Very patient listener. Gave appropriate medicine, ordered thorough? blood work and solved my arthritis problem. Highly recommend!
This Dr does not listen, he doesn't touch you. He just looks at you and decides whether you do or don't have a rheumatologic problem. Not a conversationalist and really does not listen. Laughs at you if you tell him you are in pain. I would not recommend him to anyone
This was my first appt, and I waited a month for an appt, he was 45 minutes late then spent all of 2 minutes with me to say you are already seeing the right doctors that can care for your condition
Dr. Shakir sincerely cares about his patients. He is not there to just give out medication. He thoroughly evaluates your condition and makes sure to coordinate with all your other specialists. It is nice to have someone looking out for you that is more interested in your care than your money.
I found Dr. Shakir to be arrogant and dismissive. He made light of my pain and compared me to other patients. After 4 years of being minimally treated for an incorrect diagnosis, I eventually was diagnosed with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis by the Mayo clinic. Unfortunately, the RA progressed while Dr. S. was telling me that I was just getting old. I missed my window of early treatment may early to remission waiting for Dr. S. to take me seriously.
I would not recommend dr Shakir. When I went to see him, he made me feel like he was in a real hurry. I gave him mri results, which included a rheumatic disease (spondyloarthropathy), however because he went through them so fast, he either missed it, or he doesnt treat for that disease, I don't know, because I didn't get to say or ask much. Now I have to see another rheumatologist, because per my primary dr, I need to see a rheumatologist for what I have.
DR Shakir is a very caring docter. when you first meet him he seems like a mean person.but once you get to know him he is an okey dr.
Dr Shakir has always been professional, caring and courteous. I've been under his care for several years, and am extremely happy with the level of care he provides. He helps me work with other specialty Doctors I have involved in my case. Wait time has always been short, well below what I've experienced in some other physician offices.
Not only has he been late to mutiple appointments. Refusing to refill my medication was the last straw I'm going to experienced withdrawal starting tomorrow because my appt isn't to Feb 19th they couldn't refill my medication for the remainder of the days. I am beyond livid I didn't move my appointment this was time given to me at the last appointment. I get my test done on time there is no excuse for this. I do not recommend dr shakir to my enemies.
Very compassionate. Was able to diagnose my condition when other doctors over the years had been unable to. Getting the diagnosis and being put on the right medication finally gave me some relief.
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