I was very disappointed when I left his office. He did not let me finish speaking, he made his own conclusions about my situation. I had testing done at a different place, and this doctor told me oh I looked at your paperwork it was all normal. That was not true I was treated with medication for what he stated was normal results. He did not listen and kept saying this is not a kidney problem, without knowing all my situation. I will be asking to be referred to a Dr. That will listen and care.
Dr. Thaly is a great doctor. Explains all the procedure and answers all your questions. I would recommend him to anyone. Very kind professional doctor. Ronald and Nancy Montiel
I found Dr. Thaly and his medical staff to be top drawer. Dr. Thaly is precise, informative and clear in his explanations. He has the time and patience to answer all questions. He is also congenial which helped to relax me.
I'm a new patient yesterday. He was short and curt did not let me speak or explain my issues. Just kept saying I was normal well he hadn't spoken to me yet. I wanted to ask a personal question I was on the table with his assistant taking ultra sound and he would not come back into room asked me to tell question out the examine room into hallway. Very bad bedside manner. I won't return. Be was not concerned at all didn't care that I was in his office.
Awesome Urologist and very nice guy! Highly recommend him
The worst doctor I have ever seen twice he made me wait an hour over my scheduled appointment time. The waitin room is small and over crowded. When I finally get to see the doctor it feels like he's rushing me and doesn't really care about my health.
Dr. Hua removed a cancerous stage 2 tumor from my left kidney when I was 66. Now at almost 70, I feel great. Dr. Hua is the best doctor.
Very personable and explains situations very well.
I am very pleased to have been able to work with Dr Donovan. He has been great with dealing with my daughters condition all the way from the beginning to the end which resulted in surgery. He actually took the time to listen to my concerns and take the right avenues to determine what was wrong and correcting the issue.
Dr. Blunt is thorough and to the point. As the wife of a patient, I have to say that Dr. Blunt is very understanding in including me in the appointments so I can stay informed. (From the horse's mouth so to speak). I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Blunt for anyone in need of a urologist.
He did prostate removal. May not have been needed but was not the bump on the road he suggested. Incontinence never went away He didn't get all the cancer Radiation was needed. A sling operation is needed A lot of extra time money and recovery You can never get a straight answer from him, but he dies" guarantee " no oncontinence & never tells you in advance he may leave some cancer behind after suffering through his rather traumatic op He also said he saved my life, later denying it
Waited 47 minutes longer than appt time. Office staff hurried us thru signing 12 pages because they were going to lunch. Not only will they not do the procedures after stating they would, but they shredded our personal records (600 pages) after we instructed them not to) within 2 days of doctor's review and 1 day of calling to pick up. This is inexcusable unprofessional. I DO NOT RECOMMEND VALLEY UROLOGIC ASSOCIATES, and friends of ours no longer go there either due the rudeness of Dr. Agins.
He is just the best. Dr Hua is very knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. He does a great job of fully explaining what is going on and making sure you understand. He is great at what he does. He changed my life and for that I am so thankful!
No B.S. doc. I appreciate that immensely. He's very personable and easy to talk to.
Great patient manner. He did prorate biopsy and I felt nothing. Completely trust him
Dr. Hua was experienced and caring. He explained everything and made me comfortable. He also was able to tell me when he thought he had done all he could and referred me to another specialist that was able to treat my condition.
I have always felt comfortable at Valley Urological Office. The staff is friendly, professional and understanding. Once I was unable to cancel an appointment because I was flying in from Asia. Upon explaining the situation I was not biilled for a missed appointment. The one time I needed to see the Dr. urgently I had no problem. Dr. Agins is knowledgeable and explains all aspects and options clearly and is easy to speak with. have recommended him to my friends/family and will continue to do so
Dr McCauley has a heart of gold. She is doing surgery on me tomorrow, and so far she has been beyond reproach. The test she did on me was painless, and she takes her time explaining everything. I instantly felt a bond with her. It's unusual to find doctors that really care like she does.
Very down to earth guy. He made me and my son feel at ease with my sons procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Donovan. Great office staff also! Thanks for taking care of my family.
Expects you just to accept his advice with little explanation. Also made some comments about my beliefs/profession that were strange and unwarranted.
Very difficult to schedule and friendliness of staff is lacking.
He is a horrible man with no compassion for others. Because my 84 yr old father doesn't want his cancerous bladder removed Dr Blunt basically told me that bringing my father to see him for compassionate and alternative care would be wasting his time. He's an arrogant, uncaring physician who I wouldn't take my pet to no less a loved one. His sole purpose in life is not the healing of a person but how many procedures he can perform on people increasing the bottom dollar line.
Wonderful !!!
Dr. McCauley greeted me with warmth & sincerity and throughout my office visit & exam she made me feel quite comfortable, relaxed & cared for. She took the time to not only listen (which more doctors need to do!) but she methodically explained [anatomically] my physical situation and made plausible recommendations. I left feeling extremely satisfied with her care and will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing a Urologist. She's absolutely terrific!
Competent kind and compassionate get her as your provider before she stops accepting new patients. This was my fourth visit with Dr McCauley and each visit has left me better informed and extremely grateful for this incredible physician, they don't come any better.
Super! Very caring, compassionate and easy to talk to. Very knowledgeable. Readily returns phone calls within a short time. Staff are very nice and polite. Great guy!! I HIGHLY recommend!
Very friendly and professional
I have tried to get him for several months, but could not.
A unique practice that utilizes the Center of Excellence model in that our practitioners are considered expert in their field. You will always see the doctor best suited for your needs. Chinese

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Cystourethroscopy And Transurethral Resection Of Bladder Neck
Incontinence Sling Procedure
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Turp (Transurethral Resection Of Prostate) Or Laser Destruction Of Prostate
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Orchiopexy For Undescended Testicle
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