On 2/17/2004 Dr.Higa gave me the gastric bypass. In the last year I have gained up to 222. I started at 338. I've stayed around 190 for years. But I can't seem to get the weight off now. What to do. Dr. Higa is a wonderful doctor.
I had my roux en y 16 years ago. I lost 120 lbs and have maintained that weight for 16 years now. Dr. Boone was the best and I suspect he still is. I'd do it all again :)
I saw Dr Boone about two years ago because he was highly recommend. My mistake. I saw him my first visit, and again the day of my surgery. All seemed to go well with surgery was released on schedule and without issues. My after surgery vist he was not available. Or any visit there after. Did not ever see him again. Only the nurse practioner. Office visits made me feel like I was being hurded in like cattle. Was even forgotten one time and left in the back room for hours.
Great doctor!
This doctor is probably the best doctor and surgeon out there. I had a small bowel surgery completed due to damage in the small intestine. What I really enjoyed about this doctor was the fact that he figured out the medical issue right away and had me in surgery in under a couple hours. What took other specialists over a year and a lot of medical exams. He is very straight to the point which I appreciate and trust in a doctor. I already recommended my dad and a few others who have medical issues
He told be what weight loss surgery worked best for me. He answered all my questions. I have been looking for a doctor for the last 6yrs. He had all the answers and statistics to back it up. He even told me information on my nationality and what works best for me. Even though, I think he should spend more time with patients during the process of getting the surgery, I know there is not way he can. He is so busy and the office staff he has is nice. I did it and I would never regret it.
Our name is Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Associates (ALSA). As our name states, we specialize in laparoscopic (minimally invasive) surgery, but also perform open surgery when indicated. We perform a variety of general surgery procedures including bariatric surgery, revision bariatric surgery, reflux disease surgery, hiatal hernia, gallbladder, appendix, colon, stomach, spleen, adrenal, hernias, and many more. Surgical treatment of obesity using new technology and less invasive surgical techniques is a large part of our practice. We were the first group in Central California to perform the laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass in 1988. Since that time, we have helped over 5000 patients to enjoy happier and healthier lives through surgical treatments for morbid obesity. Spanish

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