The sad thing about some doctor clinics is that they have horrible staff service. As a Public Health Major, emphasizing in Health Administration, (graduating this year at Fresno State), I feel that doctors need to hold themselves accountable for their poorly behaved staff. The front end office staff is extremely rude and unprofessional. No regards for the patients time/question and no customer services. We are paying for our care, treat us with some respect! We pay for your job as well!
During the 18 months Dr. Cardona was my PCP, I visited the office every month to pick my Rx. I saw the Dr. ZERO times. On 20 May 2016, after telling the Isabel Lee RN CNP, that I had gotten a Medical Marijuana ID (MMJID) Card, which is 100% Legal in the State of CA, I was discharged as a patients for not asking her "permission" prior to obtaining the aforementioned MMJID. Dr. Cardona works FOR my ex-husband's 501(c)3 so my ex has access to my Medical info hardcopy & digital w/out my permission
absolutely bad! these people dont care if you live or die..everytime my refills are due they never respond to the pharmacy being a stroke victim my meds are very important, they never answer the phone and getting referrels to other doctors through them take months,they really need to be shut down!
I wish I could give a negative star. Went to see Dr. Cardona about my chronic pain, had to get a Dr note. He didn't knowing I was still in the waiting room, he was talking about me. So unprofessional. Plus staff never answers the phone. Do yourself a favor and run! From this quack.
Dr walls is a good doctor. His front office help is all the problem. The women would rather gossip then answer phone calls or attend to patients in the waiting room. On serval occasions ive witnessed his front office staff ignore phone calls and patients till there non work conversation was over.
I don't have a problem with Dr. Walls he's a good doctor, but the office is terrible at answering calls to make appointments and often put you on hold and hang up on you. I'm disappointed because I like the dr but good luck with them actually answering your phone call.
Absolutely horrible service. Level of communication is less than 1 star. They don't follow through, they order incorrect MRIs and then don't send them to the specialist, they never call you back, they never even answer the phone. Don't go to these clowns!
Really a nice office and he is the best doctor. He has alot of patience and answers your questions that you have with lots of ease at mind regarding your baby. I would recommend him for being your babys doctor. Worth the wait.
Dr. Emerson has been my son's doctor since birth. I love Dr. Emerson and the care he gives his patients. His front office staff, on the other hand, need to work on their people skills

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