Not a good experience and now don't care of exciting patient if you are not enrolled for his program which cost thousands of dollars ..
Years of visits with Dr. Hendrick. His interest was only to prescribe blood pressure medication, the last one being Hydrocholorothalizide, a diuretic, which drained my body of nutrition, calcium,potassium, etc., causing extreme hair loss, broken teeth and cavities, etc., Unnecessary tests, x-rays, MRIs, etc., using incorrect medical terminology causing one+ years of ordeal dealing with CHOMPS accounting! Requested $1,800 fees or leave as the medical club required the funds or dump patients.Wow!
Would never recommend her to anyone. She has no compassion rather rude, would not go back. Sad really her office staff is helpful, just not her.
That office staff does not know what they are doing,because they are always changing associateso there . My wife had a appointment there and the staff charged her a 50 dollar copay and we do not have a copay with our insurance provider make sure you take documents with for your coverage because no body answer there phones when blue Cross is trying to call the to confirm that we do not have a copay this office has gone down hill
Horrible doctor. I kept telling her I suffer from tremors and she continually dismissed it as anxiety. Even put me on antidepressants! Turns out I have a neurological condition, a very common one, and she should've been knowledgeable enough to send me to a neurologist. And I remember getting a very nasty message from her once telling me I was overdue for my yearly physical. Once I ran out of my inhaler, and kept calling her for a refill, and she blew me off. Then I had a terrible asthma attack.
I have gone to Dr. Hendrick since he started his practice. My Mom is the one that found him and he was endorsed by Dr. Steven Packer. He was fabulous when my Mom was at the hospital. He would see her and call me at 7:30 AM and give me a report on her status. Sadly, the medical system has changed and he no longer goes to the hospital - as I learned when I was a recent guest. Dr. Hendrick always listens to me and looks out for me. Very easy to work with and he puts up with my quirkiness.
I highly recommend Doctor Hendricks. Professional, understanding, friendly, does not waste patient's time or his own time, willing to listen about concerns. His staff members are very nice. Waiting time is very short without delays.
waited for an hour just to get into the exam room and wait some more. While waiting a nurse came in to give me a flu shot which I don't need and have already had, she said if I didn't need the shot I was done and could leave. I asked if that's it? I'm not going to see the doctor? She said she would go ask. I told Dr. Dwelle when she finally came and she said she likes to spend a lot of time with her patients and I could proceed or not. She spent 30 minutes with me. No bedside manner.
I have been seeing Dr. Hendrick since he first started. He is an excellent doctor that really listens to his patients. I now have most of my family seeing him as well as my grandma. He is kind, compassionate and you never feel like he doesn't have time for you. He cares about his patients. Highly recommend this doctor

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