This doctor was so rude, no empathy, compassion. He was rushed to get my aunt out of the room. It was so disappointing. I hope he learns how to be a better person. Have a heart!
I was unconscious when I first met Dr "Bubbly." My family told me he worked well into the evening to repair extensive scalp, nose, eye and forehead lacerations from a MVA. He saved my hair in spite of multiple scalp scars. Over the last 15 months, he has patiently and compassionately worked with me to return the face the world sees me as to relative normal. I am very fortunate to have been treated initially by Dr Champagne and chose to stay with him through the subsequent surgeries.
Honestly, if I was basing this review on Dr. Nguyen alone, I would rate him a 4-5 star. His support staff and office are definitely the downfall. I have had some major issues with follow up and communication. Also, it's extremely difficult for them to follow through on all his orders which is unacceptable. Just be cautious and sure that you double check everything the staff does.
Dr. Bastian, and Brandon (PA) are phenomenal! Honest, genuine care, and amazing talent Astoundingly surgeon, with a big heart. Thanks Dr. Bastian, Brandon and team! The Derullieux family
He has been an excellent doctor, he was very friendly with us and my daughter, and he is very knowledgeable and gets straight to the point.
I had two surgeries on my hand which yielded terrible results. I had to see a new surgeon who told me that another surgery now is a serious matter because of what's already been done. The waiting times are bad in reference to when the doctor actually comes in to see you. One day I waited for 2 and 1/2 hours!!! I was told that my current condition was due to certain other causes which I absolutely refuse to believe. As far as I'm concerned, this surgeon is incompetent. Get a good M.D. instead
Excellent surgeon, saved my life from flesh eating bacteria/ abscess.
I do not think any other doctor could have saved my hand. Dr. Champagne was very understanding and showed that he cared about me and how my future depended on the use of my hand.
Ten years ago I had a particularly aggressive & deep case of flesh eating disease. Dr. Champagne performed 5 surgeries in 7 days on my arm. His total commitment to saving my life - and also my arm is truly indescribable. This dedicated man did some of these surgeries in the middle of the night & on what would have been a weekend day off --except he (and staff) is there 24/7 for us ! I saw him recently to ask a couple of questions and he remembered me & my case WITHOUT computer notes.
Dr Campagne and several of his collegues saved my daughters hand. He is professional, caring and knowledgeable. We owe alot to Dr Champagne!
very good surgeon. i had a metal plate in my left wrist for 11 years. removed it within 30min. no problem. very friendly and professional
I went for follow up visits on my bursitis after surgery by Dr. Yang. He provides excellent care every time I see him. Very knowledgable and highly skilled. Takes the time to explain what's going on each time I see him and what to expect.
I was very scared.The ER doctor said I would need surgery,lose feeling and movement.Doctor Nguyen,pronounced win.Google,Ohio state and Baylor,both top universities in the nation,practicing for 9 years,hundreds of surgeries,top rating,he is a gifted surgeon.My opinion is based on my experience with him and my results.My finger is perfect I have no loss of movement or feeling.He is awesome.To rate a gifted surgeon based on how long you were in A waiting room,to me, is insane.I recommend to anyone.
Outanding, Excellent, Companionate!!! I was due to go through double doors for surgery on my index finger...with my faith in God and Dr. Yang's brilliant calling, I didn't go to surgery after fasting for twelve hours, and in Dr. Yang's care I'm coming along beautifully!!! I will always cherish Dr. Jonathan C Yang in my heart and when I pass I will sure ly be watching over him! With his brilliant mind, I still have my finger. Thank you so much Dr. Yang! I honestly love you!!!
Waited an hour past appointment to be taken to a treatment room. After an hour I asked how much longer it would be. Was told for the second time he'd be right in. When he came in he said if you don't want to wait for me you should find another doctor. I see 90 patients a day next time you should see someone else. I thought he meant in his office, as I had been told by his office there were 10 doctors in the office. So I said maybe we should change doctors now. (need more room)

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