Yes, yes Dr. Feldman is an amazing doctor . He is extremely compassionate and for me was probably the only doctor who could have saved my life. I feel extremely grateful that he is the doctor in charge of treating my PH.
Efficient, professional, pleasant office staff for making appointments, checking in for appointment, checking out, and any other needs. Short waiting time to see doctor. Don't feel rushed during appointment with Dr. Aldeiri. He is very calm, relaxed and wants to make sure you understand everything about your care and asks if you have any questions, including family members accompanying patient. There is an onsite lab so you don't have to make extra trips to get your labs done.
Dr Feldman saved my life! Arizona Pulmonary Specialist office staff work diligently to work me in when I was at my weakest. Dr Feldman's staff works well with his directions. I will not select any other specialist if possible. With his directions I am back to enjoying life! Highly Recommend
This DR. appears knowledgeable. His background in internal medicine and now pulmonary medicine most definitely makes him a valuable medical professional. However, the friendly demeanor is a facade. He doesn't make an effort to look at, correctly diagnose, or provide proper feedback to address patient concerns. Ask him a question and you get a quick answer while he types on a laptop. This lackadaisical attitude is also practiced by his medical staff assistant who NEVER returns a call. Beware!
Wonderful caring doctor... Knows his stuff.
I have to say Dr. Colceriu is a good Dr. I'm impressed by his willingness to listen to you and explain things to your understanding. He also cares about what your insurance will cover and work with you. I'm grateful to have found him. And it's the fastest Dr. Visit ever, no long waits. Friendly staff.
I have not seen a physician who is more rude than Feldman, he thinks extremely highly of himself and has NO bedside manner
He is a wonderful Doctor. He listens to the patient. He has a plan to help you fell better. He follows up with that plan. He expects a good end result.
I have been seeing Dr. Feldman for over eight years. He has been there for me every time I need him and have had emergency appointments the same day. I would recommend Dr. Feldman to anyone that needs a Pulmonary specialist.
good doc. thorough professional, on time. great support staff. recommend to new patients looking for HIV doc.
Dr. Feldman literally saved my sisters life. He took the time to review her charts, consult with other highly qualified specialists and his follow up after her surgery insured a successful recovery. He is knowledgeable, caring, and keeps the patient's best health at the forefront. His honesty and directness help patients make informed decisions. He is one of the best doctors! I highly recommend him.
Experienced Dr Beaty as my secondary Dr treating me in ICU after an asthma attack landed me on a ventilator for ~16h. He claimed the colleague's decision to intubate was unnecessary, questioned my long standing asthma diagnosis (which is clearly proven by a past provocative methacholine challenge). Three Pulmonologists disagreed with his diagnosis & lack of discharge meds to exclude a rebound attack. Another Dr. found this so negligent he wrote the prednisone script.
I had a appointment set with Dr. Colceriu and my ENT Dr and I mistakenly mixed up my appointments so I called to apologize requested to postpone my appointment n they told me that I already missed it.. I politely asked to reschedule and they flat out declined stating that he's not interested in seeing me indefinitely! I was shocked! The ego that a Dr would have to actually speak to patients like this.. I was in horrendous pain.. Ya I think I would rather die a slow painful death then see him!!
really rude, poor bedside manner when he saw me in the hospital
Dr. Beaty is fantastic! I wish all my experiences with health care had this level of integrity and excellence. His crazy-geeky medical knowledge combined with personal empathy is rare these days. Exceptional doctor!
Dr. Ahearn has been my doctor for over 6 years and has taken very good care of me. I feel like it's due to him that I have been stable for 6 years. He is very caring and personable and takes as much time as it takes for an office visit. I never feel rushed. I highly recommend him.
As another reviewer mentioned, Dr. Colceriu did not order any blood or urine lab tests for my systemic lupus. He relied on my primary physician's notes that she took from my first appointment the prior week. He boasted that he only has to see his lupus patients twice or sometimes only once a year and did not answer any of my specific questions. I was told by other employees at this location that patients have frequently voiced their displeasure with him.
My first visit Dr. Feldman promptly addressed my condition, helped me to receive the medication, treatment, info and training I needed; that improved my function level for everyday life drastically. He is the most efficient, intelligent, kind, patient and seriously professional doctor I have every met. I am grateful to have him as my doctor who was very instrumental in my recovery in the hospital this past year and his bed side manners are superb.
I had been given the run around by multiple physicians, no one knew what was wrong with me, I was misdiagnosed a number of times. Finally I was referred to Dr. Colceriu, after looking through all my medical records, actually taking the time to listen to me, and blood work, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and lupus. This doctor is amazing! His staff is wonderful! He actually listens to his patients! The care I get from him is above and beyond.
I have been a patient of Dr. Feldman's for 5 years. He is one of the best doctors I know. He CARES! He LISTENS! I trust him and feel confident in his diagnosis and recommendations. He is up-to-date on new medications and treatments. I feel thankful to have him as my physician.
Thank you so much for all you've done for me . And to get me to the lung transplant . I am doing amazing partly because of you . Thank you Dave
After being misdiagnosed by another doctor with a chest xray Dr Ahearn was able to read my xray properly and helped immensely answering questions and addressing my concerns and most importantly got me feeling better!! What a great change from previous doctors who just wanted to get me in and out! A very caring doctor who takes the time!
He is everything you always hope a Dr. Will be. He is patient, takes time to listen and explain everything. He promptly responds to emergency calls. He treats each patient as an individual and not a diagnosis. He is truly a Godsend in our lives and we are so grateful to have found him.
DR. Feldman saved my life after two previous failed hospitalization with no resolution it wasn't until he took over my care did I get a defined diagnosis and treatment plan and improved health. He is compassionate, very intelligent and his patients come first. I feel fortunate to have him caring for me.
You have to have a referral to be seen here. The reason is they do not do diagnostics. Really? How good can a rheumatologist be who relies on tests and opinions of others? By the way, if your referring doctor does not have tests to send, you will be dropped from their contact list without any notice that they have closed the referral. Horrible service.
no bed side manner.
Dr. Kassis refused to see me due to a past diagnosis of Lyme Disease. Here assistant Edward refused to give me the reason why Dr. Kassis was refusing to see me. After careful research; MIHS clinic that Dr. Kassis work with is only authorized to treat Ebola. She is not authorized to treat Lyme Disease or any other infectious disease. If her assistant would have explain this information, I would respected their honesty. But their failure to be honest shows deception, dishonesty & unprofessionalism
Great doctor he listens and takes action
My Neurologist was unable to diagnose my condition and my condition was rapidly deteriorating to the point I was paralyzed and in a wheel chair. Dr Colceriu treated me and because of him I am again walking on my own. I have no doubt that I would be dead now if not for Dr Colceriu. I highly recommend him.
She provided the best medical consultation and listened to my concerns and symptoms with so much respect. I am confident that I am with a doctor who will help me address the root of the cause for my illness. She has compassion and searches for solutions for her patients.
Dr. Sue was a very caring Dr. He saved my husband's life. He put a tube in for breathing and he is still with us. We have a few more years together. Thank you so bery much!
Took time to listen. Provided information and options for treatment.
Dr. Ronan cared so well for my Grandmother during her last days in the hospital - she has amazing bedside manner, and was so helpful with my family in making TOUGH decisions, and even worked well with our family who all have a medical background. Thank you Dr. Ronan for being one of the best!!
Late Dec. 13, 2016, it was Dr. Margolin's duty to explain that a person I had spent 34 year with was terminal. Dr. Margolin was very pleasant and communicated completely what the terminal disease was and the type of care that would be required should he improve and live. He passed away that night. Dr. Margolin took the time to look over lab tests and history I brought with me covering the previous 10 years in order to determine what might have caused the disease. I am very grateful.
Dr Ruiz became my pulmonologist when I was hospitalized with pneumonia in both lungs after returning from Mexico. The pneumonia wasn't responding to meds, breathing treatments, etc, plus a nodule was found.. After 8 days, , he realeased me, indicating the risks of other infections from long hospitalization were a risk. Dr Ruiz also had a sleep study done after recovery. I am really shocked to see a low grade for Dr Ruiz. I feel fortunate to be his patient. His PA, Ida is also excellent!
Personable, professional, great "bedside manner." Takes time to actively listen. Studies History, asks pertinent questions. Discusses findings. Extremely knowledgeable. Doesn't rush through appointment. Feel like I've come to the right doctor!
I have been so impressed by the way Dr. Silverthorn interacts with me during my office visits. She is thorough in her examination and thoughtful in her decision-making, which gives me confidence to trust her with my somewhat complex medical situation. She never appears rushed and allows ample time for questions before moving on to her next patient. I always leave the office knowing I have been heard by this caring physician.
I have been seen by Dr Silverthorn many times over the past few years. She treats me for several conditions and I appreciate her so much, in my opinion she is a GREAT DOCTOR!
I always feel that I am being seen by a doctor that understands her specialty. Dr. Silverthorn has years of experience of working with people who have a lung conditions. she is very knowledgeable and compassionate.
My experience with Dr.Ronan was SIMPLY PERFECT !! This Dr. CARES about her patients! I'm lucky to have met her!
would definitely refer her, however her staff needs some assistance...
Dr. Ruzi's office staff is professional and on time. The office and equipment is very is clean. Dr. Ruzi took the time to review my test results with me and explain my condition and how to treat it. I found him to be professional and he is very exacting.
She always listens and explains test findings as well as recommending appropriate medications. She spends time with me and I never feel that my appointment was rushed.
Dr Siever has been my Pulmonary Doc for many years now . . . . Been through Cancer and back . . .currently treating for Sleep Apnea, COPD and early Emphasema . . . . I trust him with my life and wish all my medical experiences would replicate the care I receive from him. He listens and communicates, is thorough, educates, is compassionate, does not rush the appointments and so much more. I have recommended him many times and my friends have been equally impressed and satisfied.
He was one of the WORST doctors that I have had the pleasure of meeting. I wouldn't even take my dog to a Dr like him. His bed side manner was awful. Scottsdale Shea Hospital should be ashamed that they hire people like this and he's not even an MD.
excellent doctor
Dr. Setty is very personable and sincere. I was very nervous about a lung issue I was having and she helped to explain things to me and made me feel comfortable. She is caring and takes the time to answer questions. She is an excellent physician and I highly recommend her. She

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