I had total left hip replacement surgery on June 28, 2017. Dr. Desantis and his staff did a great job. I had my one month follow up appointment today and was quickly taken to get a new x-ray for the doctor to review the progress of the implant. Upon return to the consultation room, I was greeted by Dr. Desantis who reviewed my x-ray with me and provided guidance and direction for my ongoing recovery. He took the time to answer all of my questions and was genuinely interested in my condition.
As a recently retired R.N. needing double hip replacement surgery for osteoarthritis, I am happy I found Dr. DeSantis. I researched orthopedic surgeons in the Palm Springs area and learned he uses the anterior approach with a small incision. Meeting Dr. DeSantis sealed the decision for me: he was willing to operate on both hips at the same time; he is approachable, communicative, warm and very competent. I am eight weeks post-op, walking and driving without aid, fully enjoy retirement.
My daughter had knee pain and was leaving for an intensive tennis academy and we needed to see the doctor right away. We actually got a same day appointment due to a cancellation. Our office wait time was minimal and the doctor was very thorough. He took X-rays on site and then expedited an MRI with only a 1-2 days wait . He spent ample time talking with us about his prognosis and then offered to call and email the MRI results while we were headed to the camp.
Had anterior left hip replacement surgery with Dr. Desantis. My experience was amazing. I had surgery at 9:00 AM and was up walking by 2:00 PM. He and his staff did a great job and my staff at Eisenhower Medical Center were awesome and caring. My favorite joke was that I was enjoying my time at the spa!!
As a retired RN I was appalled at this Doctors attitude as he evaluated my husband. He offered no education or advice. He was narrow minded on medical treatments. Made my husband feel hopeless. We felt as though this visit was a waste of time. He acted unprofessional in his reaction to treating my husbands foot problem . Do not go to this podiatrist!!
Dr seems a bit unprofessional in explaining your results to you ,we left thinking that my knees did not have any real issues but bone scan and me is clearly show different and then he recommends steroid injections to knees (and that was a whole different story)His staff is just ridiculous they do not handle there patients with the utmost respect and care you deserve just rude!! Will be staying with my ortho as he is a lot more exp! This dr needs more time in this field,,mine has 25-30 yrs
I had my rotator cuff repaired by Dr St Pierre two months ago. I followed his instructions to a tee. After my visit today, I am able to have almost all my motion back. I just have to wait for the area to heal. The pain I had only lasted about two weeks. I would recommend Dr St Pierre to my best friend. He is going to do my other shoulder in 6 months.
I would not recommend Dr. Gore to my family or friends in need of knee surgery due to the poor communication problems that I experienced with this doctor following complications which resulted after my knee surgery took place on 11/15/2017. Dr. Gore refused to follow up with a recommended MRI of my knee, after an x-ray of my Knee on 4/11/2017 revealed a tibial plateau fracture had occurred following the knee surgery, and my complaints of ongoing severe to moderate pain.
Dr. Schnaser performed a partial knee replacement on me. I went out to lunch and shopping three days later. Never used a cane or walker. Took only Tylenol for pain. I think he must be magic! My PT also said my 25 years of Pilates practice was a big factor in my quick recovery. If you need joint replacement choose a great doctor like Dr Schnaser and go into it in good physical condition.
I would highly recommend Dr Schnaser-I had a full knee replacement and a revision on my opposite hip all within about 3 months. I am a part time resident in Palm Desert and made the effort to find a Dr in the area who specialized in knee and hip surgery and revisions. My prior history was of 5 major hip surgeries-unfortunately time and usage created isssues-pain,discomfort and the loosening of the prosthesis. I am now pain free and my joints are solid-a very "happy camper". Liana Wallman Thanx
Last year, after having seen many specialists, I met Dr. Philip H. Smith with Desert Orthopedic Center. Dr. Smith specializes in comprehensive care in every facet of orthopedics. After listening to my concerns and reviewing my medical history, he had me back on my feet three days later. I see Dr. Smith about twice a year for pain management. He is intellectually curious, keeps abreast of the latest orthopedic technology, and his staff are stellar.
After 5 years of lumbar pain, Dr Cassim suggested a spinal stimulator implant as I am not a candidate for surger due to my Parkinsons. That was a month ago and I have been PAIN FREE ever since! I feel like a new person and am no longer afraid to leave the house due to anticipated pain. Dr Cassim is the most caring and compassionate doctor I have ever worked with and his smile lights up the room! He is a true asset to his profession and to EMC Orthopedics. THANK YOU, DR. CASSIM!!!!
Surgery went well, however after care recommendations..fail. Almost a year after surgery, I cannot walk without cane and am severe pain. Despite three offices, I cannot get an appt FOR THREE MONTHS. Called to speak with supervisor..never returned my calls. VERY UPSET AND NOT SATISFIED
I had an intra Articular injection in my hip by Dr Greco, wow what a relief! It really worked and the experience was so wonderful. His bedside manor is so friendly and caring as his other staff members were also. His nurse and himself talked me through the procedure and I even got to watch. I was suprised, no pain, he was so gentle! His nurse Olivia sat with me and made sure I was safely out the door. I would defininitely reccomend Dr Greco and guess what, the injection started working that day.
Yesterday, I had my last Post Op visit, with Dr DeSantisn, after a total hip replacement. Dr. DeSantis is a God. He is the giver of life for me. I can't say enough about him, his staff, and the staff at EMC. Dr. DeSantis went above and beyond what was required. My first visit he looked at the X Ray and told me that I needed a total hip replacement and I was scheduled for surgery the following Monday. Who does that? Dr. DeSantis, that's who. Thank you Sir, Jeff Byrd
Dr. DeSantis is an EXCELLENT Orthopedic Surgeon. I am in my 80's, I had complete hip replacement. He listened to my questions and concerns and did not interrupt me. His staff were always polite. Rhonda always returned my calls. He is a 5 STAR Doctor.
A year ago Dr. DeSantis Performed a total left hip replacement. I have been pain free, can sleep comfortably, walk normally and improved my quality of life. I owe it all to him.
I have seen several orthopedic surgeons regarding my hips over the years and Dr. Schnaser is by far the best. He is a gifted surgeon. I have total trust in him and would not hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends.
He did both my knees and they healed great. His personality is beyond fantastic as is his PA's who is also great. Terrific staff in Palm Springs.
Excellent Dr... He has helped resilve major sciatic and lower back issues for me.
I heard many positive comments about Dr. Boghosian after being been referred to him for hip surgery and I unequivocally say he exceeded ALL expectations. Aside from his excellent reputation as the best ortho surgeon around, he's incredibly kind & caring - truly a Dr who is sincerely "interested" in his patients. I was up and walking without a walker or cane one week following my surgery! My age (62) and following PT instructions made a big difference but having Dr. B was most important of all
I had a total hip replacement in 2011 and a review of. The same hip in 2016. 2 days after my surgery I was shopping for my daughter's wedding. I haven't had any pain or discomfort. Dr. DeSantis is a genius, very compasionate and with great professional ethics. I highly recommend Dr. DeSantis.
Just had an epidural injection from Dr. Greco; the entire experience was excellent; the admitting and presiding nurse was outstanding; Dr. Greco was also outstanding: a.) he explained what he was doing throughout the procedure; b.) his application of the injection was perfect; I would give this experience an A+. Christian Rasmussen
Three months ago, Dr. DeSantis performed 100% knee replacement for me and nine weeks later I was playing golf. I could not be happier with Dr. DeSantis and his staff. In general, Eisenhower Medical Center did a wonderful job. The one key area they fell short on was pain control as they did not have the ability to control my pain for 44 hours.
Great Dr. and wonderful staff.
I have seen Dr Cassim on several occasions for pain management including injections for pain in both my hips. The staff at the pain clinic has always been very helpful and courteous making sure you are comfortable. The procedures have always been painless and quick. I recommend Dr Cassim to anyone that are in need of pain management.
desantis beyond incompetent. . 3 years not being able to sit since replaced. One doc says back, back says knees. Oct they do a CT Scan. Now I have bone spurs above and below my knee caps. Now no question knee. DeSantis walks in goes to look at Xray. I am trying to give history. He turns says your knees are fine. I was shocked he had not touched my knees, not even looked at CT Scan. Then he says I can't do anything for me. Kept repeating it. Walks Out of the room. Less than 5 minutes. Unreal.
He is the best! How refreshing to meet a doctor who is competent, caring, and who genuinely wants to help you. Dr. Cassim makes you feel that you are his only patient. Under his care, I have no doubt that my 15 year back problem will be a thing of the past. The injections that he gave me have already started to improve my condition. His staff compliments the high level of Professional care that he exudes.
Dr Greco performed a series of epidural injections into my back (spine). His technique is absolutely flawless. I was expecting pain or discomfort and at each of the sessions I felt nothing!!!!. He was remarkably kind and caring during the procedure as was the surgical center staff. I am not satisfied with the intake required at each follow up visit. I was asked exact same questions; whose answers are not likely to change. (Like my smoking habits in the past and other redundant questions).
Worst oath doctor in the valley. Contacted MRSA following hip surgery,maybe surgery maybe skilled nursing. Two subsequent surgeries still infected, went to another specialist and now I am healthy again. His PA is totally worthless,went to see him with open wound dripping infection and he did an X-ray and sent me home. Worst PA I have ever dealt with,license should be yanked fro uncaring attitude and negligent care.
Dr. Smith spent no time with me & didn't take the time to explain results of tests, future care, etc. First visit he never sat down was in the room maybe a minute, was not wearing a name tag so I wasn't sure he was the doctor Second visit to receive test results, he walked in sat down placed file on the bed to read. It was obvious he had not read report he had had for about a week & began writing on the report, THERE IS NO MORE ROOM FOR ME TO WRITE.
I just seen Dr. Greco for the first time today for my wife who is handicapped. Dr. Greco lacks interest and point. JUST STUPID! He came in the office with one toe in and the rest out the door. He did not sit and talk to my wife were as he just asked a few questions an left in less then three minutes. A doctor that rush's his duties is not a person you wound want for any medical treatment. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND UNDER ANY CONDITIONS DR. GRECO.
Amazing Doctor who has eliminated all of the pain medication I was prescribed by other doctors and has been so pro-active in getting rid of my pain.. I was in a terrible car accident that left my neck in really bad shape.. , I have had cervical fusion on my neck. The nerves were damaged from the car accident so I still had pain.. within 6 months of seeing him I am now pain free.. Dr. Smith has changed my life!
I am extremely satisfied with this doctor he is very compassionate and knowledgeable. All my questions and concerns were addressed in a most professional way.
Dr. Cassim is a breath of fresh air. He spends a great deal of time with you and explains your diagnosis and treatment fully. He does believe you are in pain and does not dismiss your complaints. He actually wants to help you! Very refreshing. I highly recommend this exceptional doctor.
Unprofessional, disrespectful, devoid of compassion!
Dr. Greco is very thorough, listens, and adjusts treatment to information you give him. He has a great sense of humor and bedside manner. In operations (I had an epidural to the cervical spine), he and his staff are watchful and caring. I am one of those who despite meditation during waking procedures will begin to go down near the end. They monitored all of my symtoms until my blood pressure was up, checking for each stage, lying to upright, and wouldn't let me go until they were assured I
Dr. Cassim is an excellent listener who was able understand how I described the pain in my lower back. He used a spine model to show me the probable cusses of my pain and the treatment needed to resolve it. The result of his treatment has left me with signicanyly reduced pain and a plan for PT coupled with weight reduction to completely eliminate my pain and prevent it from reoccurring. He his a excellent doctor and highly recommend him for back pain treatment.
Excellent experience - dr cassim and his staff are amazing.
Dr. Boghosian performed hip replacement surgery on me in January, 2017. All aspects of the surgery were explained fully to me, and the procedure itself went well without complication. Dr. Boghosian is an extremely well-qualified, well-trained and empathetic orthopedic surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone needing hip or knee replacement surgery or treatment of arthritic pain.
Dr Tahernia has done multiple surgeries on my back. He is an excellent doctor and has a great bedside manner. I have recommended Dt Tahernia to several people. I really admire him and thank God he is my orthopedic surgeon.
great guy with a professional touch. Very knowledgeable and affable. I would recommend him without hesitation
Dr. Bell & P/A, Olivier, are nothing short of Amazing! They understand my passion for farming. Through discussion, Dr. Bell helped me identify what I did to cause the two meniscus tears. (twisting left knee while carrying heavy objects up stairs). Oliver showed me techniques to prevent from repeating the same mistake. (Dr. Bell scoped the medial in 2016 and lateral in 2017). I appreciate them for providing me with tools to retain healthy knees. Thanks to you & your fantastic staff!
Dr Fayssoux performed major back surgery on me in November, 2016. I have made a remarkable recovery and the surgery accomplished everything we had hoped for. Most importantly, I am completely pain free.
Have seen numerous orthopedic surgeons and he is by far the best.
Dr. Fayssoux is my current physician. Last week he performed surgery to eliminate my sciatica condition. Dr. Fayssoux was very caring, professional and compassionate. I feel he greatly cares for his patients and highly recommend him. My recovery has been incredible, he completely eliminated my pain and he restored 100 percent of my mobility.
Dr. Smith has given me injections and he is very thoughtful and talks the process as he proceeds. I like that he listens at the office visits and he has a nice, friendly, professional demeanor. I would recommend him.
Excellent care. Outstanding. We received wonderful care and the staff was very professional.
Excellent service very personable my knee replacement was awesome
Dr.Smith is a very informative doctor. He explained all my questions that I was concerned about. He is very efficient and knowledgeable about how to get the best treatment for my specific needs. Very thorough and a friendly and helpful. He explains what he is going to do in the treatment room step by step. Very nice young man and an excellent doctor.
Dr. Boghosian and his whole staff are very professional and very nice! He will answer all your questions and does not talk down to you and is very concerned about your well being before and after the surgery. Very, very professional! I highly recommend him?
Dr. Schnaser revised both my hips following a failure of both hip prosthesis due to metallosis. I can't recommend this physician enough. He is the most highly trained orthopedic surgeon in the Coachella Valley. From the pre surgery meeting, throughout the hospital experience and the follow up including the home care of his staff, this physician deserves the highest praise and respect. As a retired RN PhD who has know many physicians during a long career, I recommend Dr. Schnaser
He is a superb surgeon with excellent aftercare practices. Bedside manner a little abrupt but not uncommon for surgeons with his level of skill. I had bilateral knee replacement and reccomend him highly.
Dr. Bell has performed 2 surgeries on my arm and will be performing another on my wrist in a few days. I consider him a friend. He's the type of person I'd like to hang out with and watch a football game. I come from a family of doctors (I'm the black sheep - I'm an attorney). He is the nicest Dr. I know on the West Coast. I trust him unequivocally and would let him perform brain surgery on me - if he was a brain surgeon! His office moved to Palm Springs which is my only complaint.
This young man is not only an EXCELLENT orthopedic surgeon...he was just excellent on the "follow up" after my surgery. Previously(before I met Dr.Schnaser) I had a different surgeon,who was just terrible at every thing,a year later with a "temporary spacer" in my left hip,I still have pain. Eleven weeks since my total right knee replacement,with Dr. Schnaser and NO INFECTIONS ...He also straighten my right leg during my operation on Oct. 10, 2016. I am so very grateful to be a patient of Dr.
Although he is over scheduled he takes plenty of time with each patient and can be entirely trusted
Great doctor. Listens to your needs. Would highly recommend.
Dr. De Santis restored my quality of life through his superior ability to perform restorative full knee replacement (s) surgery assisted by a more than competent surgical team and the ONLY hospital I would ever...even consider and I know my hospitals being a resident of Coachella Valley since 1954. Again my humblest thanks go out to everyone who made this a ............Karen Smith/Yucca Valley
I'm from Canada and there I would have had to wait at least 1-1/2 years for a total hip replacement. From the time it took me to see Dr. DeSantis and have the surgery it was less than 3 weeks. I was also very happy with the outcome. I was out of the hospital the very next day and didn't experience any pain even without medication. Dr. DeSantis used the Anterior (from the front) approach for this surgery which isn't available back at home. I highly recommend Dr. DeSantis and all the staff at EMS.
He is a great Ortho surgeon! He replaced both of my knees on the same day. He explained everything and the challenges I might have. I was up for a tough few weeks but it was painless! I walked out of the hospital the 2nd day after surgery and within a 10 days I noticed I forgot my walker on the other side of my home. I worked hard and followed his instructions and treated the therapy as the most important job I ever had. But his skills & knowledge made me wish I did it 3 years sooner!
I broke my hip and had a hip pinning. This painful injury exacerbated my pre-existing arthritis and Dr. DeSantis was recommended to me to perform a total hip replacement. Dr. DeSantis patiently answered my questions and quickly gained my confidence. He did an amazing job with the surgery itself and my recovery was uneventful. Dr. DeSantis will be my first choice should I ever need a joint replacement in the future and I would highly recommend him.
Dr. Bell was friendly, efficient & thorough. He detected a fracture that was missed by other doctors.
Dr Cassim is extremely professional and compassionate - a great combination in a physician/surgeon. He listens comprehensively, and takes the time necessary to determine a successful strategy for healing. I have been consistently improving under his care, and would recommend him highly.
I've referred 13 people to Dr. Tahernia over the past 5 years since having back surgery. Everyone loves him. I was so bad I couldn't sit and had to lay on my stomach and have my husband assist me in walking anywhere the pain was so bad. Dr. Tahernia gave us our lives back and like I said, it's been 5 wonderful years, golfing a few times a week and doing everything I used to do. What a blessing he is!! Thank you Dr. Tahernia and I'll keep those referrals coming.
Dr. DeSantis is a 'no-nonsense, cut to the chase' type man that does excellent work
Dr. De Santis has had the experience I was looking for ....over 5,000 knee replacements. He has a no nonsense approach to your situation, and gave me his honest assessment of my choices. My results have exceeded my expectations.
I received a full hip replacement to my right hip 3 months ago. I'm 61 and put off this decision for 3 years. I had heard very positive reviews on Dr. De Santis's work. Dr. De Santis helped me to get back on the tennis court in 6 weeks. He was very optimistic with me from the very beginning that I would do well with this replacement. I just finished my first Palm Springs Tram Challenge. I'm excited to start my training for the next one a year from now.
He thoroughly explains why I needed surgery and the procedure I was going to have. He even gave me his cell phone number if I had any questions before and/or after my knee revision. He showed genuine care for me. The surgery went well and I am recommending him to friends!
My husband was turned away in severe pain due to an insurance issue..he had insurance, they just would not verify !!...The office staff is the worst we have ever encountered. Dr. Greco will be made aware of the treatment we received as an Eisenhower physician, you would expect to be treated with care and respect..not the case with this office staff.....shocking the way my husband was treated... I will be reporting the issue to management.
I recommend Dr. Cassim for his positive approach, his empathetic analysis of my pain history, his diagnostic excellence in successfully treating my symptoms. After my first cortisone injections I was pain free within 24hrs and remained pain free for over four months. Post spinal surgery I had been in constant pain for over two years, and prior cortisone treatments, medications, other therapies had done nothing to address the pain. Dr. Cassim gave me my life back, I can't praise him enough!
Great bedside manner. Very precise when administering injections for pain. I would definitely recommend him to others suffering chronic pain.
Dr DeSantis recently performed a Knee replacement for me. He was informative and made certain I knew the steps I needed to take for my recovery. Dr DeSantis and the entire team at Desert Orthopedic Center are highly professional and caring providers. I have the highest confidence in Dr DeSantis and his staff and will most definitely refer him. Thanks again Doctor
Dr Cassim returned me to a normal state of being after a lot of back pain and siatica problems. I am presently pain free after several months of limited activity. Through a series of injections and a rhizotomy my limited mobility returned to normal. Trust this Doctor and follow his advice....you will not be disappointed. Damion Bragdon
Dr. Smith is a Rock Star! I recently underwent treatment for pinched nerves in my neck, and he administered the steroid injections to the cervical area. Dr. Smith has a calm confidence that immediately put me at ease. Once in the procedure room his manner was so smooth and expert, and he and his staff worked together like a well-rehearsed team, performing quickly and responding efficiently to Dr. Smith's directions which made the procedure quick and stress-free for me!
I developed severe osteoarthritis in both hips 6 years ago. I consulted a surgeon, but the surgery then was archaic (metal-on-metal/posterior entry). I qualified for the anterior approach/ bikini cut. Each hip was replaced in the same surgery 8 weeks ago. I highly recommend both at once, if possible. Dr. DeSantis and his superb assistant, David Delgadillo, performed a complicated surgery flawlessly. I can walk, swim and dance again! My life was given back to me. Words can't express my gratitude!
Dr Bell is awesome. He is a great listener and an equally great surgeon.
Dr. DeSantis is very professional & knowledgeable. He replaced my hip on 8-1-16. I was walking without a walker 10 days later. Now 3 weeks after & I am doing PT & swimming....should be back on the golf course soon. He is easy to talk to & has made me feel cared for whenever I see him.
Dr. De Santis did a total hip replacement on me on June 13, 2016. I've had wonderful results. Til today (August 23) I've traveled 3 times on planes, including once to France for a cruise on the Seine River. On August 9, less than 2 months post-op, in touring off the ship, I clocked 18,546 steps and 11 floors climbed (per my iPhone). In the last two days I did 2 hour long spin classes at the gym. Kudos to Dr. De Santis for a job well done.
easy to talk to; spends as much time as necessary; friendly; I feel he truly cares, both epidurals were relatively painless
I had a hip replaced by Dr. De Santis on Aug 15, 2016. It was an excellent experience. He is the best. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. I would also like to thank the professional attention and care I received from the Desert Orthopedic Center and The Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California.
I first met Dr. Boghosian in 2011 and he made me feel welcomed from day 1. He has always been professional, accessible and friendly. he truly cares about his patients. he operated on my left knee once and right twice. After care was wonderful. He is always available for his patients.
I first met Dr. gore in 2007 when I was sent to him for carpal tunnel. He operated on my right hand soon after and has seen me for osteoarthritis many, many times since. He has actually operated on me 3 times more in the last year. Most recently 3 days ago. he has always been professional, warm and caring. he explains the problem, educates on the solution and what to expect after. I can not recommend him highly enough. Yes, there is often a wait time but he has never made me feel rushed.
Dr. Schnaser performed a total knee replacement on June 29, 2016. Prior to surgery he explained the entire procedure to me. He visited me twice while I was in the hospital and called me the day after I left. In my first week after surgery I was able to walk a mile unassisted. I just finished my six week check up and he gave me the go ahead to just "Live my life" as normal. His pain management program must be one of the best in orthopedic practice. I recommend him without reservation
Dr. Smith understands my needs because he listens. After a bad back surgery by another doctor NOT in this group. I have my life back. He treats all of my issues. He gives the very best injections ever. Now I am back doing what I enjoy doing... being active. His staff both office and surgical are the best. They are sincere, considerate, and make sure all of my needs are met! They treat me like family.....I honestly can't say enough good about any of them. Thank you just isn't enough!
On behalf of my husband, the recipient of hip replacement surgery, we would like to thank Dr De Santis for a successful surgery handled with the utmost professionalism and compassion. My husbands hip pain was the result of a motorcycle accident five years ago that was operated on by another surgeon, with the concept it could be screwed back together and would repair it's self. It never did. Dr De Santis literally gave my husband/us our lives back. We are thankful our paths crossed.
On the day Dr. John DeSantis took the Hippocratic Oath he did not just recite the words but made the oath an integral part of his life. He lives the Oath on a daily basis each time he sees a patient. Dr. DeSantis has earned my respect and trust and that is not easy from a former New Yorker. He is a man of great compassion and concern toward his patients. In January I saw him for bilateral knee replacement. He told me every detail & made sure I understood. Today I am able to walk thanks to him.
Dr. DeSantis is the best! I had severe degenerative in both my hips. I was turned away from another orthopedic due to my age and weight. Dr. DeSantis did not even hesitate on fixing my hips. Within 3 months I had a total hip replacement in both hips. I can't thank him enough for giving me my quality of life back. Thank you again Dr. DeSantis!!!
I recently had hip surgery performed by Dr. John De Santis. I considered myself very disabled before surgery as I was unable to walk without a cane and I was in constant pain. I was so pleased with my result! I had minimal pain immediately after surgery and my recovery time has been extremely brief. After just one month I was back doing activities with my family and friends again! Besides being a very skillful surgeon, Dr. De Santis is kind and compassionate. I highly recommend him!
Caring, Cautious Informative, Friendly, Quick, and Upbeat. Îve never rated a Dr before but thid one is excellent.,
He was professional and courteous
Dr Schnaser performed an outstanding surgery which replaced my right knee! He viswited me twice in the hospital and followed up 3 weeks later in his office! He expressed more than a professional and caring attitude and has an excellent reputation in our community, with all of the hospital staff and with my visiting nurses and physical therapist. I would easily recommend him to my friends, family and and neighbors. His experience is vast and his professionalism and intelligence are the highest!
Dr. Tahernia is an excellent surgeon & I highly recommend him to anyone for a speedy recovery & seamless procedure. I had a broken neck from a drunk driver who was going up the hill on the wrong side of the street, it was a serious injury and required a delicate surgical procedure close to the spinal cord. Dr Tahernia gave me confidence in our preliminary appointments & I went into surgery with full assurance that he would do an excellent job & he did & I didn't even need physio. Many Thanks xox
Dr. De Santis replaced my right hip and after thirty days the quality of my life is 100% better. The procedure went perfectly, I recovered steadily and can walk,swim and ride a bike. I thought Dr. De Santis was concerned and attentive, honest and straightforward and answered my questions well. The experience went very well and I would recommend Dr. De Santis to anyone needing a hip replacement in this area.
I knew a hip replacement was inevitable. After interviewing 3 highly recommended physicians in the IE, I was disappointed with them all. I found Dr. DeSantis on the DOC website and felt hopeful after watching his video. After meeting him in person, I knew I'd found my doctor. His technique and assurance that I'd enjoy a complete and successful recovery made it all less stressful. I was walking the same day and off the painkillers and walker after 2 weeks. Miracle worker! The very best in the IE!
Dr. DeSantis is a very competent surgeon who is very up-top-date on techniques for hip replacements. He answered all of my questions patiently. My surgery was very successful and I've resumed normal activities in 4 weeks.
Dr smith is always in a hurry and does not take time with patients he also tries to rush you out of the office and instead of helping you he is more worried about his personal life and takes cell phone calls when he is in the room with you then walks out
After more than a year of treatment for leg and back treatment he ordered an EMG test to be done on the wrong leg. This test is painful. I had to insist that the provider perform the test on the correct leg. Every visit with Dr. Cassim was hurried and short, frequently less than 5 minutes.DOC in general is cattle call, rushed in and out.
Dr. Cassim has helped me understand my pain helped me manage my medicine provided procedures (rhyzotomy). He has the best bed side manner I have ever seen in any doctor. He really is the best at what he does I would recommend him in a heartbeat and truly appreciate the stance he has taken while helping complicated cases like mine which have had failed back fusion surgery. I love you doc! You have given me hope and continue to provide me such a wonderful service, thank's from the bottom of my ?!
He did not listen to anything I had to say regarding my pain or my condition. I have been in agonizing back pain for months. He spent all of 5 minutes talking to me, seemed like he had my treatment planned before I even spoke to him about my pain. He didn't check my range of motion. He didnt even look at the pain chart he made me fill out. It sounds like all he does is recommend injections, he has no plans to do anything else for his patients. Not sympathetic or understanding of pain at all.
I was very satisfied with Dr. Gore. However, once surgery was completed I only ever got to see the PA no matter what problems I was experiencing or how often I requested to see Dr. Gore. Office staff never helpful. Always significant wait time.
Dr Cassim has an incredible bedside manner he is compassionate and helped me understand why I was in pain- after seeing many other doctors he was the first to explain it so clearly. I had a cortisone injection with x Rays which was not an epidural - and that helped !! I am now pain free !! Amazing man who happens to be an exceptional physician !!
Dr Matthew Diltz is one of the best sports medicine orthopedic surgeons in Coachella valley. I have used him multiple times. His entire staff is personable, friendly and professional. From his PA, nurses, right down to the entire staff working at the DOC in LaQuinta, EMC Argyros health center. The doctor's team rocks
I believe Dr. Friscia is a fine surgeon. I have had a good outcome from my surgery but I saw him only once before surgery (after being seen twice by his PA) and was seen by his PA three times post op. Never saw Dr. Friscia again after the operation. It is impossible to reach the practice by telephone. Today I was on hold 38 minutes before being transferred to voice mail directing me to leave a message and the call would be returned by the end of the next business day.
Very well spoken young man with great skills in medicine. I am pleased to have worked with him. My pain is under control and I can now live my life
I have had shoulder issues for several years & he is the best...
Very understanding and attentive to my knee and hip problems. He also likes jazz which is an indication of sensitivity and real plus in my book. Love the guy. Roger Karshner Rancho Mirage, CA
I have had problems with my neck for over 40 years after the RFI Procedures I am pain free! Dr Cassim is great!
I had a hip replacement with Dr. Boghosian. He was unbelievably thorough and helpful. He called me from his mobile number the night prior to my surgery to check on me and see if I had any questions and said that if I did have any that came up to feel free to call him or text him. He was incredible throughout the surgery and then he even called again a few days after the surgery to see how I was feeling and reacting to the medication. Incredible bed-side manner and an all around nice doctor.
Dr. Boghosian is a fine surgeon and a fine human being. Always compassionate, he explains the situation that you are seeing for with the utmost care. He answers all questions relating to your health care and will not leave your session until you are in complete understanding of all parameters. He is without doubt the only orthopedic surgeon I or my family will consult.
I had seen Dr. Smith - today to have Epidural Injection he is one of the most polite ,kind,caring,friendly and sensitive to all my needs. He exceeds to highest standard of my care. All my services where efficiently and effectively done . I have never had injection be done so well and that was my best experience. I would give him Excellent award and would refer him to all my friends and family. He is the top in are area and I have seen other threw years. I would like to thank Dr Smith
I had wrist surgery several years ago performed by Dr. O'Connell. I have had no problems since. I wouldn't think of going to anyone else for wrist hand or arm surgery. He's the best!
He is friendly, professional and really cares about his patients. I feel very comfortable with his experience and knowledge. He's the best
Light years ahead of any other hand Doctors in the valley! Fixed my hand perfectly!!! Cant wait to get the 2nd procedure done on other hand!
This doctor is one of the most caring and compassionate doctors you can find. He is totally dedicated to each of his patients to deliver the highest level of orthopedic care at Eisenhower Medical Center. He is friendly and personable, listens and never rushes you. Answers all your questions. He uses arthroscopic techniques in his surgeries. He has performed 2 successful surgeries (hip, tendon repairs, shoulder) and I couldn't be more satisfied.
Dr. Phillip J. Smith is a rare find these days, with one of the nicest bed side manners you'll find anywhere!
Botched surgery--required revision by other doctor. No aftercare. Took no responsibility for pain caused by bad surgery. Told me to ignore severe pain--it was my fault! Had no interest in my problems. Don't ever go to this guy.
My experience with doctor Schnaser and his staff after surgery has not been a good one. Had surgery on 2-25-2016 and was issued 10 days worth of medication for having a Arthroplasty knee, total replacement. I have requested more but had to wait until 3-23-16 to see my surgeon. In order to request directly from him. I asked Dr. Schnaser for more medication and made him aware that I have not received any. He did said no problem what ever I need. Today is 3-8-16 and still have not received any meds
DON'T GO TO DESANTIS. He has a reputation with other doctors as being awful. He offers no aftercare. After he takes your money for surgery, he will tell you your pain is all in your head. He botched my hip surgery, Installed the piece incorrectly and permanently tore muscle while doing so. I now have a permanent injury due to him & may need a revision. He's known to be heavy handed which is just a polite way of saying he's clumsy. You don't need a bull in a china shop operating on you. AVOID!
I had surgery for a dislocated knee cap. Unfortunately, 3 1/2 months after surgery, I have worse pain now than before surgery, my physical therapist was the person who found out that my knee cap is still not in the correct spot and Dr. Diltz had no suggestions of what could be wrong. Office staff for Desert Orthropedic Center, in general, work extremely slow. Not pleased because I will most likely be needing another surgery and I will be having that done by another surgeon. Do not recommend.
Dr. St Pierre did a reverse shoulder replacement on my right shoulder. He is a perfectionist who I would recommend highly to anyone with a shoulder problem. Everything about his operation is way above my expectations. He's just the best.
He did not actually help with pain management. He changed the prescriptions I had and ended up feeling worse. He was condescending and rather rude. I found a new doctor that actually listened to everything I had to say. Definitely do not recommended this guy to anyone.
Good bedside mannor. Not helpful with my pain mgmt. Impossible to accomplish anything without being at appointment. Office staff did not follow through on their word, did not return phone calls, and did not cancel appointment when specifically requested to do so. I am a registered nurse & have worked in the industry for more than 20 years and the lack of follow thru by this establishment is a disgrace to our profession! They appear to have one goal & one goal only, making & collecting $$$$.
Above all, knowledgeable. direct, honest, comfortable, good sense of humor.
I was extremely impressed with Dr. Smith's manner, expertise, and technique. I have seen him for 3 procedures to manage pain all of which have been very effective.
Dr Tahernia , is a blessing from God This man has given me my quality of life back . Prior to surgery I suffered with pain for 5 long years After unsuccessful pain management treatments Nothing seemed to give me relief I decide 5 years into battling this mechanical problem in my neck that i no longer could continue this way It had robbed me of 5 years of my life , I had no choice butt to move forward with survey . I was blessed to have such a compassiinate Dr. God bless you DR.T
Dr Greco is awesome! but the front desk staff is unhelpful, somewhat rude,and seems like they would rather continue discussing they're personal lives with each other then helping the patient/ customer. To bad dr Greco doesint fire them and start over!
Have advised friends & family to avoid him. I found him to be as detached and disinterested as a doctor could be. After 3 months of unrelenting pain at the replaced hip, he took xrays and told me they looked great. So I was forced to get a 2nd opinion from another orthopedic surgeon, and a 3rd opinion from my neurolgist. Both delivered the same bad news. A complete, 2nd, hip replacement was necessary. So out of character/competence for a DOC physician.
Dr Cassim is very patient he listens he's never in a hurry
I found Dr. DeSantis to be very compassionate and spent time with me. He answered all my questions.
The administrative support prior to the appointment did not inspire confidence and should have given me a clue. Wholly different opinion from the first orthopedic I saw. Referred me to another specialist who stated he was looking in the wrong area, and agreed with the first opinion I received. Ordered an MRI for the wrong area, so another one had to be done, and his staff insisted that I have an x-ray done that was never consulted: a waste of money. His PA, Musa, was nice, but agreed with him.
Ruptured wrist tendon diagnosed immediately. Perfect!
Dr. Cassim is a wonderful doctor. He is very patient, listens carefully to patients, is not eager to perform procedures unless he is absolutely sure it is what is needed, performs the procedures quickly and efficiently, and is careful to check the effectiveness with his patients. I have had nothing short of a positive experience with Dr. Cassim.
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