I found Dr Borhan an excellent Dr. He diagnosed my prostrate cancer by doing a biopsy after I had been to several urologists who said I had a slightly enlarged prostrate but nothing to worry about . Dr Borhan has a very nice bedside manner ,listens to you and is an excellent diagnostician . I would definitely recommend Dr Borhan . Thank you Dr.
If only all doctors were as kind, genuinely caring.... and he was very apologetic when he was running late. He was thorough and listened to my concerns. His recommendations for determining a diagnosis is very reasonable and he explained in detail what the procedure would entail. I trust him completely. A more sincere and caring doctor you'll ever have the privilege to have treat you. My vocabulary is too limited to describe what a wonderful doctor and person Dr. Art is.
Dr Jaffee is compassionate, professional and he listens! I have been his patient for the last year and a half and he has helped me greatly with chronic urinary tract infections and stress incontinence. I HIGHLY recommend him!!!
I have been at Dr Ponas office for over 3 hrs to find out they had me in the wrong room waiting on the wrong doctor. Then finally when we saw Dr Ponas he had the worst bed side manners I have ever experienced Also was not accurate on anything about my situation.
Outstanding surgeon was a great bedside manner; has an ability to make you understand complex issues and allows you to make a choice in this and that information
Dr Art communicated well and I had a positive outcome under his care
Very nice, caring, and understanding doctor to meet. I'm proud to have him on my care team.
I liked that his office was right to business and I did not have to wait a long time to be seen.
Best doctor I've seen in a long time. Even though he was running behind,he came into the waiting area and explained why the office was slow and then took extra time with me at the end of the day to go over my complex issues. It seems like he still cares in a day and age where everyone is trying to get through and see as many people as possible. I would recommend him without reservation.
Amazing doctor with great bedside manner and took the time to listen to everything I had to say despite the wait time. He even promised to call me after my visit with updated labs and sure enough he did. I can't remember the last time the doctor called me for follow up.
Knowledgeable and courteous but wait times excessive and tends to talk a lot and listen little
Great bedside manner and level of compassion!
Affiliated Urologists: 3330 N. 2nd St., Suite 601 Phoenix, AZ 85012 Dr. Cooper’s bedside-manner, and patient empathy truly shine brightly throughout the pre-op and post-op process. His thorough attention to detail, preparation, and disclosure of details assisted greatly in my comfort level and confidence in his ability to perform robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy coupled with bilateral pelvic lymphadenectomy surgery at a optimum level,…and exceeded ALL expectations! HUGE THX!
Dr. Borhan is a unique surgeon. Caring, concerned, excellent bed manners and sincere. He carried out GreenLight Laser Therapy on my enlarged prostate with excellent result I thank him deeply for his work.
I began seeing Dr. Cooper for bladder cancer after having been a patient of another urological surgeon and being very unhappy and being constantly concerned about the care I was NOT getting. I had come to the point of almost giving up on the entire ordeal. Until I saw Dr. Cooper. Having been a nurse for decades, I knew what to look for ( I thought), in a Dr., especially a surgeon. I was very impressed with Dr. Cooper from day 1.He is kind, very professional and VERY " human".
Extraordinary rappoire insight and optimism. Just had an epidymectomy and very hopeful all will be better. Entire staff has been very good, as well as wait times, flexibiltity. ZocDoc is awesome. He will be my hero if this recovery continues positively.
I love Jaffee! Hes very helpful I've been through 5 urologists and I've finally found one I love and who truly cares!! I would recommend him to anyone who needs an amazing Doctor.
Mediocre staff with zero remorse. This review is long but the patients that truly care about who there doctors are, it will help give light on this practice. Jaffee ordered a sperm analysis. I ask how to do that, he looks confused as well and steps outside the room and yells unprofessionally to his MA down the hall "where do they go for SA's?" The MA comes running literally running around corner saying come with me. Right before I get to the waiting room she says "here's a container, you'll n
Dr. Cooper is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor that insures that you are very well informed and comfortable at all times. He is very charismatic and professional. I recommend Dr. Cooper to everyone.
I simply didn't get what i asked for and i will be charged over $400 for CONSULTATION...You got to be kidding me! My first impression was positive. I unfortunately have condition where my only option is circumcision which makes it hard for me to operate on daily basis. I made it very clear with Dr. Cooper that i need to know what is this procedure going to cost me which he confirmed that his office people will be able to provide me all the information's so we can proceed and i was definitively l
Dr. Art is excellent. Not a long wait time, caring, and compassionate. He explains things extremely well and works to find cost effective ways to manage conditions. He has a wonderful bed side personality.
I checked reviews on this website after being diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, stage 4 metastasized. As previous patients, I was impressed with the professionalism, immediate plan of treatment, setup and care Dr. Borhan has tailored for my specific illness. I can only praise this fantastic doctor and his team of specialists.
Being healthy my entire life, at 53 I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastasized terminal renal cell carcinoma. When I met Dr. Cooper, I was impressed on the professionalism, and personal touch he has approached the difficult surgery for radically remove my kidney and tumor. The operation he performed using robotic assisted surgery proved his unparalleled skills and talent. I am at a loss to find the right words to express my gratitude and appreciation on everything he has done.
I contacted Dr Jaffee after my previous urologist was too busy to see me, several times. I have a form of hemophilia which makes it difficult on health care providers. Dr Jaffee saw me the next day. Gave me viable options and when the time came performed the green light laser. The procedure was extremely successful, nice to be able to urinate again. If you require a great urologist in the Phoenix area Dr. Jaffee is the person to see.
I am deaf patient. Dr. Ponas has excellent patience and take his time to work with me via ASL Interpreter. He would assured that you understand this and that before doing next thing. He is awesome!
My primary care doctor sent me for an ultrasound and I had been diagnosed with a kidney stone, and saw Dr. Jaffee on a Friday for evaluation. He said his scheduler, Diana, would be calling me the first part of the next week to schedule a lithotripsy. When I had not heard from her by Wednesday, I called the office to schedule it. He was completely booked for outpatient surgery, and she was scheduling 3 weeks out. I think that's way too long to have to endure a kidney stone until it can be treated
I called the office with a concern about my condition and asked to speak to the physician. I was told that either he or his nurse would return my call. I later got a callback from the receptionist, but was never able to speak to either the doctor or his nurse.
I saw Dr. Jaffee he was preoccupied & busy and just told me why I had blood, I told him all my life I had that condition. I spent 5 minutes without knowing why he wanted me to have a test done until he said he wanted to get to the bottom of this condition. I took the test and by Monday, his appointment person, Diana, a very unpleasant person called me to make an appt, I told her I didn't know the result of the test I took, she got very nasty and finally made an appt w/his PA.
I met Dr Cooper while I was in the hospital. His caring nature and fantastic bedside manner made me feel like I was in good hands. After 2 weeks of having a large, painful stent put in around my 14mm stone, Dr Cooper got me in the 2 days later to laser my stone and replace my stent with a smaller one. He was so caring, listened to my concerns, never rushed me like other doctors can and was truly a gentle man. I highly recommend him!!!

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