff is wonderful!!!
Dr. Daniel explained the procedure to me in detail. I have bone spurs in my shoulders which cause problem such as a torn rotator cuff and bicep tendon. I have had rotator cuff surgery 3 times due to the bone spurs. My family has been very happy with Dr. Daniel. He always has talked with them after surgery.
Dr Brubaker performed TKR on both of my knees approx eight months apart. Rehab went smoothly and now well over a year and a half out, I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome.
He explained everything in words I could understand. He showed empathy and humor ( traits lacking in most MDs) His staff was so quick I was not able to finish even one page in the book i borught to read, because I did not have to wait. His PA Mr Irey isequally talented and courteous. I recommend Dr. Jones without reservation
Dr. Jones gave me the ability to continue forward in life. His professionalism and knowledge are second to none. Nothing could be said to describe this mans compassion for his patients. Unlike many other surgeons who cut and hand off, dr. Jones is by your side throughout your recovery and always makes himself available for questions. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my spine. Thank you Dr. Jones!
I have had 2 total knee replacements by Dr B, all good now. Thanks to him abd surgical staff.
Very good doctor, patient, careing and very helpful. Shows that he cares for your problem. Highly recommend!

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