Find another surgeon to do eyes. He had decent bedside manner but I had a bad outcome. Loads of complications and scarring.
If you are thinking of double eyelid surgery, please reconsider! I saw Dr. Chen several years ago and asked for low, tapered creases, and ended up with a high parallel crease on one eye and a lower tapered crease on the other. My results are asymmetrical and unnatural (obviously surgical). I regret it every day and it's impossible to revise, so I'm permanently stuck with a ruined face and a ruined life. In my case, Dr. Chen's "expert" knowledge did not translate into surgical results.
I contacted Dr Chen 4 yrs ago and was uncertain about surgery. He never pushed or was impatient with me because I needed time. He always answered questions and listened well. I contacted surgeons and ophthalmologists. None put me at ease like Dr. Chen. His specialization in the eye and expert understanding of asian eyes made him the only choice for me. This month I had the procedure and am happy with my results. Dr. Chen listened to what I wanted & expertly carried out what we discussed.
The best doctor for Asian eyelids. He makes it so natural and the recovery is quick. He is aways available to answer questions. I was so impressed I flew from out of state to use him for the second time. The first time was 20 years ago.
I had double eyelid surgery with Dr. Chen in February and traveled from the east coast to do so. Dr. Chen made me feel very comfortable and understood my vision. He was very gentle during surgery and I did not feel any pain afterwards. I had a little bruising and swelling on my eyes, which is normal, but they healed rather quickly. I know I still have some healing left to do since it's only been about a month, but I love the results so far. My coworkers keep commenting on how natural it looks!
Dr. Chen did a revision on one of my droopy eyelid. The ptosis occurred after I had an upper blepharoplasty performed by another doctor (well known in the media and "realself") in Beverly Hills. I'm almost 3 month post-op and I couldn't be any happier with my results. My only regret is not going to him first. I was fortunate enough to hear about him on an online forum. My whole experience from the free consultation to the post op has been wonderful. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Chen!!!
Dr. Chen is the best of the best. Surgery around the eye is measured in millimeters. He is a true master!
Dr. Chen is a truly AMAZING doctor. He is genuine, caring, confident, assertive and precise. Through the whole process, from the consultation to the operation and the post op followup, I was never afraid. I had total confidence in Dr. Chen as he did himself. I am more than happy with the results. I admire Dr. Chen his commitment to himself , his patients make him the best at what he does. I absolutely and enthusiastically recommend him. He "CARES"!
Dr Cben is worth flying across the the US for. He did my surgery 22 years ago and again this year. I wouldn't go anywhere else. He will guarantee you a very natural look. If your afraid to look contrived and artificial than he is the person to see. He listens and has the best bed side manner. The surgery was painless and done under local. I didn't even need Tylenol after surgery. I'm in plastic surgery and flew to Dr Chen because I wanted the best and would never compromise on my face. He is #1
Dr. Chen is a wonderful doctor who is not only a specialist in performing eyelid surgeries, but also a caring doctor. I had two previous eyelid surgeries that failed and Dr. Chen were able to fix my problem. He also checked up frequently after the surgery.
Dr. Chen is an extremely talented surgeon. His surgical skills is precise and amazing. Not only that, Dr. Chen is patient and attentive to all your concerns and questions. I have consulted various doctors for the blepharoplasty. Dr. Chen made me feel very comfortable with going forth with this procedure I have been wanting for years. I also flew from the East coast to have this procedure done by Dr. Chen. Dr C and his staff made this whole experience a very smooth one. Definitely worth the trip!
Dr. Chen is amazing! He is the most knowledgeable doc in his field, which is why people from all over the world come to see him. I recently visited his office because another surgeon messed up my eyes. I was so touched by his thoughtfulness, communication skills, and level of knowledge. I regret not coming to him from the beginning. This man is the real deal. He knows his stuff (he writes the textbooks that medical students use) yet he's humble and down to earth. Even his staff are wonderful.
Before coming to Dr. Chen, I researched doctors throughout California who could perform the eyelid surgery I needed. I had never had surgery before, so I was very nervous about finding the right doctor. All of those concerns floated away once I consulted Dr. Chen. Dr. Chen has a warm bedside manner, listens attentively to patient concerns, and is incredibly knowledgeable - he truly is the leading expert in his field. Four months post-surgery, I am beyond happy with the results! Thank you!!!

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