Just do yourself a favor, find a professional doc! If you enjoy being insulted then Abram Burgher, MD, is your doc! This "doctor" insulted me on my first visit claiming me to be depressed. How is someone supposed to look or act when having a full on migraine and hunched over in lower back pain? Then after administering 6 shots of cortisone and my reeling in pain asks me if I need an ice cream like he gets his kid after getting shots! NOW lets not forget these injections put me into shock!
Dr. Turley was great. He listened and made me feel at ease. Unfortunately, my last appointment was with another provider who was terrible. I will definitely wait to get in with Dr. Turley for future appointments!
My mother had the worst experience with Dr. Burgher and the people that work with him. She left there in tears and in so much pain. They performed an ablasion while my mother could still feel everything. She told them multiple times that she could feel it all while tears were running down her face. How inhumane for a so-called pain center to allow an elderly woman to be in all that pain. I am devastated that the people that represent him ignored her cries for help. She won't be returning.
Dr. Abram Burger is the best in his field and he always consider his patients like family Dr. Burger always had my pain under control but it was sadly I lived so far away in Ajo, Az it was hard for me and I had to see another doctor in town he didn't have my pain under control, I miss going to see Dr. Abram Burger he is the best Dr. I am sooo great full that I could see him this coming week. Thank u very much
Jerry L. Dr. Burgher was very nice had great advice and good bedside manner's but the bottom line is that the procedures he performed on me through North American spine did absolutely nothing now I am left to pick up the pieces and MoveOn
Dr. Turley has been on board with me and my healthcare since day one in 2008! I was diagnosed with stage 3 breastcancer and have been cleared and re-diagnosed in 2012, he has always told me he wanted to be kept updated on my diagnoses every step of the way. He has kept me pain free with prescribing the best medications he thought would help me with the pain. I appreciate him and the staff for being there through my healthcare and health scares! Best tegards, Keri
I LOVE Dr. Knighton & his staff! I've seen a few other pain specialists over the years, but Dr. Knighton is hands down the best! Been his PT for 4 yrs now. :) He can come across as a bit cold at first, but once you get to know him, he's actually a really nice guy who does genuinely care a lot about his PT's. I also appreciate that he's a straight-forward kinda guy, and that as long as you vocalize what's going on with you, he'll listen and do everything in his power to help reduce your pain! :)
He was fantastic, I would recommend him. He listened when no other person would & he believed me when I told him of the pain I was in. I went through a lot of doctors till I found him. After the surgery he confirmed that there was more damage than the MRI showed and that the pain was not all in my head. Finally someone believed me!
Dr Turley totally let me and my daughter down as she was recovering after being on Palliative Care. She had just started pulmonary rehab was looking forward to getting on with a productive pain free life he stopped prescribing one of her meds. She was in so much pain she couldn't even begin to do the pulmonary rehab. Her leg was crushed in an accident. Thanks to his negligence she could hardly walk. She was back in a wheel chair. She had been in total compliance with his program. Blindsided.
Dr Turley blindsides patients who are doing well on their pain meds by changing the rules whenever he pleases. I had been at TPC of AZ for 6 years and the current meds for 8 years after a horrific accident. I go in one day and I am told Dr Turley will not be prescribing my main medication, not just to me but period not to anyone. I have extreme sensitivity to meds. The meds he gave me made me really sick so I stopped taking them ended up in Urgent Care in withdraws. Totally uncaring.
The appointment scheduling took too long, and the appointment was not in timely manner. Understandable I was late 5 minutes due to a car accident in the 101. However, there need to be considerations to veterans and out personal control situations. I believe tricare can do better.
I have been a patient of Dr. Burgher for years. He's compassionate, professional, and highly skilled. Arizona Pain Center isn't a great office but I completely trust Dr. Burgher.
Dr. Burger is great but The Pain Center has rediculas policies. For example: 1.*-they do not fill prescriptions out of state (so do go on vacation) 2.*- after being a patient for over 5 years I was told that they are prescribing too many narcotics out of their office so they need to cut each patients prescription. 3.*prescriptions often have had mistakes and it takes 24 to 48 hours to call back. 4.*-apointments are changed every month due to doctor meetings, leaving early etc. A BIG MESS!
He's a very caring doctor. Who has taken great care of me.
I love the staff and Dr. Turley. They have helped me find options to help my pain without using hard meds.
Dr Burgher was the first one to listen and help me with chronic migraines. I can now live my life and have returned to school with great success.
best DR. ever he cares about you and makes sure your feeling good before you go home . every one on his staff gives you the best care they could give i would not go to another Dr. keep up the good work Dr. Turley from Steven Lopez
From my personal experiences, an unreliable Dr. who seems to have a God complex even beyond most others. Changes the terms of contracts unilaterally to the patient's detriment and believes there is no accountability. I appeal to those reading to ask yourselves, Would you entrust your or a loved one's care to someone who displays such utter contempt and disregard for the well-being of others? In order to cement the foundations of a better med. community, think and answer this before choosing
I sung Dr. Turley's praises for some time as a diagnostician however, I believe him to be a strict opportunist, like so many other physicians, looking to rake in quick bucks without caring in the least for the patients he treats or their welfare. I can only say that this guy capriciously pulled out the rug from under me-reneging without cause, reason, or care after inducing a reliance-showing his true colors and lack of reliability which displays a profound lack of judgment among other things
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