very disappointing
Dr Cvar is wonderful! I met her while I was in the ER, and she was so gentle, kind and considerate towards my condition, and made me so much more at peace with what was happening. She followed with the same attitude the next day, and for my follow-up appointment at her office, where she spent some quality time just talking to me; about my condition, healing, and moving forward. I could not have asked for a better doctor! Her office nurse, Holly, is also incredible!
I was seen by Baginski for a few prenatal visits as I miscarried. But that's not why this review is bad I am in no way blaming him or his staff for that. It just seems to me he should be limiting his patient intake. If you come here expect to wait at least an hour and a half and only to feel rushed while he's in the room. I sadly miscarried my baby and not he or his staff confirmed this. My last call was to tell me my hcg levels had dropped to low to be viable. I was never booked another appt.
I have had 2 csections with him. He has great manner, very knowledgeable. Best obgyn ever! Takes the time for me and always a call away .
Dr. Stadler is kind and caring. He listened to my concerns and always respected my birth plan. I switched to him when I was 20 weeks pregnant with twins. I had 2 prior cesareans but wanted a VBA2C. My previous OB would not allow it. After many calls to others, Dr. Stadler said he would meet with me. After taking the time to look at my prior OBs report, he said we could try. He gave me hope. He believed I could do it and at 37 weeks I gave birth vaginally to 2 healthy baby girls.
Have a teenage daughter who was uncertain about going to a female gyno - Cathy has a daughter of her own and was able to speak with me (the parent) and my daughter (the child) in ways we both understood, with a kindness that we appreciated and a clarity that told us what is going on. She is a beyond a 5 star grade!
The wait time is at least 30-45mins. The doctor doesn't spend much time with you answering your questions. The entire appointment is always rushed.
Thank goodness for Dr Baginski. I went into Mission Hospital ER with severe anemia and large uterine fibroids. After getting passed around from doctor to doctor due to my recent history of PE and DVT. Doctor Baginski consulted with me while I was admitted and took me into the OR within an hour of meeting him. He performed a Hystectomy through laparoscopy and the bleeding stopped immediately. Recovery was better than I had hoped. He was diligent and acted fast on my behalf.
I waited 50 minutes without being called and left. My mother was seen by this doctor last week and also waited 50 mins. in the waiting room, then 45 mins. in a paper gown before the MD came in. She called me crying from the parking lot-she said she felt humiliated and the MD had no time for a question-she told my Mom "make another appt." Appalling
I saw Dr. Salcido because I had a large uterine fibroid, (think cantaloupe). He is just the best! He took me through my options, taking great care to explain every detail. With his help I decided to have a hysterectomy (keeping my ovaries). I had never had surgery so I was nervous. In his bio is this sentence: “My philosophy is to provide personalized care with the same commitment and compassion that I would give to my own family." That is absolutely true. I'm 3 weeks post, and I feel great!
Rude, condescending and her office staff is just as rude and unkind. Would not recommend this practice especially if you are first time mom looking for a joyous and meaningful experience. Your dreams will be crushed. Additionally the office is not very nice or very clean.
Dr. Capobianco has been my OB/GYN for almost 10 years. He has delivered all 3 of my children and I wouldn't go anywhere else. We even moved 45 min away and I still drove to see him for my pregnancies and births. Hands down, the best doctor I've ever experienced. He's patient, professional but also caring. He makes sure you are taken care of and puts you first. Love love love dr. Capo!
Dr Cvar was recommended but never have I been more disgusted or disappointed in a Doctor. It was clear she felt I had enough children already and should not have more. She dissuaded me from having another child by telling me at my age (36) I could have twin daughters with Down syndrome. During my pregnancy she misread ultrasounds, pushed for early D&C's, and made devastating medical decisions that ultimately caused a miscarriage of a healthy baby.
I wanted to write this letter to personally thank Dr. Cvar for taking special care of me on my hysterectomy, she takes her work serious, is experienced, and strives for excellence! Thank you again for your caring, personal and professional care. she is one of the only providers I really feel heard and helped. It is not just the treatment, but the care and empathy shown by doctors like her who make the world a better place to live I will be forever grateful to her for all she has done for me.
Horrible experience with front office staff and his nurse Wendy, she is extremely rude and dismissive. Lost test results, yelling on the phone, slamming down the phone/hung up, then told me they wouldn't bill my insurance again - acting as if they are doing me a favor for them losing test results. She has the worst bedside manner I've ever seen in the medical community. Nasty.
He's delivered 2 of my children and saved my life from a serious health problem. Best Dr ever.
Very patient doctor. First doctor I've had who listened to my symptoms and didn't just prescribe medicine but actually tried to find the source of the problem. He's great with time management and really takes time to read charts and do his best. He is honest and my health has gotten the attention and care it deserves. I'm really grateful.
Dr Cvar is no longer a doctor I would refer to any of my friends or family. My last visit left me in shock and disbelief. She had a horrible bedside manner. This is a doctor who had seen me for 10+ years and she's no longer that doctor I met 10 years ago. It's not appropriate for a doctor to talk about insurance companies and when she does or doesn't get paid. Or how busy she is. She was rude and heartless and very unprofessional in explaining the situation of my early pregnancy.
Knowledgable obsteitician. Dr. Ramirez is an expert in her field and demonstrated that expertise with my difficult delivery. Her calmness, caring, and skill helped me remain calm throughout my whole delivery. I highly recommend her.
The best doctor I have ever had. Dr. Hashad is caring, thorough, very knowledgeable, explains everything in easy to understand terms, professional, and has an excellent bedside manner. She is my and my adult daughter's doctor, and has been for years, and we both have been extremely pleased.

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