Takes his time with you and always explains himself so you can understand it.
I have been seeing Dr. Kahlon for six years. He has successfully treated the veins in my legs a few years ago for pain. Dr Kahlon is very easy to talk with and takes the time I need with him. He is very easy to understand when he explains your condition, and treatment needed. I see him every year to monitor my heart, and every year I am more impressed with Dr. Kahlon. I highly recommend him if you need a cardiologist.
After waiting 2 1/2 hours for the doctor to show up, he was unconcerned about large swings in systolic BP readings and prescribed a medication that caused such muscle cramping it was difficult to walk. Ask to see the son, instead.
Dr. Kahlon placed three stents into me. During the procedure I was awake and had some casual conversation with staff. The procedure didn't take long and I did not feel any pain during or after. After; Dr. Kahlon came to my room and ensured that I was OK and spoke with my wife and me. I mentioned to my wife that the procedure was almost fun. I have great confidence/trust in Dr. Kahlon. He is extremely knowledgeable and quietly transmits that he can get the job done.
I've found this doctor lazy and inefficient, trying to look good, but avoiding doing the care called for as recommended by other doctors, opinionated and apparently purposely unhelpful. Had to go to a new doctor, who did proper testing right away.
I've been a patient of Dr Perlstein's for over 17 years. He is a wonderful man, an outstanding doctor, and I have complete confidence in him.
I'm extremely happy with Dr. Sung. and would highly recommend him.
I'm extremely happy with Dr. Sung. and would highly recommend him.
My husband was having a hard time breathing, wanting to sleep all day. He had no energy. Had triple by-pass surgery 6 years ago by another doctor. They said there wasn't anything more they could do. We switched to Dr. Kahlon. He changed some of his meds, put three stents in the by-pass and monitored him for the next few months. Made more small changes and today my husband has energy, hardly takes naps, breaths much easier and is happy he goes to Dr. Kahlon. We highly recommend him.
i have interacted with several cardiologists dr sung is a doctor,s doctor ..he is patient ,he is thorough in his explanation .i strongly recommend him..his staff is also excellent..
Does not follow through with patient health, no follow up. Does not respond to Insurance peer to peer review. Unresponsive.
My husband and myself would highly recommend Dr Kahlon he is to the point always on time or early for appointments. I needed to have ablation on my legs the insurance I had was going cover 100%. The Vein Center worked me in by cancellations. So I got all done last year before my insurance changed.
Concerned Determined Compassionate Through I have always been satisfied with diagnosis and treatment
Saved my life, saved me from heart failure. He put in 2 stents. Great follow-up.
I went to Kahlon because they couldnt get me into another doctor at the practice that I was referred to soon enough. I had a blocked renal artery which he put a stent into. He doesn't have a real good bed side manner he's just matter a fact and he makes you drag answer out of him.
For three years I have been under Dr Kahlon's care and I find it amazing his advice, treatments, and testing are not just maintaining my heart health but improving it. At 72 that makes me very happy with my Doctor
I went to Dr. Berkowitz because I had a few varicose veins that were sore to the touch. He said he could help me and recommended 4 vein procedures. He assured me that these procedures were painless and promised I wouldn't feel a thing. These procedures were actually excruciatingly painful. The worst part was that when I expressed that I was in severe pain he belittled me by inferring that it didn't hurt and that I was just being a big baby. Really??? The arrogance only a doctor could poses!
He seemed attentive when you were not feeling good. Made sure to increase my dosage of medicine. However the concern should have been why is this patient feeling so badly, and keeps coming back! Doctor looked at my heart valve and decided that I was okay. Ended up with the valve quitting on me 6 months after my last visit with this doctor. An emergency visit to the ER, open heart surgery. Forty-five days in the hospital. Why did this doctor not know that I had Afib?
I had a big heart attack and this doctor put 4 stents in my arteries, afterward I informed him that I would be moving out of state and asked for a referral and he wouldn't give me one said to call my insurance! Then having a massive heart attack I needed blood work to be monitored and I went to lab he ordered but his office never called me with the results!!! Do yourself a favor do not use this Dr. for any type of long term care get a real Cardiologist who cares about you and not just $$$$$$$$$$
Dr. Perlite in is the best physician & man, after Jesus! I speak highly of this Godly man because his expertise, love, concern & COMPASSION towards me was far beyond any Dr I have ever known. For someone as young as me in the midst of all his wonderful elderly patients I was very afraid of the outcome of my tests & any procedures & he comforted me from the 1st day we met, I feel like over the years he is not just treating patients he is building relationships & nothing takes him by surprise. ?
I was referred by my GP since I was occasionally experiencing chest pressure, sometimes radiating to the backs of both arms. Dr. Cohen didn't ask even one follow-up question, such as when it was happening how often, etc. Instead within a very few minutes he ordered a battery of tests including a PET scan. When his office was trying to schedule it at their cardiology center, I was informed the co-pay including injections would be over $1,000. No more symptoms after stopping medication.
I have been a patient of Dr. Kahlon's since 2007. I have had 2 angiograms, and I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Kahlon is very caring and when he comes in the exam room, I know I have his undivided attention. Over the course of the years he has managed my meds, to the point that I am taking the very lowest dose. If I continue to follow his directions, I may be off meds entirely. While the practice is large, everyone from check-in to check out are friendly and professional.
Dr Kahlon has my highest regard. He explains the situation clearly and he patiently answers all my questions even on his busiest days. He never rushes out of the room. I initially came to see him for a check up in 2010 when I moved here. He didn't like my stress test; he did a heart Cath; then he referred me to a surgeon for a quadruple bypass. Throughout that experience he continued to be warm, supportive and concerned for my welfare.
Dr O'Meara is a fantastic Cardiologist. He cared for my Father for over a decade. HIs kindness and wonderful bedside manner always left my Father feeling confident. He convinced my Father to have his valve replaced over 5 years ago and we were able to have him years longer than we would have without his wise counsel.
He is an excellent listener and provides feedback based on the patients ideas, not some pre-conceived notions about the problem
I was sent to Dr. Berkowitz by my primary care doctor. I was amazed, to say the least at how fast and efficient the doctor and his staff worked. I was taken back at my actual appointment times with no waiting. I was happy with my experience here, everyone is so nice and helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Berkowitz and his staff :)
Speaking only for myself, I found Tri Cities Cardiology to be a huge practice, disorganized and long waits. Staff not responsive, no compassion. When Dr. Kahlon came in he hardly looked at me, asked very few questions, told me to stop taking certain meds, did not even say why, ordered expensive tests at his clinic, walked out. I felt he had no respect for me. The testing crew was rushed, disorganized, and I don't trust the results are even mine. I did not go back, I chose a smaller practice.
Very good doctor. Explains everything throughly and answers questions so you understand. I will keep going to him.
Dr. Todd Perlstein was the only one who was able to hear my mitral valve heart murmur, and gave my family hope because the other hospital staff was sure I was dying on the ventilator with Aveolar Hemmorhage. At first I wasn't sure he was nice or knew what he was doing but, he grows on you and it a fabulous physician that goes the extra mile for you. If he doesn't know something he will research and find out how to best care for you. I highly recommend him.
Dr. Kahlon has been responsible for identifying my medical conditions other doctors should have identified long before. He listens to complaints of symptoms and is responsive to questions. He explains his directives fully and clearly. I'm happy he's my cardiologist because he's been so medically helpful to me. I have waited for appointments at times due to medical emergencies he experienced at the hospital. I was given the choice of waiting or rescheduling and I chose to wait.
I am a new patient of Dr Cohen since November 2015. 5 out of 5 appts and reschedules I was asked to wait well over an hour beyond my appt time. This is disrespectful and inconsiderate. He also didn't appear to be familiar with my history and appears to have misread possibly the urgency of some results of tests. I don't feel one bit of comfort in continuing to see this doctor and I Will Not Be!
My husband had an appointment and waited an hour and 45 minutes to be seen! This is inexcusable as far as I'm concerned. Dr. Cohen himself is a wonderful cardiologist but I won't be coming there and my husband is seriously considering another doctor. The office staff should CALL patients and let them know the doctor is running that far behind. To make people wait that long shows a real lack of consideration for patients.
Great Doctor, enjoy his attitude and cares about the person
I saw Dr Del Giorno as a patient but was not IMPRESSED my Husband was having heart issues and was referred and able to get into Dr Del Giorno pretty quick ...I thought well maybe it was just me ....WRONG my husband was cattle herded in and out and was told he needed an Angiogram or a Stress Test ...his Triponion levels were high... The Stress test was scheduled 2 weeks out 20 mins after left chest pains..called office Dr never called him back 5 days later my hubby had OPEN HEART ...BEWARE!0
Always takes extra time to make sure all my questions are answered! Amazing, amazing doctor. The only doctor I will travel to AZ (second home) to see, he is THAT good. Very caring, thorough explanations, made me feel confident and safe during my recent procedure- also, the staff at the hospital says he is the best cardiologist there (and they work with dozens of cardiologists from multiple practices- this is very reassuring to me).
He's ignorant, uneducated, terrible person to be called a Dr. He must realize just because he went to school makes him no better than anyone else
I have been a patient of Dr. Cohen's for many years. Speaking as a fellow medical professional, I trust his expertise and opinions. I have and will continue to refer patients to his practice.
Treated me for rare heart condition. Two other doctors could not solve my problem but Dr. Linden diagnosed my rare disease in 2 office visits. I haven't felt this good in years! First doctor to take the time to listen to me.
Excellent treatment before and after ablation proceedure.
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