I met doctor Obenchain after my previous doctors had incorrectly diagnosed my condition. She took the time and effort to find the cause and effects of my problems. Then used the latest treatment options. The result - my condition has completely reversed. I now am healthier and feel better mentality and physically than I have in years. Dr Obenchain has totally changed my future and most probably saved my life.
Dr. Obenchain is a highly competent/professional. Her staff is the exact opposite.
I have been seeing Dr Obenchain for four years in Goodyear and now Tempe. I've had many doctors and specialists in the eight states I've lived in during my 67 years. Dr Obenchain is by far the best Dr I've ever had; she is an Angel. She doesn't just give the impression she cares about you, she truly does and always takes the time to listen, explains lab results and treatment options. Her staff is exceptional and caring as well. I will continue to recommend family and friends to her office.
I have been her patient for four to five years and she is the best doctor. She always takes the time I need to talk and understand what my labs say or what treatment I need.
Dr Robn Obenchain is my archangel as I face cancer again. Her knowledge, competence & professionalism is only exceeded by her compassion,,warmth & humanity. She makes time to listen to my concerns&helps me to overcome my anxieties before i leave. During my 6mos of chemo I was continuously monitored & treated w/ IV fluids, vitaminB shots & iron supplements. Dr Robin & her entire staff are a little bit of heaven on earth helping her patients face that helll that is cancer. God bless them!
Dr. Obenchain is very personable. She genuinely cares for you and explains everything clearly. Unfortunately, her staff is totally opposite her in every way. I would still be with her if it weren't for her staff. The staff will not follow up on what they promise to do. I had to call for months to finally get needed paperwork done. The staff tends to blame each other or other entities for not following through on sending any messages to the doctor. The pharmacy also had problems with staff
I would recommend Dr. Obenchain. I'm trying to return but, I can't see her until February 29, which is to far out. Her staff will not work with you to see her sooner so, I may have to find another doctor in my area. Dr. Obenchain is wonderful, her staff has much to be desired. Dr. Obenchain if you see this please contact me (Sylvia Seitter ) you have my number.

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