Although I've been a patient at Spinecare for many years, looking for non-surgical solutions, in 2013 a severe stenosis required surgery. Dr. Slosar MD was my first choice to do the surgery, however, I did significant research and had numerous consultations including at Stanford.. In the end my choice was Paul Slosar MD ... he is a master at complex surgical problems and surgeries to fix/improve them. I am a success story! I have already recommended Dr. Slosar MD!!!
Dr. Reynolds is very knowledgeable and very through in his diagnosis. I was very impressed by the time and level of detail he spent on my back problem on my first visit. I had a rough surgery not due to anything Dr. Reynolds had done but what was done by previous doctors and Dr. Reynolds and his staff worked very hard to try to correct the problems in an expeditious manor. Dr. Reynolds is a fantastic surgeon and doctor to who I would highly recommend to anyone in need of spinal surgery.
I Had minor back Surgery on my L4 L5 spine performed by Dr. Slosar. Everything went well. 2 years later I was hit by a car (SUV) and I am finding myself wanting to come back to Slosar for an third opinion because I believe my workers comp is not sufficient enough for my injury's. I would highly recommend Slosar to anyone of my friends. He is known to be in the top best of back surgeon's in West.
Dr. Slosar provided us all the information necessary to make the best informed decision. He recommended all options including conservative approaches. He listened to my husband and recommended what was in his best interest based on the information we provided.

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