Standard Western medicine was not really helping me. I found Dr Radoff to be much more proactive in finding specific ways to improve my overall health, not just the infection in my ankle. It's unfortunate that our insurance companies refuse to pay for any of the homeopathic remedies that he uses to supplement the often "bandaid" symptom relief that pervades Western medicine. Dr Radoff takes the time to understand and treat you as a whole person, not just a symptom. He is warm and caring,
I like Dr. Radoff's approach to western medicine and alternate medicine.
came in with extreme high blood pressure. got a couple of hypertension IVs. new medication. I am working at control of it now. doing much better. going to go for chelation to control heavy metal poisoning, which I do have.
This Dr was of much help for my kids. He did a hold bunch of testing and a hold bunch of nothing with those testing. He didn't developed a plan of care and never fallow through with whatever was discussed during appointment. He's hold practices is very disorganized they keep on billing me for consultations that I had already pay for and in conclusion didn't help my kids at all.
I had great experience he is a very caring and fun Dr he takes time with patient the whole staff is great.
I am and have been completely satisfied with the way that Dr Radoff handles all aspects of my health issues. I have been a patient of his for 5 years.
My virus was recognized, diagnosed and treated with excellent and with quick results.
i went to Dr Radoff for a problem that other doctors could not diagnose he told me he used to teach doctors and was on the staff of Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia wow..he is one smart guy, he found out i had autoimmune gi disease that even a gastrenterogist missed his treatments are helping and he has two M.D. licenses, a natural one and a traditional one he is the best doctor i have ever seen
Dr Radoff is a fantastic doctor. He is kind, respectful, caring, and thorough. He is an MD & an MD(H), and while he addresses medical issues from a homeopathic perspective, he never leaves out traditional western medical assessments and treatments. He has really helped me with my personal medical issues. His staff is helpful and caring. I highly recommend Dr Radoff's practice, Alternative Medical Care of Arizona.
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