I had an appointment at 10:30amand was told to arrive at 10:15 for paperwork. I walked in the door at 10:10 to be safe. Completed the paperwork in 5 minutes and then waited to be called back until 11am. I politely and calmly asked how much longer I would be waiting in the room for the doctor because I had to go to work. I was told flatly that there were 4 patients ahead of me and there was no guarantee I would see the doctor before 11:30. I left. Don't waste your time with this office.
Fabulous Dr & staff. One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE Drs I've ever had. Extremely gentle, listens to his patients & suggests the plan of care that's minimally invasive first. His wife was my son's pediatrician & she is ALSO a great Dr. Would & have recommended both Drs Matsumo
About 3 years ago I had a face lift done by another surgeon who really botched the job. He took way too much skin from underneath my eyes which kept my eyes from closing altogether and the inner tissue of my eyes were exposed all the time. I literally tape them up all day and night to get any relief. I went to Dr. Mansueto at the recommendation of a friend and after several steps was able to get me looking pretty good and am now leading a normal life. She is the absolute best in the business.
Biopharplasty done on both eyes. She did not take the additional skin from one eye as agreed so one eye droops a little more than the other and skin bunches up in the corner. When I discussed this with her she had me make several trips back, she blamed it on swelling then finally said it should be corrected but she would have to charge me. She also pushed plastic surgery. She was recommended by my eye doc who saw the post work and said she would NOT recommend her again.
I am 71 and have worn glasses since I was 16. I have never had a new prescription as faulty as the one I got from here. Not once but twice!! I use a computer most of the day and the words were getting a bit fuzzy in addition to reading street signs. As a result of BOTH prescription I cannot read the screen on my computer and reading street signs is worse that my old glasses. I finally had to go to the optician at Walmart where I got a new prescription and got glasses just for my computer.
Dr. Mansueto is amazing! She did my right eye ptosis surgery 3 months ago and it was a success, my eyes are even and almost symmetrical now. I would highly recommend this doctor. She is the best of the best!
He's an excellent doctor. He's very precise in examining me and also takes a little time for personal chatter. Perfect mix....great bedside manner.
I've seen Dr. Hylton for quite a few years now, and I have nothing but respect for her. She is highly professional and skilled, yet warm and concerned. Wait times are the only downside, but that's with all good eye surgeons: stuff happens. I know that at least once, I was an emergency who caused wait times for others; it was essential for me to be seen right away if I was going to keep my vision. If anyone wants a fast appointment and no wait time, he should go to a less respected doctor.
Office staff can be less than helpful. Forget about getting an appointment within 72 hours no matter how urgent the issue. Be sure to block lots of time for your appointment as you will wait to be seen. My mom had many appointments with Dr Hylton and was never seen on time. I urged her to switch to another eye doc but she was reluctant since the office was just down the street and easy for her to get to.

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