Have had my 2nd colonoscooy with Dr Kiafar this year because of a diagnosis of colon cance in 2015. He is the most compassionate Doctor that my wife and I have ever met. His staff has the highest respect for him, and his bedside manor is amazing as well as his skill doing procedure.
She is a smart, no fuss Dr who helped me keep things simple and avoided any risky medications and procedures. She was also way cooperative and helpful with getting specialist referrals when needed and respected my preference for Naturopathic Care and supplements over medications.
Dr. Nieman is an excellent practitioner and has treated me well for over 10 years. I have service connected VA disability of RA and Gout. She quickly diagnosed the gout, drained 60 cc of fluid and personally took the sample to the lab and checked it for Uric acid Chrystals personally. I really am blessed to have her as my internet!
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