I would never go back to this physician. He gave me a lengthy interview but hardly looked at me. My brother had prostate disease before age 50 but I had to ask for a prostate exam. When one of my blood results was slightly abnormal, he had a tech call who made no recommendations I wasn't already following. I exercise 2 hours a day and and I weigh 122#. She couldn't answer my questions and Dr. Biehler would not return my calls; wouldn't even talk to me without an appointment.
confident and helpful. gave me incredibly advises
great experience, love the staff very joyful
I have been a patient of Dr. Donnelly for so long I don't remember when I began. She is just lovable, I trust her decisions, she gives great advice on health issues, listens to my many questions with patience, I also like her medical assistants, the girls who check you in at the front desk. All around pleasant experience. I have and will continue to recommend her to family and friends,
I've seen Dr. Bessette for a decade and this office has become very strict. I can't bring my favorites here goodies to show my appreciation and I get tailgated by the manager and pressured to leave when I want to ask how they're doing.
I have been a patient of Dr. Biehler's for several years. My husband also sees him. He always has time to spend with me, and listens to what I am saying, which is why sometimes he is running late. He is a very caring doctor in whom I place the utmost trust.
I liked Dr. Burciaga quite a bit. She was respectful, sincere, considerate and kind. She listened to me when I spoke and recognized my past history of allergies and asthma. She offered the minimum of medications which is exactly what I wanted. I would definitely see her again!
Well I saw Dr. Cohen for a few years. He is the only doctor in my adult life that I ever felt was sincere about his care and concern for people. Sadly, he has retired and I'm not sure why this says he is accepting new patients. Since he retired I have been through four doctors and been very unhappy, I wish he truly was accepting patients.
very satisfied with the care and treatment I receive from Dr. Crawford, he has been ,y primary Doctor for over 20 years..
Saw Dr Burciaga for the second time and I am very happy with her attention to detail and her interest in my care. She remembered our previous conversation and goals we had already set for future appointments. She was the first in many doctors that even checked my heart and breathing from symptoms I was experiencing before. I love that she pays attention to details. I'm going to continue seeing her. Thank you Dr. Lucy for being there for me when I needed a real doctor.
She was horrible! She didn't listen to a word I said and treated me like an ignorant child. She even made fun of me as I was leaving the office for walking the wrong way until a nurse pointed me towards the door. I sobbed the whole way home from the appointment.
Dr. Barone is very patient and understanding. He determined my symptoms were an infection quickly and was very thorough. He is very professional. I would recommend him to any new patients.
He is very nice and friendly
Dr. Barone and staff are the best! He takes the time to listen and address issues and concerns. He is great at communication and explaining. It is easy to schedule with their online patient portal. He is available for chiropractic and general practice care, so you can see him for all of your health care needs. I have and will continue to refer people to his clinic.
Dr Biehler has been the best PCP I have ever had. It has been a real pleasure being his patient. His number one quality is his ability to interact with the patient. He really listens and addresses your concerns. He goes through a wellness checklist with great care, spending whatever amount of time is required to complete the examination. I have never felt rushed when visiting Dr Biehler.
She is knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. She really listens to my concerns and is very supportive in addressing challenges I have and continue to face. I leave her office feeling uplifted. I worked as a nurse for 18 yrs. and loved patient care but hate being the patient. Going to the doctor was one of my least favorite things to do. Not anymore. I highly recommend Helen to anyone looking for a care provider.
She is straight to the point and very knowledgeable. Nice staff
I will never see this doctor again her bedside manner is awful. She doesn't want to help patients. First impression is the best. If you want a nice doctor who listens don't see her. I was treated awful.
Dr. Biehler is wonderful. He is very thorough in his exams, taking the time to listen to your medical issues and giving you a diagnosis. He has excellent bedside manners and explains things in a way you can understand. Office staff is great check in and check out are easy and scheduling an appointment is easy as well. His nurse Diana is great she is very caring and helpful. Highly recommend Dr. Biehler.
I have been seeing Dr. Biehler for over 20 years. He is fabulous. He takes his time with you, is up to date on the latest medical news, and genuinely cares.
I love nurse practitioners and Janna was no different. Her kind and empathic demeanor made me feel comfortable discussing my health needs with her. She spent adequate time with me and answered all my questions in a way that I was able to understand. She is a highly skilled FNP and I would recommend her to all my family and friends. Thanks Janna for the great service you continue to provide at Carondelet Central.
Amazing Dr! She really listens to me and is full of knowledge. Would recommend to everyone!
Worst experience ever! She was completely dismissive of my symptoms and concerns, spent less than 5 minutes in the room with me and walked out while I was still talking. I wound up needing emergency surgery for an incarcerated hernia. Something I was told by this woman "I was fine and didn't have anything wrong with me" when I explained my symptoms. I would NEVER recommend or trust this completely incompetent "doctor."
Great provider. Know's his stuff.
As a patient, over the past two years, every visit to Dr. Barone's office has been exceptional. He and his staff are knowledgeable, helpful, and compassionate. I highly recommend Dr. Barone as your primary care health provider - whatever your age or family health care needs - if you are looking for health care for you and/or your family.
Not much of an independent thinker.
I highly recommend Dr. Jeff Barone and the Barone Health Center to anyone contemplating a new primary care, acute pain care, and even chronic pain care. I started seeing Dr. Barone over a year and a half ago to help me treat both my chronic pain and GP needs.
A horrible staff .it is next to imposible the get scripts.and they are very rude .and consistantly make mistakes.and dont seem to care.sad because hes a great dr.
Very understanding. Takes time to listen to your concerns. Highly recommend.
Dr. Barone has cared for me for over a year for both chiropractic and PCP general health. It is such a great thing to go to one doctor who is so knowledgeable in both practices. I prefer less pharmaceuticals and more preventative measures to help my body heal and stay healthy. However, Dr. Barone is aware of and can discuss all the standard medicine practices, so he does what will work best for each individual. Personalized Care!
Excellent care . Kind a n d gentle. Knowledgeable. 5 star
Detail-oriented, caring. Open to different approaches; refers out readily.
I was referred to Dr Barone by the head trauma surgeon at UMC. Once he was sure the bone transplant he had done on me years ago was ok told me that the whiplash and soft tissue damage were the problem and it was pretty severe. He told me that he was referring me to Dr Jeff Barone and he would send a formal referral over. This is the most friendly, professional office and Dr Barone is the best. Both a Chiropractor and NP so he is now my primary care doc. Do not hesitate to make an appointment.
I first went to see Dr. Barone for Grafton treatment. Dr. Barone and his staff are caring and all go overboard to help. I am pleased to say that he is now my General Practicianer.
Takes the time to listen to concerns.
Dr. Donnelly has been my PCP for over 10 years, and is truly the BEST doctor I've ever been blessed to have. She is kind, compassionate, and very knowledgeable. I'm glad that she is younger than I because I don't ever want another doctor. Once you've had the best service money can buy, you don't want to go back to less.. Also, her staff members are also fantastic!
She is one of the few doctors left that really care about her patients.
I've been going to Dr. Bessette for almost 15 years and I trust him immensely. He is knowledgeable, caring, and skilled in everything from treating my allergies to doing an osteopathic adjustment to my back. Highly recommended.
I can't believe that someone actually complained about waiting. Any good doctor is worth waiting for and the waiting time at this office is far better than most; especially given the excellent quality of the service provided. Some people have a false sense of economy and they don't realize that a little extra time spent with a superior physician, for whom they might have to wait a little bit now, is likely to add quite a bit more valuable time to their lives farther down the road.
After moving to Tucson it took me 5 years to find a health care provider who would treat me with respect and dignity. I found that person in Lynette. She is compassionate, truly listens and, in my experience, has a much higher rate of figuring out the problem because of it. Isn't that what health care is supposed to be? Due to a new system at Carondelet, which she nor any other Carondelet provider has anything to do with, it can be extremely difficult to reach any office. I hope it's fixed.
A family atmosphere where all the staff listen and show they care.
Personable, easygoing, and skilled in numerous aspects of medicine, but I believe he is overworked at his present location.
Good doc, very thorogh,kind and compassionate
Good doc, very thorogh,kind and compassionate
He thinks my time is not valuable and that I'm willing to sit and wait around till he feels like seeing me.
I was a patient at Mariposa clinic and which doctor I was gonna see and my appointment were never on time . I switched over to Guy Crawford and I have never been happier. He sent me for tests that other Doctors didn't and figured out how to get my migraine s under control. I give him and his staff 5 stars!!
Worst experience with a PCP ever! After being seen by her PA Janna Clark I was told that I would have referrals to a neurologist and pain management for my MS and severe migraines and chronic insomnia within a week. That was the day before Thanksgiving. After almost a month and a half II still had not heard anything and was in a lot of pain so called. They NEVER sent out the referrals at all! They never return calls, but if they do it is days later, and always a nurse, not the PA or doctor.
Dr. Donnelly has been my PCP for over ten years. That alone means I am very happy as her patient. She is kind, caring and takes time to understand her patient's problem and needs first before attempting to prescribe anything. Most importantly, she treats her patients like family. Whether it is been weeks or a few years before seeing her, she makes the visit as friendly and warm as thought you only saw her yesterday. I always look forward to my appointments with Dr. Donnelly. - Francis Sumba
Lynette is compassionate and takes her time to listen to you. She won't rush you or make you feel stupid for asking questions. Because of this, wait time to see her can be about an hour past your scheduled appointment. That is because she is taking good care of the person before you.
Dr. Donnelly is a wonderful doctor. Amazing bedside manner. Her patients are treated with great respect. She is very caring and takes a sincere interest in her patients. I never feel rushed. Her entire office works together extremely well. She also has a wonderful sense of humor, which for me, puts me at ease.
Dr. D. is great. She takes the time with you and listens. She is a very caring Dr. and if you have any questions she or her nursing staff will help you. I highly recommend her!!!!
I have been seeing Dr. Hatch for a while now. He has always taken the time to listen to my problems and concerns. He always explains in detail any issues or medications. Sometimes (rarely) you may have to wait a bit before being seen but that doesn't bother me because I know that he is giving the person ahead of me the same quality time that he gives me. The entire Dr. Hatch staff is great.
1. Negative 2. Cynical 3. Hurried Treated like a number . Wife dropped him due inability to diagnose an infection later treated by another professional in the Corondolet system. Would not prescribe further treatment and following lab work with the ongoing effective treatment of my onychomycosis. At $125 a visit , I felt shortchanged .
polite and sincere. love the shoe
Dr. Hatch has been my doctor for more than 10 years. It's not easy to find a doctor who listens to your concerns and issues and then will recommend a plan of action. Dr. Hatch is so easy to talk to, he listens to me and spends as much time as we need to make sure everything has been taken care of. I can't imagine having to find another doctor.
He was gruff, didn't listen at all, and didn't even give me the minimum time even tho it was my fisrt appointment with him.
Dr. Maudlin has been my brothers Primary physician and has really helped him out with all his medical conditions.
If you ever want to be treated like family, this is the Dr. for you. Dr. Los has seen my children. He declined on antibiotics when they were not needed and he explained why. He talked to my kids about keeping healthy and how to do it. Dr. Los is very timely, he has little to no wait time. I was told that he does this by prioritizing your health problems and dealing with them one by one and keeping them under control by follow up labs and appointments. He's awesome! He's a Dr. with a plan.
Dr. Hatch is great in every way. Romy and I will hate to see him retire.We have become extended family to him and his wonderful staff,over the past 30 yrs.We love you guys!
Dr. Hatch is the best, I haven't seen him for more than 7 years. He is very good and assertive whit diagnosis, he also es respectful, kind and very professional. He is the best!
This office on Tanque Verde in Tucson, AZ is always helpful. Used it for several years. I was in for my annual check up. Dr. Laubscher listened and addressed all my questions and concerns. My meds were reviewed. I received the referrals I needed quickly. The results of my blood test were explained clearly and in detail in a letter from Doctor. It arrived in a timely manner. All follow ups were addressed without complications. Added advantage - a blood lab in house. Thank you Doc, staff!
Wonderful and compassionate internist and staff. Highly recommend!
Best doctor ever
I would, and have, recommended Dr. Hatch to anyone who is looking for a primary care doctor. He has been my doctor since he began practice in Tucson. My daughter and grandson are also patients of his. He's as warm and caring as he is efficient in diagnosing and solving my problems. I have always left his office feeling confident that he and I had things under control for my health. Scheduling is easy and I never have to wait more than about 10 minutes
Dr. Hatch is always willing to take time to answer my questions and explain any information I don't understand.
Dr Los is very knowledgeable, listens and gives good advice. His office staff is friendly and efficient.
One of the best doctors I have ever seen! Very caring, thoughtful, and funny. He goes above and beyond.
I feel he is a great and understand doctor very good with his advise and very concerned about his pt and their health
All my family see him! His staff is wonderful !
Dr. Hatch is such a caring doctor.
Great doctor! very knowledgeable!
My wife had a mammogram which appearently showed an anomaly...additional tests were recommended and performed...the test results were NOT provided to the patient, but were provided to Dr. Holubowitch. A phone message was left with the patient 3 days after receipt by Dr. Holubowitch's office...return calls were not answered by Dr. H's assistance Beth. Finally after numerous calls to the office Beth answered and indicated that a something biopsy was required and the tester would schedule. Wrong
Best doctor I've ever had. Very thorough with great communication. Love her!
Dr. Ho did not check for drug effects on delicate blood chemistry, causing fainting and a week in hospital.
She's an insensitive doctor who doesn't deserve to practice.
Dr. Hatch has been my health provider for 5 years. During these years he has provided me with the best care. I can't think about seeing another doctor to care for my health issues. Dr. Hatch is the best doctor I ever have in years.
Compassionate, thorough, knowledgeable, concise, excellent communication skills. I would highly recommend this doctor. His assistants are also professional, however, some of the front office staff/phone call answerers are not too friendly.
He appreciates the role of an informed patient in maintaining health. He listens carefully, asks on-point questions, and offers options. He explains his reasoning for treatment choices. And he cares. I got a last-minute app't late on the Friday before Xmas. Though I had to wait a couple of hours, Dr Ho saw me at 7:30. (!!) He didn't rush the visit. He was in the middle of an allergy attack himself- red-eyed and runny nose. I thanked him for staying so late. He waved it off.
Spends more time and attention to his laptop computer than he did to me. Very disturbing when you're not even sure how hard he's listening to you. Two occasions he left the room saying he was going to get printout Rx's with no indication that the visit was over, then never returned even though I had more to discuss with him. Very unprofessional.
Recent residet of Tucson and waited months for this appt. I brought a stack of medical records. He argued with every point I made, disagreed with the doctors at Scripps, made remakes on my issues no other doctor had said, and dismissed me. He said I was too complicated, and I should go to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. I am disabled with multiple sclerosis, alone, and that was his best practical solution. I'm in shock. Don't waste your time.
Excellent doctor very caring, listens and gives feed back, not always what you want to hear. That's what makes him a good doctor. I have had Dr. Griffin as my Doctor for over 10 years and he has save my life, I will never be able to repay him for that! Unfortunately I had to stop seeing him this year, due to the cost of my prescriptions and the cost of MVIP. It's sad that a person has to choose between paying his bill's and providing for his wife or paying for meds all because of Obama care!
Each time I see him, he takes time to fully explain my options. Also, he is very concerned that I remain in good health, making the right decisions, with the information I need to make such decisions.
Horrid. He seemed enthusiastic to have me as a patient and then dropped months later because he told me he was limiting his practice to patients with mood disorders. He pushed for me to take a medicine a specialist who specializes in that area did not recommend. MDVIP is a scam so patients pay the doc more money and get no extra services. He spent long visits talking small talk and wouldn't address health issues.
Dr. Holloman is not only a fantastic physician, he is a compassionate man with a real concern for the overall wellbeing of his patients. I am very very happy I 'found' him, he has helped me on MANY levels to get my health back.'
Dr. Struthers has been my primary care physician for many years and I can and do recommend her without reservation to family and friends. Dr. Struthers is that one-in-a-million doctor that still offers kind, compassionate care with knowledgeable, well-informed medical care. She takes the time to listen and works with the patient collaboratively to resolve issues. I would never choose to go to another PCP as long as Dr. Struthers is taking patients.
She is by far the worst nurse practitioners in the Tucson . Not friendly the staff is not friendly .
She is very caring and is very thorough in her exams of you. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Very empathetic, kind, great communication skills, highly knowledgeable about all of my various medical conditions and most effective treatment modalities. Went out of her way to refer me to top notch specialists. Highly recommend Laura Young.
very energetic, very experienced fnp. thanks for the blue pill!!
experienced doctor very professional and helpful
A physician should be compassionate, caring and empathetic. I found Dr. Schwager to be none of these. His abrasive bedside manner indicates, to me, someone who is self absorbed with his status and only in this profession for the money
He's good. His staff is good too. Everyone here is very careful to make sure they complete their jobs.
Dr Wristen is a very caring and wonderful person.
I've been with Dr. Whitelaw for 2 years now as my primary care physician. I think she is excellent both at listening and providing her own services as well as referrals for other necessary procedures. I never feel rushed in her presence. Top notch!
Dr. Struthers is a wonderful doctor who has helped me so much the past 20 years. Smart, patient and a good communicator her treatment and guidance is deeply appreciated. Her practice is getting busier all the time, but she has a gift to pause and hear what I say, give options and information. Thank you Dr. Struthers for your dedication and hardwork.
Dr. Whitelaw and her able professional staff are just what we have been looking for in a Primary Care Physician. One of Doctor Whitelaw's. greatest skills is her ability to listen! We never feel as though we are being rushed. She has dealt with a wide variety of maladies with my wife and I and has done so calmly, professionally and generally successfully. She has a delightful sense of humorist which is a rarity in an increasingly humorless, impersonal profession. Bravo Dr. Whitepaper staff.
Love Dr Struthers, explains my health needs thoroughly. I always receive my results and referrals with in 5 days. Staff is amazing, front office ladies are always smiling, happy and helpful. Its always a pleasure to come into this office.
Excellent physician, very professional & caring
Dr Whitelaw is my primary and has always been fully present with me during our appointments, made follow-up phone calls to me, listens to me carefully, answers fully, welcomes my lists, and helps me through referrals and insurance issues. The staff is efficient, helpful, and friendly. I am also happy to be a part of the Carondelet health system since my group-affiliated specialists can easily share info with my primary. Happy to have such a good doctor.
i would recommend.
She takes the time to listen to what my health concerns are. She never makes me feel like she is trying to rush me out of the office. This is very important to me since I have a chronic health problems. Even when the Rita Rd./Houghton Carondelet office was severely under staffed with enough Drs. to provide proper care to their patients and Drs. we're leaving Carondelet, Dr. Narissa Whitelaw stayed to help all her patients. In my opinion she held the facility together. Thanks Dr. Whitelaw.
She wasn't very friendly, what Provider tells you its best sometimes if you don't go to the dr? I felt rushed, and forgot to tell her some of my other issues !!!! I am looking for another provider I don't like her at all
I would highly recommend Dr.Struthers ,she takes her time and very caring.
I am beyond impressed with Dr. Sifontes. We had the same pediatrician for 13 years and then she stopped taking United HeathCare. We switched to Dr. Sifontes and I am so happy with the care and concern she has shown both of my daughters. She is caring, patient and actually listens to my kids. She has never been dismissive or rushed. I am so happy we found her!
He has been my primary doc for over 25 years. Concerned. Listens. Direct. Skilled. Couldn't ask for a better PCP.
I don't feel being a specialist that he was able to relay any answers to questions being asked of him. Instead being sent to another specialist. Being a specialist should be able to answer any and all questions. Instead it was pay me my money a referral is being sent. When told him I had seen anotjer Dr in past for hysterectomy, why can't the referral be sent to him Instead it was it is being sent to another Dr i never heard of that is supposed to be top of the line. Well this is m life my body
I find Dr Wristen is a caring and competent physician. She is offers wonderful care and most referrals. However, her office staff is terrible and I am forever having to ask them to send in proper information to get my medical treatments and tests for by paid by insurance. Also, their treatment of physically challenged patients horrible. They all need to be replaced.
After listening to him talk about grand kids outside my door after I was already 20 minutes past my scheduled time, he didn't listen to a word I said. After walking 5-10 miles a day and being on a diet of 15-1800 calories a day with thyroid issues and not losing weight, when my blood work came back, I had a message to call Carla. The order? Get on a low calorie diet that we "talked about" and see him in four months. That's it. Had he listened, he'd know I was on it already.
I was very ill and able to get in the same day. Thank you Dr. Wristen!
Dr. Schwager has a kind approach and is very thorough. He has taken care of my family for years.
I really wish I could leave 10 stars for Dr. Schwager. I've been a patient of his for over 12 years. Not once have I ever left his office and felt anything less than fully cared abou;, not just exclusive to that appt, but beyond. Dr. Schwager has really changed my view of doctors and he's changed my life in such a way that the quality of my everyday life has improved and far surpasses any moment beyond the 12 years as his patient when I've felt even slightly content. Simply Amazing!
She is very good
I have been seeing Dr. Vig for many years and the treatment has been great. He take time to listen to what wrong with you and come up with what I needed to cure the problem or he will refer you to a doctor that specializes in the field need all of the doctors he has referred me were were outstanding Ii love Dr. Vig and will see him as long as I live in the area.
She is so patient and very knowledgeable in so many health issues. I'm very confident when I ask questions and get the best possible answer. I have been going to Dr. Strut hers for several years and even referred my mother from another doctor.
She is so patient and very knowledgeable in so many health issues. I'm very confident when I ask questions and get the best possible answer. I have been going to Dr. Strut hers for several years and even referred my mother from another doctor.
Dr. Schwager is amazing. He is knowledgeable, kind, caring and takes the time to determine the best course of action for the needs of his patients. He listens to your concerns and does his best to address them or get you a referral to the proper specialist to do so. He understands that each patient's needs are specific to them and creates a course of action based that individual. He takes the time to explain the plan to the patient in a way that they will understand it.
she's the best pediatrician we've ever had
Unfortunately multiple office breakdowns with incomplete and/or incorrect follow through which resulted in serious issues. The patient is the one who suffers even with a good doctor if all other areas of the practice have problems. Even tried to get concerns addresses through the office manager who pawned it off to another office breakdown not willing to deal with or take responsibility. Upon deciding to move to a more competent practice it took nearly two months to get medical records.
The best doctor I ever had.
Dr. Strumpf is a very understanding listener of any of my needs. He answers all of my questions. He is a kind and gentle person.
She came in the room 20 minutes late and said I had ten minutes for my appointment. I asked about that, it didn't seem enough, I had a list of medicines to renew, a new concern, and another to follow up. She said, If you can't be flexible this isn't the office for you! Where is HER flexibility? I've since switched doctors, it really stings that some doctors treat people this way. On a prior visit I walked out after a forty minute wait. In both instances I was the first patient of the day.
Over an approx 7 mths I was treated rudely by his MA Vicki. Also, diagnosed conditions were neglected. Bedside manner was poor, raising his voice! Forgetful and confused at times.
Dr. Nicoletti is a genuinely good person who takes the time to truly listen to her patients. You'd be hard pressed to find a more caring doctor anywhere!
She has been my doctor for the past 15 years. She listens and is very honest in her assessment.
long wait time but so worth it
Well, I was involved in a car accident on the 13th of May. Ended up in ER. Since Saturday I have been having headaches, nausea and dizziness. I called to get into see the good doctor. He won't see me until the 16th of June. I really can't even give him a star. And no, I won't give him as a recommendation to anyone. I give no stars for anything.
Worst doctor consultation I have ever had. I was waiting for close to an hour in the consultation room, then rush the consultation when she finally came in. My medical records where combined with another patient and the doctor could not take the time to listen what was my records and what we're the other person. She didn't listen to what my needs where or what my symptoms. She was in a rushort because she had run way late chatting with the gentleman before me. So very unprofessional and
Love her
He is the best Doctor Ever!
hes very handsome and very personable and super smart!
Awesome doctor very professional,answers all questions and is caring,very professional. Even though it is a very busy office she takes her time with you listens to your concerns and helps you.Will never leave her !
Very competent and interested provider. I am new to the area and so happy I found this PA.
Dr Morris is great! I would not like to give him up. The reason why I rated this POOR is because his staff that a person talks to on the phone or at the front desk is they don't listen correctly. I told them several times that I went on Medicare and my visit was a Welcome to Medicare Visit, which there is no charge and yet Medicare denied it because they marked it down as a routine doctor visit. Very frustrating having to make all these phone calls and wait times and using up my valuable time.
Dr. Nicoletti has been my PCP for a number of years now. She is open, friendly, caring, compassionate and knowledgeable. She takes as much time as is necessary to listen to my problems and concerns, and always makes sure I'm fully involved in finding the proper course of treatment that will work the best for me. And if I have an urgent need to be treated asap, she gets me in to see her within a day or two, instead of possibly having to wait a week or more. She's the best doc I've ever had!
I was given an appointment with Jerry because my PCP was out. Jerry was easy to talk to about my problem and was able to give me information about my symptoms. I was able to get a referral which they said they can send me through the patient portal, and I was in and out. It was a quick and easy visit, he's very easy going.
Very recommended ! Easy going and listens well to all concerns I had . Staff was awesome and made sure my experience was pleasant . They went an extra mile to help me schedule my referral appointment. Thanks Dr. Sandhaus and Carondelet team !
Many years of courteous and concerned care.
Went to see Dr. Murray for excruciating back pain. He sent me to get x rays. They showed mild arthritis. He absolutely refused to prescribe me paid medication and made me do a drug test. Like I was some drug addict criminal. After that he and his staff said that they would no longer see me. Two months later an MRI showed severe spinal stenosis and spinal spondylitis. So there is now concrete proof of why I was in so much intolerable pain. Yet this so called doctor shoved me away with insult.
I am so grateful for the care Barbara has provided my family with. Barbara is caring and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure we have what we need. I signed up for the patient portal and Barbara always answers my questions, and even sends me my results through here, it's a lot easier than playing phone tag, or finding the time to call since I work all day.
my pcp was booked but they were able to fit me in with Jerry and I had a very nice experience and it saved me from going to urgent care
I had a severe backache, I called Dr. Mortazavi's office and they got me an appointment for the very next day. Dr. Mortazavi listened carefully to my problem and formulated a tiered plan of action, starting with the least invasive and progressing if necessary. When the initial treatment didn't work, he quickly adjusted drugs. His office also worked with my employer on my disability claim, and were very prompt with paperwork. I am very satisfied with my experience with Dr. Mortazavi.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Murray. He is knowledgeable and responsive.
He is Great. He listens and is responsive.
Dr Murray and staff are friendly, professional and extremely accommodating .
I feel that this doctor is one of the best. She really listens and asks questions. I never feel rushed. Yes I agree, with some of the other comments, that she will leave the room and never come back, but that is because she is extremely busy. When she is in the room with you she is completely there with you.
Dr. Nicoletti is a wonderful doctor who only truly cares for the health of her patients. Whenever I go, I know all my questions will get answered with an honest, humble opinion. The nurse team there are very professional as well. I will definitely recommend to friends and family.
My last visit was for a yearly physical. I had no immediate problems to discuss but the entire physical lasted less than 15 min. He barely checked me. Didn't do the cursory breast exam for any lumps or check for any skin issues. Listened to my heart, lungs and looked in my ears and we were done. I had to request the labs and asked for a Vitamin D test. Spent a lot of time on the computer vs talking to me. A bit disappointing overall. Good thing nothing is wrong with me right now.
I wanted to give a shout out to Peggy, MA. She always takes time to understand the patients point of view. She has a gentle way about her that makes her patients feel comfortable and at ease. She's efficient and has an amazing bedside manner!
The staff in Dr. Murray's office is friendly and efficient. They always do their best to give appointments at the patients convenience. Dr. Murray always does his best to stay on schedule. He does not waste time during the visit. He has the skill of asking the right questions to get to the heart of the problem and is ready with a path to solving it.
Dr Murray kept referring to other patients and not focusing on me. He saw me 20 minutes late because he said I was late and they took two patients ahead of me. My receipt showed that I paid my copay 5 minutes before my appointment time. One time he referred me to an ear nose and throat doctor - who laughed and said I should be seeing a respitory specialist. He also recommended me to an endocrinologist because I wanted someone closer. They made the appointment with the one I was already seeing
My entire family and a lot of my friends are current patient's of Dr Murray. His is very knowledgeable and never makes me feel like another number. He has always made sure that I am informed about my health needs. His assistant is very caring and makes sure that my needs are always met while in the office or when I call the telephone. There is no reason that those other patient's need to leave such horrible reviews just because they didn't get the answers or the medications they were seeking!
Awesome Physician.
addressed what I came in for and I didn't have to wait around too long. his assistant Julia was also kind and helpful.
l honestly do not care for how Dr. Nicoletti conducts herself. She appears to be caring at initial contact then excuses herself and leaves without conclusion. She did not follow up with me on serious matter and has left my teenager without answers. Had first apponiment of the day and waited 45 minutes to seen. Each time there has been a different nurse handling pre-visit vitals. Needless to say, after trying several times to give her a chance I am seeking new doctor for myself and daughter.
Dr. Rogers is a traditional doctor, that listen and advices more than pushing any type of drugs. I wish that were more doctors like him, Dr. Rogers takes good care of his patients rather than resorting to drugs or surgery. I feel lucky that I founded Dr. Rogers. Hope he remains attending his patients for a long time. Edy
Excellent doctor. I recommend her often!
Dr. Morris is a rush in, rush out kind of doctor. He is not at all personable when it comes the doctor listening to my concerns. I left after an appointment I had feeling as though the doctor didn't even care. The doctor didn't ask any questions about my concerns and didn't ease any of my worries. I am very disappointed in the way I was treated.
He does not responded, and all I get is the run around. If you are looking for a doctor that you can count on......keep looking.
I've had nothing but good experiences with this doctor and his office staff; I'm truly confused by the negative reviews. In the 3+ years I've been seeing him, it has always been easy to get an appointment, I am seen within 10 minutes of my appointment time, and I never feel like the doctor is rushed. He listens, gives thoughtful feedback, and referred me to extremely good specialists when he discovered I had a serious condition requiring chemo, surgery and radiation. Very pleased with his care
Always listens.
A very polite, engaging, and descriptive doctor. Every time I meet with her I end up knowing what I need to know regarding my health, I never feel ignorant or ashamed to be asking her questions. She maintains a very pleasant and friendly air around her. Great doctor, would recommend her.
easy to get a new patient visit. Staff very friendly and helpful.
Dr. Popovici has been my doctor for past 10 years. She is excellent doctor and very easy to communicate with. I very much trust her professional judgment. I would highly recommend her as primary care physician.
His bedside manner consists of putting his hands on his hips and loudly saying, "So what is it that you want this time. His staff was unprofessional and rude.
Caring and thorough. Answers questions and concerns with thoroughly with good common sense.
Very efficient, on time, took care of all my needs in one visit
Great bedside manner. Very personable. Great choice for a Board Certified Internist.
Dr. Morris took very good care of my son during an emergent situation. Very caring and helpful staff.
Dr. Nicoletti is always empathetic to my concerns. I have been a patient for a few years and wouldn't recommend anyone else.
Dr. Popovici was an above average doctor which I have had. However, if you ever cross her office staff--beware!!! I had a couple of run-ins with them (they can be very rude and expect you to know all the office procedures, like "back office" procedures that are performed), and when I confronted them I then found that they would either not answer my phone call when I called or put me on hold for what seemed like unseemly amounts of time. I was not even able to leave a message for Dr. Popovici.
Dr. Rychetsky is easy to speak to and ask questions. She is direct and thorough which makes you feel that she is listening to you and not just going through the motions. She is very respectful and kind and is easy to speak to. All doctors here in Tucson that are really good are hard to get appointments with but are worth waiting for. My doctors referrals from her were as good as she is and specialists are needed. Thank you Dr. Rychetsky for your time and help. Carol S. Lav
I have been to Dr Murray many times over the last 3 yrs. He has also was been a wealth of knowledge and very helpful. I look at the reviews and see 5 stars and 1 star. When I see this it seems to me 1 star reviewer just did not get what they want. I wish these type of people would stop skewing these reviews. He is a star 5 guy. Please use him
Very good doctor. She was partly responsible for saving my life when
He is knowledgeable, listens and answers questions.
Dr. Murray is the most helpful physician I have ever had! He refills my prescriptions easily. If I need to get in to see him they usually get me in within a week! Clean and roomy waiting room. Everyone is very pleasant!
Great Doctor, very up-to-date. He got my insurance co to get me some much needed medication and got my diabetes under control. He's a no-nonsense Physician and is very professional, yet down to Earth. My experience has been quite good, and I highly recommend the place.
Dr. Morris has been my doctor for years. He listens and encourages my input for my health care. Would recommend him for general practitioner.
Absolute worst doctor in Tucson. Does not take time to hear what you have to say and is always cutting you off. Lost all my records and treated me like a first time patient even though I have been there over 3 years. More concerned with DEA than prescribing medication that could help. Front office staff is unfriendly and rude.
Dr mortazavi is an excellent caring physician. He always takes the time to explain everything in full. We've gone to him almost three yrs we wldnt go anywhere else
The front desk staff are rude, more than unfriendly and do not make you feel welcomed at all. I was the only person in the entire office and I still had to wait over 25 minutes to be seen. Most unprofessional office in Tucson.
probably the least knowledgeable doctor I have ever been to. it seems like he would rather be anywhere else, and it shows
I would NOT recommend him to anyone! He thinks he is god-like. He has played games with my medications and muscle relaxer. He has arbitrarily refused to refill medications without including me in the decision or replacing it with a new med. Once he even played games with my high blood meds which caused me to do w/o them for 1 month + 1 week. I am actively looking for a new doctor. 12+ yrs is too long with this doctor. Run, don't walk away.
He is a great doctor. He explained all my medications and how to improve my overall health. He spent 20 mins with me. This is rare today To date my grandmother and father see him. We all love him. I read the other comment from Chris. Be ashamed. Chris. You just did get what you wanted. He is great and is a rare find
She spends a lot of time with patients. She is up to date. She is funny and a good listener.
Did not take time for new patient appointment or to establish a first impression at all - A bit on the rude side. did not take into consideration what treatment previous PCP (of 25 years) was doing...took away med that was helpful.
THIS DOCTOR MURRAY NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED. There is something strange going on at this place. He spent a total of one minute with me and walked out in the middle of me explaining my symptoms. When the pharmacy told me to call my doctor because he didn't send in a refill, Dr. Murray SCREAMED at me for bugging him even though he lied about sending in the refill. He seems to be collecting as many patients as possible to get as much money as possible. He has caused nothing but harm in my case.
She is fully attentive during visits. Her referrals have always been perfect for my needs.
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