Very impersonable, did not deal with the issue I came in to see him about written on my form. Was confrontational on several issues. Overall a horrible experience. - Poor patient interrelation skills. - Only interested in his own agenda, did not appear to care about my questions, or needs. - Argumentative, Left me feeling depressed, not wanting to return. - I left the visit with the primary issue I came for not addressed which was prolonged hearing loss from a bronchial infection. Not recommend
Only took one visit to correct condition. Have had other issues with my feet, but unfortunately he is not in my insurance group. I would recommend him highly.
I do not feel that she was proactive enough for me. She may be very great for other people but I have had a lot of issues and she either calls them "Flukes" or dismisses them. I have asked her to test me for certain things-she has not done it on her own. She is very sweet and friendly when we do have interactions but she is just not a good fit for me. I have also had to wait an hour for several appointments which is very annoying
Dr. Leonard is the most thorough doctor that I have seen in a very long time. She has a genuine concern to make sure that you are medically on the right path.
After spending 3+ hours in an Emergency Room with a fever of 103.5, I decided to leave, unattended & find a doctor that would actually take care of me. I found Dr. Schulz at urgent care & was very impressed. We were in the exam room within 5 minutes; Dr. Schulz listened attentively to my answers to his questions and provided an immediate plan for tests & diagnosis. We were referred to the ER at a different hospital, met & treated immediately. Dr. Schulz' care and attention were 5-Star Perfect
She is good but can't take her patients on time. 2nd time after waiting 20minutes, i 'm told another hour wait. I have a new doctor now.
He is NOT a doctor I would see again. He was off the mark with all aspects of care!
I would not recommend him to anyone! I waited 4 months for an appointment after being referred by my primary Doctor. He did not do an exam, he left the exam room 3 times for unknown reasons. When I told him the length of time for an appt he went off on me that he's over worked and Sharp won't hire any other doctors! When I asked what to do regarding severe neck pain, he said I guess we can do an MRI. What a waste of my time! I will not go back.
Best primary care doc I have ever had!

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