Dr. Baker has chosen to hold my lifelong prescription HOSTAGE until I make another well checkup visit. I was diagnosed by Foothills Neurology about 10 years ago with mild Essential Tremor, and was told that I would need this prescription for the rest of my life. Until last year, Dr. Baker refilled my prescription without a hitch. Then he started labelling each refill as LAST REFILL, must get approval. Then he cut my 180 (3 months) supply to 60 and is now refusing to refill.
I have been a patient of dr. Bakers for 9 years, have had many serious diagnoses, many found by dr. Baker. He is thorough and determined to give the best possible care. But what stands out for me is how caring he is. He has always given his time, expertise and dedication willingly. He is a rarity in today's medical community. Highly recommend
Thoughtful, thorough, knowledgeable, kind - highly recommend Dr. Baker
Not impressed. Poor bedside manner, seems to be more interested in computer and tests than personal contact and care. Office is difficult to reach, especially on Mondays. Average response time. Are responsive to providing prescriptions and do ensure they get to the pharmacy and call backs
Dr. Gannon is the most wonderful doctor, he listens to you,he explains things to you. I would recommend him to anyone. When I talk to him I always feel comfortable because he seems so down to earth.
I have been a patient of Dr Baker for 30 years. He is a kind, patient doctor who is an excellent physician. He takes time to listen to you and is sensitive to your needs and well-being.
Dr Sell refuses to do necessary paperwork for insurance to cover meds. He will require a office visit to refill routine medications every 3 months and literally does not even touch me for an exam. My hypertension is controlled. I saw the doctor on a Thursday afternoon, called for a Rx to help me sleep(I forgot to mention at visit because he was literally walking out the door to end visit a minute after I got there) on the following Monday (4 days later). Dr refused. Money hungry. Rude. Rushed
This Dr is my family Dr, all he's concerned with is getting you out of his office as quickly as possible to see his next patients. I once went in because pus was coming out of my belly button, he glanced at it and wrote me a broad range antibiotic. It didn't work so I returned, he did the same thing the second time around too. When I pointed it out, he looked at my file to confirm and then referred me to a dermatologist. Doesn't care to investigate symptoms, just writes pointless prescriptions.
I've been seeing Dr. Gannon since I left my pediatric physician. He is amazing, personable, and so kind and knowledgeable. I've never had any issues with him or his office and recommend him to anyone!!
I love Dr Gannon. He does whatever is necessary to get you the help you need and I trust his opinion.
Dr. Sell's main focus is to bill for as many office visits as possible. He has no conscience about over prescribing highly addictive medications, therefore rendering his patients dependent upon him for refill after refill. He should be reported to the board.
I have been a patient with Doctor Tamburro for over 23 years. His staff are fantastic. If you can't get along with him or his staff. I would guess it's you not them. I'm a cross country truck driver and they bend over backwards to help get me in to see him.
Dr. Tamburro is wonderful. He is very patient and will listen to every concern that you have. He is thorough and I will continue to suggest him to friends and family.
I have been seeing Dr Baker for over 20 years and he has been my sons doctor for 13+ yrs. Best you won't find a better doctor anywhere else.
Worst front end staff and nursing staff I have ever dealt with. It's a shame this doctor has such a horrible staff.
Dr. Tamburro is does a comprehensive job asking questions and concerns on his way to diagnosing and recommending treatment. Like many doctors, expect your appointment to start 15-30 minutes later than scheduled. Also, have had issues getting accurate follow up from staff. Dr. Tamburro would get a top rating no problem if it wasn't for his below average staff.
I have found Dr.Tamburro to be kind and spends the time to listen to the patient and assist them in understanding the course of treatment. I left his care due to distance from my home in Sun City to his Chandler office. After 60 days under the care of another doctor I called Dr. Tamburro after hours and begged to come back to his practice. Dr. Tamburro was kind enough to take me back. I would recommend him highly.
I've never felt rushed, he listens patiently to my needs and will try different solutions if need be.
Has always been informative and professional to my needs
Dr. Sell is a very considerate man and he always answers my questions about my concerns. If he does not have and answer at that time he will find answers and let you know. I enjoy visiting his office and his staff are most professional and provide excellent service. Many times we complain about things but seldom say thanks for the a job well done.
Excellent doctor who always listens to me and understands exactly what I am saying. He is willing to negotiate for best treatment plan...but won't give an exam or drug that is not medically needed. Also I like that he takes the time to read the data that I bring with me when I go to see him.
Really good doctor. Been seeing her for 19 years.
Always willing to listen and make suggestions for improvement
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